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Fixing the toolbar

First, sorry if I posted in the wrong page, I'm new to Wikia.

So, the toolbar's tab "Gameplay" contains 2 sections called "Raiding" and "Miscellaneous" but in both sections there are links to Wikia Policy, Wikia Rules, Image Naming Policy, etc. and the page that has to do something with Raiding there is Clan Wars FAQ that is also located in "Clans" tab, so the duplicate should be removed. The links in "Miscellaonus" section contain nothing related to Gameplay but to Wikia and should be completely removed. --Vjis0 (talk) 07:29, August 24, 2015 (UTC)

Hi all,

Here is a scenario, Let say there is a war with same stars and total destruction on both sides, who will be declared as a winner?

Thanks for all comments.

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