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Complete Newbie Guide

Hello, New Player and welcome to ChiefDrewClash's Complete Newbie Guide.
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New to Clash of Clans? I can certainly help!
Welcome to ChiefDrewClash's Complete Newbie Guide! This is for people who have just recently started the wonderful game of Clash of Clans and need help getting a head start on the game. Let me know if I made a mistake or skipped over something in the comments.
So begins the guide! I hope it helps you be successful.

The Very Beginning

At the very beginning, after the tutorial that it brings you through, you should have 250 gems left. DON'T SPEND THESE. Rather, save them for another occasion when you actually need them (for another builder, for instance).


Now that you have that information, the first thing you need to do is decide what to upgrade first. Here are my suggestions for the order of upgrading:

  1. Defensive buildingsCannon6
  2. Resource buildingsGold Mine10
  3. Army buildingsBarracks7
  4. TroopsBarbarian info

Here are the good sides and bad sides to upgrading in this order, just so you can modify the method if you want:

Defensive buildings

Cannon6 Good Yescheck

  • Once you lose your shield, these protect your village.
  • Are cheap and don't take too long to upgrade.
  • Will kill the enemy's troops, making graves and in turn giving you elixir.

Bad Xmark

  • May cost more than your storages can hold to upgrade.
  • It's hard to get all of them into your base.
  • Won't kill enemy troops fast enough if they aren't a high level.

Resource buildingsGold Mine10

Gold Mine10 Good Yescheck

  • Adds to how much of each resource you can hold (storages) / how much loot you earn (collectors).
  • Allows you to upgrade more things.
  • Higher amounts of loot can be stolen without the loot lost that your storages couldn't hold.

Bad Xmark

  • More loot can be stolen from you.
  • There isn't really a way to safeguard your storages and collectors.
  • The more loot you have, the more heavily raided you become.

Army bulidings

Barracks7 Good Yescheck

  • You can hold a larger army.
  • It unlocks more troops.
  • Great for offense.

Bad Xmark

  • Usually is the most tedious to upgrade, besides walls.
  • Won't help defend your base.
  • Usually takes awhile and costs a lot.


Barbarian info Good Yescheck

  • Easy to upgrade; there's only one of each.
  • Again, they help offense.
  • Unlike army buildings, they help you get loot.

Bad Xmark

  • Takes the longest to upgrade.
  • Costs the most to upgrade.
  • You can only upgrade one thing at a time.

Getting Loot

GoldElixirYou're probably thinking to yourself, "That's great and all, but how the heck am I supposed to get all of these resources?" If you are, then this section is perfect for you!ElixirGold


The simple answer to this question is, "Raid it!" But it isn't quite that simple. There is a lot more to it than just "raiding for it," which will be explained in the next two sections, one for each type of raiding:

  1. Single Player Missions
  2. Multiplayer Raids

Single Player

In single player missions, also known as campaign, you raid the villages of goblins. The farther you go, the more complicated the bases get and the more loot there is. Here are pros and cons to raiding this way:


In multi-player raids, you raid the villages of other Clash of Clans players. These are similar to Single Player Missions in that the bases get more complex as you go up in leagues. The loot varies depending on how much loot the person you are raiding has. Here are the pros and cons to raiding this way:

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