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By : Gans007

townhall: th9

trophies: 1700-2100

if u r th9 u can farm with this easily, ensure u have lvl6 giants they r important

TROOPS quantity cost housing space
giants 12 36000 60
Wall breakers 5 15000 10
archers 45 18000 45
healers 2 20000 28
goblins 77 11550 77
Total 100500 220
Rage spell 1 33000
jump 1 23000
Execution - First drop ur giants in a horizontal manner so that they will be damged less .
drop all archers behind them,
use wall breakers to get in,
if your troops have entered the layers drop ur healers or wait for them to enter,
execute jump spell towards dark storage or townhall then ensure no resources are outside layers if not drop your mighty goblin let them jump and drop RAGE spell and they become even fast and quickly trash the townhall in 4.3 seconds(my observation)

hope u use this farming troops combi once try it u invest 130k on troops u get probably about 300k or more and it helps in dark FARMING, ,Thank you any suggestion comment below

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