Hello chief !

I have made this guide to help fellow clashers earn three stars in clan wars. I am still improving this guide so if you guys have any good strategy (not mentioned in this guide) or have any ideas to improve these strategies then be sure to leave a comment. I will be glad to know your ideas.

To make this guide easier to understand i have divided the guide into several heads each of which provides the best strategies for each town hall level separately.

Important things to remember before attacking

  • Never forget to take down enemy clan castle troops before starting your attack.
  • It is highly recommended that you take donated troops with you before attacking in war.These troops play a very important role in most of the strategies especially at lower town hall levels.
  • There is a separate section at the bottom of this page which mentions that how should you deal with specific enemy troops.
  • There can be a little bit difference between the attack strategy provided here and the actual strategy you will use in war because it depends on your target.

Town hall 3

Basically there is no specific strategy for these town hall levels.I recommend that you should upgrade your town hall at least to level four before participating in clan wars. Although you can fight wars with town hall level 3 and use any attack strategy you find fit for taking down your target.

Town hall 4-5

Barch-giant Attack

This strategy is recommended for taking down average th 4s and low level th5s. First of all take down enemy clan castle troops,never ever start your attack without taking down enemy clan castle troops, u will surely regret it.This basically applies to all strategies.So now lets discuss the attack, as I said before first of take town the enemy clan castle troops.I have  made a special section at the bottom of this page to help you guys understand how to take down which troop.Now after taking down the enemy clan castle troops deploy your giants let the defenses attack your giants, since the defenses are busy taking down your giants so you can deploy your barbarians so that they can take out the buildings surrounding the enemy base.After the barbarians have taken down the surrounding buildings you should deploy your archers so that they can help the giants destroy defenses but save some archers which you can use to destroy remaining buildings.

Recommended army composition: Depends on your enemy,just make sure that you don't take to many giants because then you will run out of time.

Recommended troops level: Each troop should be at least level 2.

Recommended clan castle troop : Take a healer with you in your clan castle it will help a lot but make sure that the air defence is destroyed before deploying the healer.

Balloons-Giant Attack (Type 1)

If you feel that you can take out the enemyair defence without using too much of your army then you can use this strategy.You can use archer/giants/barbarians to take out enemy air defense but don't forget to take out the enemy clan castle troops before doing so. Use wall breakers to help your troops reach the air defence if its kept behind a wall.Don't use this strategy if u are not 100% sure that you can take out the air defense without spending too much of your army.I would recommend that you should ask your clanmates to give you hogs (have at least lvl 2 clan castle if you r taking level 1 or level 2 hogs).Using hogs is the best way to get maximum output from this strategy.After the air defense is destroyed deploy your balloons wait for them to take down few enemy defense(don't wait if less time is left for the battle to end!)especially mortar and/or wizard tower. After this quickly deploy your archers barbarians and/or goblins(I recommend that you take some goblins because they will quickly take down several building and will prevent you from running out of time).

Recommended troop level: Your troops should be at least level 2.

Recommended troop Composition : Take a total of 50 archers,barbarian and rest balloons.replace few arch barb and gobs with giants if you feel that you will need them.Although taking giants is not necessary.

Recommended Clan castle troops : Level 2+ hogs.

Balloon-giant Attack (Type 2)

If you think that the enemy does not have good aerial defenses (air defense, archer towers) or they are not well protected and you can take them out then this is the attack strategy you should use.This is just like the balloon giant composition type 1 but just instead of taking large number of balloons you should take more of giants and few balloons.And of course don't forget to take out the enemy clan castle troops.

Recommended army composition : About 50 barch and goblins,remaining giants wall breakers(optional) and 5-6 balloons.(note:you can slightly manipulate the composition depending on your army camp level)

Recommended troop level : All troops should be at least level.

Recommended clan castle troops : Healer or hogs (I recommend that you should have lvl 3 clan castle)

Custom Attacks

If you feel that your enemy is not strong enough and/or he is lower level than you then you can simply use cheap troops and an army composition of your choice.Combination of archers/barbarians, goblins, giants, wall breakers and balloons is best for such attacks. But once again I would say that don't forget to take out enemy clan castle troops before using entire of your army.Take healers, hogs or wizards as your clan castle troops.

Town hall 6

Wizard-heal Attack

This strategy general works against all th 1-5 and average th 6.Take down enemy cc troops.Deploy giants to distract defenses.Deploy your wizards in waves(don't deploy all of them at once) to help your giants take out defenses and surrounding buildings.Take 2 heal spells with you, use them whenever you feel that a certain group of your wizards is having low health.Use heal spell especially on the wizards which are attacking enemy town hall or are near the town hall because taking out the town hall is very important. Beware of GIANT BOMBS they can spoil your entire raid.There are two ways of dealing with giant bombs 1.(best way) look at your enemy base are there empty spaces(space between building and a building/wall where no other thing is kept except decorations) inside the enemy base?These spaces might have giant bombs.Try to avoid the your wizards should never come near a giant bomb.Avoid the giant bomb or use a completely different strategy. 2.Drop your wizards away from each other so that even if a giant bomb is detonated then too most of your wizards remain unaffected.

Recommended army composition : 50% wizards +25% giants+25% archers wall breakers etc.+ 2 heal spells.

Recommended troops level : At least lvl 3 wizards and giants. Lvl 2 wizards can do the job if the enemy is low level.

Recommended Clan castle troops : Dragon.Use it as a backup if wizards die but make sure that your giants have taken out the air defense.

Giant-healer Attack

This strategy is effective against weak/average th 6s or below.If your giants can reach most of the enemy defences without breaking through much wall then this strategy is pretty useful.Deploy a giant near a defence(1 giant because it will trigger any spring trap(s) nearby without risking more than one giant.after you are assured that there is no spring trap you can deploy all/most of your remaining giants.Use wall breakers to help them get through the walls.Deploy your healer as soon as the air defence is destroyed.If the giants are taking too long to reach/destroy the air def then you can use a heal spell as a temporary alternative.After your healer starts healing giants you should deploy troops like wizards,archers barbarians etc.(wizards are the best for this strategy).Save some troops as a backup(don't save giants as a backup) so that they can help you in destroying far off buildings (e.g. Builder huts kept at the corner of a village) or to get the town hall/50% if something unexpected happens.Take dragon in your clan castle and deploy it as soon as the air defence is destroyed(Don't deploy drag if you feel that there is no need).Be fast enough while attacking because while using giants players generally run out of time.

Recommended army composition : 40% Giants+1 or 2 Healer(s)+4 to 6 Wall Breakers+remaining archers and wizards.

Recommended troop level : All troops Should be at least level 3 and healer can be lvl 1+

Recommended Clan Castle troop : Dragon


    1. taking a break from this guide to work on my another guide ##===

Taking down enemy clan castle troops

Lure the enemy clan castle troops to the corner of enemy base away from defenses before taking them out.Giants are best for bringing out cc troops,at lower levels barbs can also do the job.If the clan castle is too much inside the base then you can use hogs (1-3)to take them out Note :Only high level player are recommended to use hogs (town hall 7-10).Refer to the list below to know whats the best way of taking down which troop.

Barbarians :You can easily take them out by using archers and wizards.

Archers/Goblins  : Use wizards and archers and a few barbarians for them

Giants  : They are generally not a trouble take them out with archers and wizards

Balloons  : Don't let them get close to your troops use archers and wizards to attack them from a distance. I recommend using wizards for them . If they get close to your troops then they will take out your wiz and archss in one shot!

Wizards  : They are the most common clan castle troops use archers and few wiz to take them out but don't drop your wiz and archers at one place! instead surround them with archs and wizards.

Dragons    : They are one of the most dangerous clan castle troops but don't panic at all they are not so strong just surround them with archers and wizards.

P.E.K.K.A : It is not at all dangerous against a horde of troops like archers and barbs. Use them to eliminate the pekka.

Minions : They can be a trouble if you are using troops which can only attack ground troops so i advice that you should always have a few troops like wizards archers or some minions to avoid such a situation where you can only see the minions destroy your army.If you have a few archers or wizards etc. then you can easily take out minions by surrounding them. don't use too many troops.

Hogs : Just like giants they are also not a trouble but higher level hogs might create some problem.Just surround and kill them but beware they can take out troops like archers in one shot .

Valkyrie : She is also a common clan castle troop in war. You need to be careful because she can take out even high level wizards in one shot and if the wizards are too close to each other then she will take them out in one shot,all of them.Attack her by maintaining a distance .Although troops like minions and drags can take them out easy because she cannot attack air troops.but don't use balloons for that purpose because they will target defenses not the valk.

Golem : Golems are very rarely found in clan castles in war.They are easy to kill because they have very low damage.

Witch : She can be a huge trouble . Take them to the corner of a village and try targeting the witch avoid her skeletons. Don't try to target her if she is behind a wall because she will continuously raise skeletons and your troops will hardly reach the witch.Just like valkryie aerial troops are also the weakness of witch.Since she is very weak if she is alone thus you can easily take her out from air.The skeletons cannot attack in air so your troops wont get distracted much.

Lava Hound : A lava hound coming out of the enemy clan castle is very, very rare. Although if it ever happens your should be able to take him out with wizards. Don't use archers because the lava hound has too many hit points so archers will take too long to kill him but once the lava hound has exploded into lava pups then you should use archers because there are too many of them and wizards will be generally able to takeout only one of them at a time.

I did not mention wall breakers above because they are simply harmless and most probably you will never find them in anybody's clan castle.


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