These are my tips for Clash of Clans. If you would like to edit it, tell me via my message wall what you would like to edit.

I also give each element I mention a rating between 0 and 10, from 0 being not valuable at all to 10 being extremely valuable.

Starting the game

When you start the game up for the first time, you will have to do the tutorial. Finish it, it's easy. You don't have to spend your Gems in the tutorial (except for your second Builder's Hut).

After the tutorial is over, you can do a lot of things. However, DON'T attack other people in multiplayer because you will lose your Shield. Your Shield makes it so you can't get attacked by other players. If you lose it people will steal your Resources. You don't want that.

If you like to attack people, try the single player levels; the first ones are very easy, but there are some things you should note in single player.

Single player campaign 7/10

When you look at a level in single player, you probably think, "Well, that's easy!" BUT, a lot of the levels are actually very hard and you need to plan on how to attack it. Here are some things that apply to every level:

  1. Most levels contain a lot of Traps, more than you will ever get. How do you know where the Traps are? Well, if you see a hole in the walls, there is a big chance it's full of Traps. Try putting down one Goblin in that hole; it will trigger all the Traps inside the hole. Most empty spaces in the level contain Traps. Be careful.
  2. Most levels can be won with Balloons, but later Air Defences will appear, most of the time with a very high level. if you like to use Balloons, try to destroy the Air Defences first, or use different troops to destroy them.
  3. There are a lot of people that make walkthroughs of every level. I suggest watching one if you have no idea on how to finish the level. Here is a link to the page containing the videos.

Mortars 9/10

Mortars are very important in attacking and in defending. Why are they so important? Because they can kill a group of ground troops very easily. Here are defending and attacking tips with the Mortar.

  • When attacking with aerial troops, the Mortars don't matter because they can't attack flying troops. But with ground troops, they will. If you have Lightning Spells I recommend you to use them to destroy the Mortars. If not, try not to put a lot of tier 1 troops in one spot in range of a Mortar; try to destroy the Mortar before doing that. When your troops are very close to a Mortar it won't fire on them.
  • In Defence, NEVER put your Mortar on the edge of your land; it's a waste. Put the Mortar in the center. Mortars can't attack within their minimum range, as indicated by the red area immediately surrounding them when you tap on it. If you have more than one Mortar and want to upgrade them, don't upgrade them all at once, because you will then lose the battle quickly. Also, the attack power per second is NOT the attack power per shot. Some say the mortar fires every 4–5 seconds. So multiply the damage it shows by 4.5 or something similar. Once you acquire the maximum of 3 mortars, align them in a triangular shape close to the center of your base, allowing more than 1 mortar to cover certain areas the majority of the time. 

Traps 6/10

Traps, you know them all, but which are actually useful? Here is a list of them all!

  • Bomb 6/10
    • Its pretty weak, but its the cheapest. Not really necessary but good in specific places.
  • Spring trap 7/10
    • It kills a lot of troops at once if its used in a good way. Better than the bomb
  • Air bomb 5/10
    • Mweh. Only good for minions. It's also activated by dragons and balloons and then it's a waste.
  • Giant bomb 4/10
    • Very strong. Very expensive. I'd say too expensive and I don't know a place where it's useful. Its also a big thing.
  • Seeking air mine 8/10
    • It almost kills a dragon! what else do you want? 

Clans 9/10

One of the key things in Clash of Clans is Clans. What are Clans? Clans can be made by people to bring other players to your Clan. These can be friends or strangers; it doesn't matter! You can talk in your Clan, donate troops and give other players tips for their land! But of course you should note:

  • Before you can join a Clan, you need to rebuild the Clan Castle. That costs 10,000 gold.
  • If you want to create your own Clan:
    • Creating a Clan costs an additional 40,000 gold.
    • Making a Clan alone isn't that fun. Recruit people you know, or strangers you find on the global chat, but watch out for trolls, leeches, hoppers and people who want to hijack your clan.
  • If you want to join a Clan:
    • Of course if you have friends that made a Clan it's always fun to join them. They would be glad to see you in their Clan!
    • Think before you join a Clan: Do you want a Clan with a lot of people in it? Or one that just started and talk with him/her? Do you want a Clan that speaks your language? Or do you want one that gives a spefific troop only? There are a lot of Clans out there. There is always one that you will like!
    • You joined a Clan and it's not what you wanted? Just leave it and find a different one!

Trolls 10/10 XP

This is something that doesn't apply to Clash of Clans only. Every game has trolls. But whatever they do, never let the troll have what it wants! What are trolls? People that like to do stupid things that make other players mad/confused. Here are the 5 golden tips on how to handle a troll:

  1. Don't take a troll seriously. He is just making fun. If he says, for example, "You base is horrible", he may never have even looked at your village!
  2. A troll never says he is a troll. Recognize how they behave, and you recognize one quickly.
  3. If you like, you can try to OWN a troll. But be careful, only do this if you know what to say so he doesn't know how to answer. So if he says, 'Your mother smells!" never say, "Your mother smells too!" because he most likely saw that coming.
  4. A troll is most of the time alone so if there are more people on the global, they will probably help!
  5. Report, and mute him. That's how i deal with trolls! EDIT: The #5 is from Ross37

Other useful tips

  • When you upgrade a defence, it doesn't have to be inside your walls because it can't attack. Put it outside of your walls and put something more valuable like a Gold Mine in its place.
  • My strategy for spells: I use Lightning Spells to take out Wizard Towers or Mortars. If a Mortar is close to a different defence like another Mortar, I try to use the Lightning Spells in a way to destroy both.
    • Lightning Spell 7/10
  • Always ask for troops from your clanmates before you log out. Clan Castle troops are one of the best defences in the game.
  • Scared of Traps? Try to guess where the Traps are and use one unit to activate each one.

More coming, stay tuned!


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