New Clan XP calculation required. Now it's calculated based on what Town Hall and how strong your enemy is.
"Earn Clan XP and level up your clan to unlock powerful perks! Clan XP is earned by competing in Clan Wars."

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  • Summary
    • Clan XP and Clan Perks were introduced in the February 2015 update. 
    • Participating in Clan Wars will give your clan a certain amount of experience, which you can use to give the people in your clan new perks. For example: Giving extra storage to the Treasury.
    • Achieving reward tiers in Clan Games will also award an amount of Clan XP.
    • Once enough Clan XP is earned, the Clan will level up, and receive Clan Perks that permanently boost various aspects of the Clan. The level of the Clan is visible on the Clan Badge, while the perks that the Clan has unlocked can be viewed by tapping the "Clan Perks" button.
    • Unlocked Clan Perks only apply to members belonging to clans that have unlocked them. They do not apply to players who do not have a Clan or that are in a Clan that hasn't unlocked them.

How To Earn It

  • There are two ways to earn Clan XP; the first is through Clan Wars:
  1. Destroying an enemy base in Clan Wars (getting at least 1 star) gives 1 to 10 additional Clan XP based on the enemy base strength. The stronger target is, the more XP the Clan will receive. Note that attacking a previously defeated target and winning will not grant more Clan XP.
  2. Getting 40% of all possible stars gives 10 Clan XP.
  3. Getting 60% of all possible stars gives an additional 25 Clan XP (35 XP total).
  4. Winning the war provides +50 clan XP. For example, the after-math of a 35 vs 35 war with every base being defeated and a final score of 104-90 can be seen above.

Note: If a Clan decides to fight a maxed 5 vs 5 war, the Clan will have 135 XP possible. The photo above showing a 35 vs 35 war in the former XP rule has 200 XP possible. Since the XP earned by scoring certain amounts of stars and winning the war are independent of size, wars of larger size generally offer more Clan XP per war. Because of this, if your Clan seeks to level up as quickly as possible, you should fight 50 vs 50 maxed wars for maximum XP gain (which can gain a maximum of 585 XP for each war won).

  • The second way is by achieving reward tiers in Clan Games. Each reward tier obtained awards Clan XP. The amount of Clan XP earned varies from game to game.

  • Maximum Available Clan XP for each Town Hall Level

This chart shows the maximum Clan XP available from a base of each Town Hall level during Clan Wars, earned in full when at least one star is earned on that base. These values are typically achieved only when the base in question is fully maxed for a Town Hall level (this does not generally apply to TH6 and lower, however). For instance, while a fully maxed TH9 would be worth 5 Clan XP, other TH9s that are not fully maxed (even if the only thing left that is not yet maxed is 1 hero level) would usually be worth 4 Clan XP.

Town Hall Level Maximum XP Available
1-3 1
4-6 2
7 3
8 4
9 5
10 7
11 9
12 10

  • Maxed Players War Size to Available Clan War XP Chart

Note: This chart assumes that all the enemy bases are maxed. XP is based on Town Hall level and defense level in matchmaking.

War Size Defeat All War Bases/Cumulative Score 40% of Possible Stars/Cumulative Score 60% of Possible Stars/Cumulative Win War/Cumulative
5 vs 5 +50 XP +10/60 XP +25/85 XP +50/135 XP
10 vs 10 +100 XP +10/110 XP +25/135 XP +50/185 XP
15 vs 15 +150 XP +10/160 XP +25/185 XP +50/235 XP
20 vs 20 +200 XP +10/210 XP +25/235 XP +50/285 XP
25 vs 25 +250 XP +10/260 XP +25/285 XP +50/335 XP
30 vs 30 +300 XP +10/310 XP +25/335 XP +50/385 XP
40 vs 40 +400 XP +10/410 XP +25/435 XP +50/485 XP
50 vs 50 +500 XP +10/510 XP +25/535 XP +50/585 XP

  • Clan XP Chart
Clan Level Clan XP Required Cumulative XP
1 N/A N/A
2 500 500
3 1,200 1,700
4 1,900 3,600
5 3,100 6,700
6 3,800 10,500
7 4,500 15,000
8 5,200 20,200
9 5,900 26,100
10 7,900 34,000
11 8,600 42,600
12 9,300 51,900
13 10,000 61,900
14 10,700 72,600
15 15,700 88,300
16 16,400 104,700
17 17,100 121,800
18 17,800 139,600
19 18,500 158,100
20 23,500 181,600
21 24,200 205,800
22 24,900 250,700
23 25,600 276,300
24 26,300 302,600
25 31,300 333,900

  • What Are Clan Perks
    • They are special boosts that improve various aspects of being in a clan. The six types of perks are:
      • Donation request wait time: This perk reduces the wait time for the members to request troops. This perk is improved twice, at Clan level 2 and Clan level 7, and both decrease the wait time by 5 minutes each.
      • Donation limit: This perk increases the amount of troops that can be donated from one player to another. This perk is improved twice, at Clan level 4 (where the limit increases by 1), and at Clan level 8 (where the limit increases by 2).
      • Donation refund: This perk allows the donator to receive a refund (certain percentage of the cost) when their troops and spells are donated. The percentage is increased three times: at Clan levels 3, 6 and 9.
      • Donation upgrade: This perk will automatically upgrade troops, spells, and siege machines that are donated. This perk is improved twice, at Clan levels 5 and 10, and both increase the upgrade amount by 1 level. Note that this perk will not upgrade donated troops, spells and siege machines past their maximum level.
      • Treasury extra storage: This perk increases the storage capacity of the Treasury of members in the Clan. This perk is improved five times, at Clan levels 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, and each upgrade increases the extra storage by 10%.
      • War bonus extra loot: This perk increases the bonus loot earned from a Clan War. This perk is improved four times, at Clan levels 3, 5, 7 and 9.
Clan Level Clan XP Required Donation Request Wait Time Donation Limit Donation Refund Donation Upgrade Treasury Extra Storage War Bonus Extra Loot
1 0 20 min 5 - - - -
2 500 15 min 5 - - 10% -
3 1,200 15 min 5 20% - 10% 10%
4 1,900 15 min 6 20% - 20% 10%
5 3,100 15 min 6 20% 1 level 20% 15%
6 3,800 15 min 6 35% 1 level 30% 15%
7 4,500 10 min 6 35% 1 level 30% 20%
8 5,200 10 min 8 35% 1 level 40% 20%
9 5,900 10 min 8 50% 1 level 40% 25%
10 7,900 10 min 8 50% 2 levels 50% 25%
Show/Hide All Perks

Clan Perks2 Clan Perks3 Clan Perks4 Clan Perks5 Clan Perks6 Clan Perks7 Clan Perks8 Clan Perks9 Clan Perks10

  • How They Can Be Used
    • Primarily they are used to gain the upper-hand against other clans.
    • The clan perks are essential to:
      • Fill a member's Clan Castle much faster.
      • Attackers who rely on donated troops to attack efficiently.
      • Gain optimal amounts of resources during Clan Wars.
      • Maximize the power of donated troops and spells.
      • To advance in the game (for most players).
    • If you join a competitive clan, or a "war clan", you should take into account the Clan Level. Higher Clan Level will attract more members most certainly. Clan Leaders must know this and take advantage of it.

  • Trivia
    • If a clan keeps winning maxed 50 vs 50 wars but does not achieve reward tiers in Clan Games, it can reach level 10 upon winning 59 wars. This of course assumes that the maximum possible Clan XP is earned from each war. Such a clan would reach level 20 upon winning another 252 wars with maximum Clan XP (for a total of 311).
    • The "Donated troop upgrade" perk is considered the most powerful perk, since upgrading clans to levels that unlock or upgrade this perk require more additional Clan XP.
      • Also, any troops near max level can become max level if the clan has reached level 10.
    • On 9/4/15 and 7/4/16, the Clan XP was doubled for a week (twice) as a result of the 1st and 2nd year anniversaries of Clan Wars.
    • Clans can be upgraded beyond level 10, however currently no new perks are unlocked.
    • The 12/10/16 update changed the Clan XP for each war base to depend on that base's strength.

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