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"Hi Chief!"

This is my guide for designing a good base in clash of clans.Don't forget to leave a comment.This is my first strategy guide so i will be glad to know from u guys that how i can improve it.i will be soon uploading more attack and layout guides.i hope that this guide will help you.

General tips

Choose a type of base

First of all you should know what kind of base you want. There are basically three types of bases used by players in clash of clans.

  • ​Farming base : If you want to develop quickly and you are ready to loose some trophies then this is the type of base you should have.
  • Trophy pushing base : If you simply want to increase your trophies and develop at a relatively slow\average pace then you should have this type of base.
  • Hybrid base : This is a combination of farming and trophy pushing base.This will help you maintain a balance between your trophies and resources. It is designed to protect your trophies as well as your resources BUT the problem with this base is that if you are attacked by a skilled attacker then you might loose a bit of both, your resources and trophies (because hybrid bases aren't designed to protect any specific thing,resource or trophies).

First of all lets begin with farming base

Farming Base

I have divided this title into several subheadings to make it easier for u to understand about your building placement


Townhall placement has a very crucial role in a farming base.It is highly recommended that u place your townhall at the edge of your village totally undefended. Why? Because it will attract several low level attackers(even some high lvl attackers) who will simply takeout your townhall and end the battle,this will provide you a 12 hr shield totally free of cost which will protect your resources from strong attackers.You should place your townhall somewhat like this:

Note: You can place some decorations all around your townhall because by this the attackers will be ensured that there are no hidden teslas around the townhall. (This is not at all a compulsion)


Since protecting the resources is the main motive of farming base thus good placement of storages is very important. try to place your storages in the interior of your base but don't place them too close to each other because then an attacker will be able to steal all of your loot just by attacking that particular section\bulkhead of your base.Make sure that your storages are well protected by your defenses and especially by splash damage defenses like wizard tower and mortars(blue).Also I recommend that you try to place some bombs and\or giant bombs, air bombs(red) as an alternate defensive measure just in case if your defenses are destroyed.The image here is an example of such kind of arrangement.If you are trying to save some specific resource, for instance if you are trying to save more dark elixir then you can keep it at the center and more protected. Just make sure that an enemy is never able to get all of your resources just by attacking' one side of your base.Also you can place your hero in such a way that they can protect all of your resources.Keep all this in mind and your resources will be safe.



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