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Hello there Chief! This page is just for you to read before continuing to make a Request or Report. Please read below what is appropriate or not appropriate for making a Request or Report. Thank you.


Do not post requests for in-game content, help with in-app purchases, game bug reports, etc. The administration of this wiki has no official association with iTunes, Apple or Supercell and cannot directly help you with any requests of this nature. Post in-game requests on the Dear Supercell page or the Clash of Clans Forums.

How to use the Requests page

Requests should only be used to suggest a new idea or system to the wiki, adding photos to a page, stuff like that. However if you want someone to do something for you personally, just message that person on their wall.

How NOT to use the Requests page

  • Update suggestions for Clash of Clans
  • Promotions (message an admin if you have questions about promotions)


Do not post reports about you losing your village, your account being hacked, or any in-game situation. If you wish to report someone in-game, please use the in-game reporting function to send it directly to Supercell.

How to use the Reports page

  • Wiki bugs, glitches
  • Spam, vandalism
  • Bad comment, page, photo
  • Inappropriate message (on the wiki)
  • Block user (wiki user, not in-game user)
  • Threads on the wrong board

How NOT use the Reports page

  • Reporting users or clans in Clash of Clans
  • Reporting your account being hacked
  • Reporting losing your village in Clash of Clans

By clicking accept you agree to follow the instructions in making the wiki request/report. If you fail to follow the instructions, an admin will warn you and immediately delete your request/report.


If you would like to make a Request, please click this link. If you would like to make a Report, please click this link.

Remember if you choose to misuse these pages, you will be confronted by an admin.

Have fun and clash on!

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