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Clan Badges

All clans have a set badge. This is determined when the leader creates the clan. He/she can customize the badge using the preset patterns, colors and borders. There are 79 patterns, 12 background colors and 20 borders to choose from and create your unique badge. However the total number of pattern and background combinations is fewer than 948, for the following reasons:

  • The "rainbow" pattern (former symbol 16 in this page, or pattern 54) has no background component, and the background color becomes irrevelant, reducing the number of combinations to 937;
  • Some of the patterns contain only one fixed color and the background component. However, the fixed color is identical to one of the 12 background colors. If the background is set to the same as the fixed color, the combination will be identical to the last pattern with the single colored background, furtherly reducing the number of combinations to ?.

Multiplying this number by 20 gives the total amount of distinct badges.

Note that most choices of borders are only unlocked when your Clan reaches a certain level; more are unlocked as your Clan levels up, and the last border choices are unlocked at Clan level 9. All patterns and backgrounds can be used in the Clan badge as soon as the Clan is created.

You can copy a symbol and paste it in your clan description on the You page. Put each file in brackets [[ ]] if you want to use it elsewhere

Symbol 1 Symbol 2 Symbol 3 Symbol 4 Symbol 5
File:Symbol_1.png File:Symbol_2.png File:Symbol_3.png File:Symbol_4.png File:Symbol_5.png
Symbol 6 Symbol 7 Symbol 8 Symbol 9 Symbol 10
File:Symbol_6.png File:Symbol_7.png File:Symbol_8.png File:Symbol_9.png File:Symbol_10.png
Symbol 11 Symbol 12 Symbol 13 Symbol 14 Symbol 15
File:Symbol_11.png File:Symbol_12.png File:Symbol_13.png File:Symbol_14.png File:Symbol_15.png
Symbol 16 Symbol 17 Symbol 18 Symbol 19 Symbol 20
File:Symbol_16.png File:Symbol_17.png File:Symbol_18.png File:Symbol_19.png File:Symbol_20.png
Symbol 21 Symbol 22 Symbol 23 Symbol 24 Symbol 25
File:Symbol_21.png File:Symbol_22.png File:Symbol_23.png File:Symbol_24.png File:Symbol_25.png
Symbol 26 Symbol 27 Symbol 28 Symbol 29 Symbol 30
File:Symbol_26.png File:Symbol_27.png File:Symbol_28.png File:Symbol_29.png File:Symbol_30.png
Symbol 31 Symbol 32 Symbol 33 Symbol 34 Symbol 35
File:Symbol_31.png File:Symbol_32.png File:Symbol_33.png File:Symbol_34.png File:Symbol_35.png
Symbol 36 Symbol 37 Symbol 38 Symbol 39 Symbol 40
File:Symbol_36.png File:Symbol_37.png File:Symbol_38.png File:Symbol_39.png File:Symbol_40.png
Symbol 41 Symbol 42 Symbol 43 Symbol 44 Symbol 45
File:Symbol_41.png File:Symbol_42.png File:Symbol_43.png File:Symbol_44.png File:Symbol_45.png
Symbol 46 Symbol 47 Symbol 48 Symbol 49 Symbol 50
File:Symbol_46.png File:Symbol_47.png File:Symbol_48.png File:Symbol_49.png File:Symbol_50.png

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Pattern 5
File:Pattern 1.png File:Pattern 2.png File:Pattern 3.png File:Pattern 4.png File:Pattern 5.png
Pattern 6 Pattern 7 Pattern 8 Pattern 9 Pattern 10
File:Pattern 6.png File:Pattern 7.png File:Pattern 8.png File:Pattern 9.png File:Pattern 10.png
Pattern 11 Pattern 12 Pattern 13 Pattern 14 Pattern 15
File:Pattern 11.png File:Pattern 12.png File:Pattern 13.png File:Pattern 14.png File:Pattern 15.png
Pattern 16 Pattern 17 Pattern 18 Pattern 19 Pattern 20
File:Pattern 16.png File:Pattern 17.png File:Pattern 18.png File:Pattern 19.png File:Pattern 20.png
Pattern 21 Pattern 22 Pattern 23 Pattern 24 Pattern 25
File:Pattern 21.png File:Pattern 22.png File:Pattern 23.png File:Pattern 24.png File:Pattern 25.png
Pattern 26 Pattern 27 Pattern 28 Pattern 29 Pattern 30
File:Pattern 26.png File:Pattern 27.png File:Pattern 28.png File:Pattern 29.png File:Pattern 30.png
Pattern 31 Pattern 32 Pattern 33 Pattern 34 Pattern 35
File:Pattern 31.png File:Pattern 32.png File:Pattern 33.png File:Pattern 34.png File:Pattern 35.png
Pattern 36 Pattern 37 Pattern 38 Pattern 39 Pattern 40
File:Pattern 36.png File:Pattern 37.png File:Pattern 38.png File:Pattern 39.png File:Pattern 40.png
Pattern 41 Pattern 42 Pattern 43 Pattern 44 Pattern 45
File:Pattern 41.png File:Pattern 42.png File:Pattern 43.png File:Pattern 44.png File:Pattern 45.png
Pattern 46 Pattern 47 Pattern 48 Pattern 49 Pattern 50
File:Pattern 46.png File:Pattern 47.png File:Pattern 48.png File:Pattern 49.png File:Pattern 50.png
Pattern 51 Pattern 52 Pattern 53 Pattern 54 Pattern 55
File:Pattern 51.png File:Pattern 52.png File:Pattern 53.png File:Pattern 54.png File:Pattern 55.png
Pattern 56 Pattern 57 Pattern 58 Pattern 59 Pattern 60
File:Pattern 56.png File:Pattern 57.png File:Pattern 58.png File:Pattern 59.png File:Pattern 60.png
Pattern 61 Pattern 62 Pattern 63 Pattern 64 Pattern 65
File:Pattern 61.png File:Pattern 62.png File:Pattern 63.png File:Pattern 64.png File:Pattern 65.png
Pattern 66 Pattern 67 Pattern 68 Pattern 69 Pattern 70
File:Pattern 66.png File:Pattern 67.png File:Pattern 68.png File:Pattern 69.png File:Pattern 70.png
Pattern 71 Pattern 72 Pattern 73 Pattern 74 Pattern 75
File:Pattern 71.png File:Pattern 72.png File:Pattern 73.png File:Pattern 74.png File:Pattern 75.png
Pattern 76 Pattern 77 Pattern 78 Pattern 79
File:Pattern 76.png File:Pattern 77.png File:Pattern 78.png File:Pattern 79.png

Background 1 Background 2 Background 3 Background 4 Background 5
File:Background 1.png File:Background 2.png File:Background 3.png File:Background 4.png File:Background 5.png
Background 6 Background 7 Background 8 Background 9 Background 10
File:Background 6.png File:Background 7.png File:Background 8.png File:Background 9.png File:Background 10.png
Background 11 Background 12
File:Background 11.png File:Background 12.png

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