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Defensive Buildings Resource Buildings Army Buildings Other Buildings
Defensive Buildings Cannon • Archer Tower • Mortar • Air Defense • Wizard Tower • Air Sweeper • Hidden Tesla • X-Bow • Inferno Tower • Walls
Traps: Bomb • Spring Trap • Giant Bomb • Air Bomb • Seeking Air Mine • Skeleton Trap
Resource Buildings Gold Mine • Elixir Collector • Dark Elixir Drill • Gold Storage • Elixir Storage • Dark Elixir Storage • Builder's Hut
Army Buildings Army Camp • Barracks • Dark Barracks • Laboratory • Spell Factory • Barbarian King Altar • Dark Spell Factory • Archer Queen Altar
Other Buildings Town Hall • Clan Castle • Decorations • Obstacles

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  • Will there be more walls for TH11?

    3 messages
    • Nobody knows, but sneak peeks start tommorow. Zegaloft Talk Edits CoC Wiki Wikia Clan
    • It depends on how many new things are added and what they are.
  • How much % does each building contribute?

    3 messages
    • Depends on the actual number of structures per base. But most contributes to 1 or 2% when TH8 and above. Zegaloft Talk Edits CoC Wiki Wikia Clan
    • Basically, know how many buildings are in whatever TH level you are attacking to know how many you have to destroy. A good rule of thumb is to ...

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