The Clash of Clans Movie is a YouTube short-film created by Puppypower and Parodybros Inc. It will be made using actors and green-screen VFX to make it look as if the actors are actually inside the world of Clash of Clans. The movie was released onto YouTube sometime during November 2013. Although currently partially live-action, the movie could be changed to strictly animated depending on the budget.

Movie category Action, Adventure, Kids and Family

Plot Summary

A builder, deciding he is not content with his current life as a secondary character, sneaks onto the Army Camps while all the players and game characters are being briefed (this will be a movie, so there will be differences from the game). He headlocks a Wall Breaker, steals its Balloon and follows the Troops into battle. He is shot down and taken prisoner. Two Barbarians throw him into a built-in dungeon in a Town Hall.

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Jake the Builder

Jake, a builder who is not content with his life, joins a raid only to be captured.


Early concept art of Jake upgrading a Cannon; it was decided he'd be a skinny builder rather than a plump one.


Jake was conscripted into the CoC universe when the Homies Clan was formed. He is loyal to the Clan even though he is not on the battlefield. He had always longed to rebel against Supercell's programming and become a soldier. He decides to hijack a Balloon as it is headed into battle and takes control of it. He is shot down by Archer Towers and taken prisoner by the enemy Clan, who throw him into a dungeon built inside of a level 9 Town Hall. He escapes and manages to get back to his own Clan for the final clash between the two Clans.

Character Description

He appears as a skinny builder who always carries his hammer on his belt. The other Troops do not respect him. He isn't good with a sword and is horrid when it comes to archery. However, he does appear to know how to operate a Balloon (apparently from observation), and how to light and throw Bombs. He is dressed in tattered pants and a shirt that is ripped, due to a Hidden Tesla accident. Jake drags a Wall Breaker behind a tree, knocks him out, takes his cap and bombs and boards the Balloon. The Troops depart from the village and raid another village. When the battle starts, Jake drops a few Bombs, destroying a Mortar and a Cannon, and causing a Gold Mine to cave in. He then just hovers around, watching the battle from above. He accidentally passes by a level 10 Archer Tower. The Archers shoot at the Balloon until it catches fire. Jake thinks his day can't get worse, when he realizes the remaining Bombs have just been set alight by the Archers' flaming arrows. The Balloon explodes, sending the poor builder hurtling to the ground where he lands on his back. Jake, nearly unconscious, looks to his right and sees that the troops he followed into battle have been defeated. Seeing the surviving troops in full retreat, Jake looks up to see an enemy Archer standing over him, the flaming Balloon looming behind her. She raises her bow, then brings it down hard on the builder's head, knocking him unconscious. He is carried away by two Barbarians, then thrown into a prison inside the enemy village's Town Hall.

The Homies

The Homies is the Clan that Jake, the protagonist, belongs to in the CoC YouTube short film. The Homies's rival, the ChickenHawkPeople, are in an all-out Clan war against them. 

Note: The Clan will no longer be called 'The Homies'. Stay tuned!


In the movie, The Homies is a Clan run by a leader who has a Barbarian King but only level 4 Walls and level

7 Town Hall. It is presumed that he has bought a great deal of Gems. The Clan leader's village is the setting where the movie will begin and end.

The village that serves as the main setting of the movie.


ChickenHawkPeople is an enemy Clan of The Homies. In the movie, they are defending an attack from the Homies. They shoot down Jake, the main character, and one of their Archers knock him out and take him prisoner. They are a mean Clan run by hackers and bullies (one member is a 19-year-old retired cyber terrorist). They have hacked The Homies, starting a Clan riot between the two which eventually escalates into an all-out war.


Their Clan leader, Thatmeantrollguy1912, is the main antagonist. His troops take Jake prisoner and throw him into a dungeon in his Town Hall. He rules his Clan with an iron fist through his iPad 3.


  • In the movie, when a troop dies, it immediately turns back into Elixir.
  • The name of the builder is Jake, who is the main character of the movie.
  • The story was contributed to by Theponcho.
  • The green-screen and VFX software used for the making of the movie is HitFilm 2 Ultimate from FXhome.
  • Another software called Action Essentials will be used for the explosion VFX. Hitfilm will be used for 3D model compositing, green screen motion-tracking, flaming-arrow VFX, wizard fireball VFX, color correcting and advanced particle VFX.
  • The name of the protagonist's Clan is "The Homies."
  • The name of the antagonist's Clan is "ChickenHawkPeople."
  • The Homies are indeed a real Clan; they have remodeled their villages for the movie and are currently at full capacity.

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