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  • Summary
    • Clan Wars is a feature that was added in the Version 6.56.1 update.
    • Each epic 47 hour event (23 hour preparation + 24 hour battle day) is won by the clan who scores more stars. Bonus loot is your prize for winning the war. The bonus can be increased by winning attacks, but most of it is lost if your clan loses the war.

  • Matchmaking
    • The matchmaking system in Clan Wars puts your clan against another clan of similar strength both offensively and defensively, and of the same size, rounded down to multiples of five (or ten if member amount is 30+) eligible members.
    • Once a Co-Leader or Leader starts a Clan war search, the clan is put into the matchmaking pool, and it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the matchmaking process to find a suitable clan in war. While the Clan War search is ongoing, Co-Leaders or Leaders can cancel the war search at any time, but once a match is found, canceling the war can no longer be done and the war enters its preparation day.
    • Experience level of members, number of trophies, number of wars won by a clan and clan level will not influence the matchmaking process whatsoever.
    • Strength calculations have been updated in Clan Wars matchmaking to compensate for high level walls and heroes, skeleton traps, etc.
    • There is no cooldown for Clan Wars. A Clan war search can be started as long as the clan is not currently in a war, whether it be a normal Clan War or a Friendly War.





  • Eligibility of Members
    • There are eight different sizes of Clan Wars, starting from 5 vs 5 and can be increased up to 50 vs 50. The members that will go to war are determined by the Clan Leader, the leader chooses the players that will participate among all those members who opt in for Clan Wars. A larger Clan War yields more Clan XP.
    • If you wish to not participate in a Clan War you can Opt-Out. You can do this by visiting your Player Profile and clicking the "Clan Wars" button and it will ask you if you prefer to be in the war or not. Click "I'm Out" if you would like to be left out, click "I'm In" if you would like to be in the war. Note: Leaders can still choose players that have chosen to opt-out by default, and can always leave out players that have chosen to opt-in by default.
    • Members are also not eligible for a war if they have left a clan with the member currently participating in a war; this status remains until that clan finishes their war (e.g. if Player A leaves Clan A that is currently in war with 1 day left and joins Clan B, Player A will not be eligible in Clan B's wars until 1 day has passed).
    • Any members that join a clan that is in the midst of a war (regardless of whether the clan is in preparation day or battle day) will have to spectate regardless of trophy count.

  • Preparation Day
    • During Preparation Day, War Bases are open for troop donation and can be redesigned using all the parts of your regular Village. These bases defend for you during war and will keep your resources and trophies perfectly safe. Preparation Day lasts for 23 hours as of the December 10, 2015 Town Hall 11 update.
  • Donation of Troops
    • During Preparation Day, anyone participating in the war can donate troops to any of the War Bases. These troops will help defend against any attacks from the enemy. Like the normal Clan Castle, participants can donate a maximum of 5-8 troops per War Base (dependent on Clan level), disregarding housing space (e.g. one could donate 1 Dragon, 2 Wizards and 2 Archers to fill up the space in a War Base with a level 5 Clan Castle), and the capacity of a player's Clan Castle in the War Base is equal to the housing capacity of the player's Clan Castle in the normal village. War spectators cannot donate troops into the War Castle.
  • Scouting Enemy Bases
    • Apart from donating troops into War Bases, the other purpose of Preparation Day is to scout enemy bases prior to the beginning of Battle Day. Since the May 2016 update, enemy war base layouts are only revealed during Battle Day, and so only the enemy's actual village is shown. The "war base" as showed in preparation day only can give you the strength of the enemy base.
    • The 23 hours can be used to coordinate the attacks of the participants; they can then decide beforehand which clan members will attack which bases.

  • Battle Day
    • Each participant can attack twice during Battle Day. Each participant will have a recommended base (based upon the relative strengths of your army and their defenses), but you can attack any base you like. You must attack two separate bases with your two attacks, however; you are not allowed to attack the same base twice.
    • Clan war attacks will neither break your shield nor affect your trophies, (nor even steal player resources) just like single-player attacks.
  • Multiple Attacks on the Same Base
    • Only the best attack against each enemy counts, so clan strategy is key! If two players attack the same enemy base and one person gets one star and the other gets two, the clan only receives two stars (not three). This is to prevent everyone from attacking the easiest enemy bases.
    • The clan's best attack on a particular base will be determined by a number of criteria.
      • The first of these criteria would be the number of stars earned, and this criteria alone does not take into account overall damage done. For example, if two players attack the same base and one person gets a 90% 1-star and the other gets a 60% 2-star, the clan's best attack will be noted as the 60% 2-star attack.
      • The second criteria is the overall damage done by the attack. For example, if two players attack the same base and both players score one star, but the overall damage done by the attacks are 50% and 80% respectively, the clan's best attack will be noted as the 80% 1-star attack.
    • The clan's best attack will contribute to determining the total destruction accrued by the clan during the war. The total destruction can be a vital tiebreaker that can decide the war, so destroy as much of a base as possible!
  • War Win Bonus
    • The game calculates and displays a war win bonus unique to every base. The bonus displayed is the loot you will receive if you get at least 1 star and your clan wins the war. You still get the loot even if the base was previously 3-starred. This war win bonus is 6 times the available loot from a base (e.g. if a base has 25k Gold and Elixir available in the attack itself the war win bonus for defeating that base would be 150k), and can be increased by whatever bonus your clan has as the "War bonus extra loot" perk, if your clan is level 3 or above.
    • You might notice that the war win bonus shown to you is not always the same as your clanmates see for the same base. Much like how raiding normally suffers a loot penalty depending on the TH levels of the attacker and defender, so do War Win bonuses. (e.g. a base 1 TH lower only offers 90% of its otherwise available War win bonus, and 3 TH lower get 25%.) The penalty is already calculated into the number you are shown, but awareness of the penalty will help you decide when to upgrade your townhall. Upgrading prematurely will make it harder to make a profit from wars
  • War Events
    • During Battle Day, and subsequently up to five days after the war ends you can view a complete log of attacks that have happened thus far in the war. Each attack has its own separate replay, and it has its own rounded box, showing the username of both the attacker and defender, the result as well as the time left in the war (at the time of the battle).
    • The rounded box has several elements. In the center of the box is the result. On either side of the result, the names of both players involved in the battle are displayed; the player belonging to your clan will be on the left-hand side and the player belonging to the enemy clan will be on the right-hand side. The attacker is denoted by a light background, whilst the defender is denoted by a darker background. The "direction" of attack (whether a member of your Clan attacked a member of the enemy Clan or vice versa) is denoted by pointed arrows extending out from the light background.
    • Any battles involving you will have your username highlighted in yellow.
  • War Statistics
    • During Battle Day and up to five days after the war ends, you are able to view the statistics of the aforementioned war. This includes the War Events (explained above), the overall War Statistics (under the tab "War Stats") and the statistics of both your clan (under the tab "My Team") and the enemy clan (under the tab "Enemy Team"). The War Stats tab show different statistics, including attacks (number won, number lost, number remaining), the breakdown of best attacks in the war, other attack stats (new stars per attack, average destruction and average attack duration) and the most heroic attack and defense for both clans.
    • Both the My Team and Enemy Team tabs show the attacks that each participant made, the number of defenses won against the number of defenses the participant's War Base had in total, and the number of new stars contributed to the war tally by each member.

  • War Results
    • At the end of Battle Day, the winner is the clan with the most stars scored against the enemy. In the case that both clans score the same amount of stars, the winning clan is the clan that has dealt the higher amount of total destruction.
      • Should both clans deal the same amount of stars and total destruction, the war will be considered a draw. This, however can be considered rare, as total destruction dealt is different in each attack and hardly sync with the enemy clan.
    • At the end of the war, bonus loot is delivered to your Clan Castle, along with Clan XP which you can read about in Clan Perks. You can review results and battle replays after the war is over, for a time. Check your clan's War Log to review even older wars!
    • For a Victory you would earn the full War Win bonus. For a Draw you would earn 40% of the war win bonus, and for a Defeat you would earn only 30% of the war win bonus.
    • You and your clan gain all of the Clan XP that was earned throughout Battle Day, and an extra 50 Clan XP if your clan won the war. Failing to win the war does not reduce the amount of Clan XP that was earned by your clan.
    • Even if you have left the clan before the war ended, you can still receive the War Bonus if you had successfully attacked at least one base in the Clan War. Any spectators, however, will not receive any War Bonus whatsoever.

  • Friendly Wars
    • Friendly Wars is a feature that was added in the October 2016 update. In Friendly Wars, you are able to challenge another clan to a Clan War for fun.
    • To initiate a Friendly War, a leader or co-leader must go to the clan profile of the clan they wish to challenge, where they may issue a challenge to that clan.
      • Clans may choose to opt out of Friendly Wars and thus deny the opportunity to be challenged by other clans.
    • Following that, the leader or co-leader will then choose their participating members as well as the size and duration of the Friendly War.
      • The size of the Friendly War can be any multiple of 5, ranging from 5 vs 5 to 50 vs 50.
      • The length of the preparation period and battle period is also decided by the challenger, and both can last for any of the following durations: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours, 20 hours and 1 day.
    • Once the challenge is sent, it will be visible to both the challenging clan and the challenged clan. A leader or co-leader from the clan that was challenged will be able to reject or accept the challenge.
    • If the challenge is accepted, the leader or co-leader will be able to choose the participating members. Once that is done, the preparation phase will begin, followed by the battle phase.
    • Attacks in the Friendly War will not expend troops, just like in a Friendly Challenge. However, there is one exception to this rule - Clan Castle troops will be expended in a Friendly War attack.
    • Friendly Wars will not reward the participating clans with war loot or Clan XP. However, the results of the Friendly War can still be seen in the War Log.

  • Trivia
    • The maximum number of stars attainable in a war is always a multiple of 15, as the sizes of the war are all multiples of 5; for every 5 war bases, there are 15 stars available.
    • As of the Halloween 2014 update, bonus loot was increased. The war win bonus used to be 5x the loot you could get from the base (e.g. you would win 250k Gold and Elixir if you beat a base containing 50k Gold and Elixir) and losing the war would award you with only 20% of the war win bonus.
      • The same update increased the Clan Castle's capacity to store war loot.
    • If you upgrade your Clan Castle and it completes during Preparation Day, then your troop capacity stays the same on the War Map, but if you scout your own war base, it will show your troop capacity increased.
    • The March 21, 2016 update removed the 35 vs 35 and 45 vs 45 sizes from Clan Wars.
    • A maintenance on November 15, 2017 added a 5 vs 5 size for regular Clan Wars. Prior to this, the size was only available in Friendly Wars.
    • Supercell created a video commercial in April 2014 for the introduction of Clan Wars. It featured the Hog Rider on a piano along with his Hog, while the Wall Breaker plays the piano in the middle of a clan war. Watch the video below!
Introducing Clan Wars

Introducing Clan Wars

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