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Each epic two-day war is won by the clan who scores more stars! Bonus loot is your prize for winning the war. Increase the bonus by winning attacks, but you will lose most of it if your clan loses the war!

Preparation Day

During Preparation Day, War Bases are open for troop donation and will rearrange automatically to match your village layout. These bases defend for you during war and will keep your resources and trophies perfectly safe.

Battle Day

Everyone eligible for war can attack twice during Battle Day. Each participant will have a recommended base (based upon the relative strengths of your army and their defenses), but you can attack any base you like. You must attack two separate bases with your two attacks, however; you are not allowed to attack the same base twice.

Clan war attacks will neither break your shield nor affect your trophies, (nor even steal player resources) just like single-player attacks.

Multiple Attacks on the Same Base

Only the best attack against each enemy counts, so clan strategy is key! If two players attack the same enemy base and one person gets one star and the other gets two, the clan only receives two stars (not three). This is to prevent everyone from attacking the easiest enemy bases. Although, you still get the war loot, even if you just one star a three starred base.

War Results

At the end of the war, bonus loot is delivered to your Clan Castle. You can review results and battle replays after the war is over, for a period of time. Check your clan's War Log to review even older wars!

For Victory/Draw/Defeat you get respectively: 100/40/20% of the initially expected loot.

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