Are you new to clash of clans?Just installed it?Confused what to do and what not to do? If yes then you have come just at the right place!This guide will provide you all the things you need to know to succeed in clash of clans.Note:This guide is not yet complete, if you have any advice then be sure to leave a comment I will be glad to know your ideas :)


Clash of Clans is a rather addictive mobile game where you are the chief of a village, and must simultaneously defend it from enemy attack, while building your village from the ground up. There are a total of 19 troops, 10 spells, and 3 hero characters.


Currently you would have come across two resources,gold and elixir.There are total three different resources in game the third one being 'dark elixir' about which I will discuss later. You can earn resources by several means.The primary way of earning it is through your gold mines and elixir collectors.They automatically generate resources over time.Upgrading them will allow you to produce more resources over time. Although there are several other ways of earning resources like by attacking,by participating in clan war(war loot) and you can get them as league bonus.

Gold:Player generally try earning more of gold.It is used for


building and upgrading defensive buildings including walls and traps,townhall,elixir storages and elixir collectors.

Elixir:It used basically used for building and upgrading offensive

Elixir collector

building like barracks,army camps,lab etc.It is also used to upgrade troops,gold mines and gold storages.

Try protecting your resources at all costs because without them you can't to anything.


Gems are the currency of clash of clans.You can buy gems with real money.It can be used use it to speed up your progress, buy
File:Emoticon gem.png
builder huts and resources, basically it can be used to do everything. Although its not at all mandatory to spend money on gems and you can use every function available in the game without spending a single penny.


A player raids another player's village or a goblin base to earn resources and/or trophies.Raiding is a primary function in the game.You can start a raid by tapping at the attack button at the bottom left corner of your screen.Then the screen will look like this. 


1.This the single player map.It shows the several bases available in single player campaign. You need to earn at least one star on a base in order to unlock the nest base.
2.This is the multiplayer pane. Don't search for a multiplayer attack just yet.Read the 'First two days' section before playing multiplayer.
3.Tap this button to sear ch for a multiplayer attack.Read the 'Matchmaking' section to know about how it works.
4.This area shows your trophies.
5.This area shows the total number of stars earned by you in the campaign.
6.Tap this button to attack the selected single player base.
In order to win a raid you should earn at least on star in it,if you don't then you will loose. How are stars earned?
1 Star : Taking down enemy townhall or destroying 50% or more of his base earns you one star.
2 Star : Destroying 50% or more of the enemy base as well as taking down his townhall earns you 2 stars
3 Star : Destroying the 100% of enemy base gives 3 stars.

Note:You will have to take out enemy townhall in order to earn more than 1 star.No matter how much percent of enemy base you destroy if the townhall is not destroyed then you will not earn more than one star.The same applies to you so protect your townhall at all costs, unless you are farming [1]


The multiplayer match making is based on trophies and townhall level,except beyond 3600 trophies where only trophies matter.Try to make a balance between your trophies and your level.Having more trophies will put you in a higher league which means you will get tougher opponents.It also means that you will be attacked by strong players who will easily 3 star you.At the beginning kepp your trophies low so that you are not attacked by people who are higher level that you.


These are displayed at the top left corner of your base.You gain trophies when you win while attacking on enemy bases(this does not include the single player campaign bases).But if you loose an attack then you will loose some trophies as well.You will also gain trophies when you win a defense and loose them when you loose a defense.While attacking the number of trophies you can get from any player with the number of trophies you will loose if you are defeated is displayed at the top right corner.Right below the player name and available loot.


The top bar is your experience bar,in the middle are the trophies and at the bottom is league button.


Here the trophies available is 16 and the trophies to be deducted on defeat is 29


Earning trophies will eventually put you in a league.You need to have at least 400 trophies to enter a league.Each league has its own league bonus which is awarded for each victory in pvp battle.Higher leagues have higher bonus.But don't try to increase your trophies too much higher leagues will mean that you will be attacked more frequently and by more strong players.Checkout the leagues page of this wiki for more info.


If you have a shield then it means that you will not be attacked but it also means that you cannot attack any other player or else it will break the shield.The time remaining until you shield runs out is displayed at the top of your interface.


The dialogue box whixh is displayed if you tap on attack while having an active shield.
Active shield

Tapping 'Okay' will break your shield and tapping'Cancel' will return you to attack interface.


Now the most important thing,CLANS,afterall its clash of 'CLANS'.In order to join a clan and access clan wars you will have to rebuild your ruined clan castle.It takes 10k of gold to rebuild it.

So what are clans?

Clans are the groups of fellow clashers who can chat with each other,donate troops to each other and fight clan wars with other clans.A clan can hold up to 50 players and it requires at least 10 players to start a clan war.Choosing a good clan is very important. Join a clan(try to be at least level 15-20 before joining a clan,because you have to understand the game properly before getting into a clan)which has active members and donate a lot.Don't join a clan in which the last chat message is of some days ago or if it is of the time when you generally asleep.Try to find a clan whose members are of your time zone.

What are clan elders,co leaders and leader?

There are several promotions people can get while in a clan.These post in ascending order are as follows-
Members : They litrally have no special rights all they can do is donate,request for troops and participate in wars.
Elders : They can kick out members and accept/decline the join requests of people in 'Invite Only clan'
Co Leaders : They can Kick out memners and elder,accept/decline join request,promote people to co or elder and even demote the elders and start clan wars.
Leader : Leader can basically do everything that a co leader can, in addition to that they can demote/kick co leaders or make someone else the leader.There can be only one leader in the clan although there is no limit on how many cos and elders can be in a clan.

General tips about clans

  • Don't try to make your own clan at this point because people generally prefer to join clans with high level guys.Although if you know some people who are of high level and are ready to make a clan with you then you can try making your own clan.
  • Don't join clans which keep on saying 'hey join us for free co' because they generally arent stable everyone wants to manage the clan in his/her own way and this creates a chaos.Also this completely removes the imortance of co leaders in clan.
  • When you join a clan then try to donate more troops than you request.But don't give away troops which people don't want cause many people get really angry at this and they will kick you out of the clan! Also your troops are not of that high level at this moment so the best way is to req less.
  • Try not to be in clan wars until you are townhall 4/5 instead watch your clan mates attack in war and learn their strategies.Look in my 'war tactics' guide for getting some great war attack strategies.
  • Never join a clan which is inactive or looses too many wars.How will you know that they are inactive?Look in chat if nobody has send a message since 1 or more days then that clan is most likely to be inactive.Don't stay in a clan if they don't give troops.But don't be too eager to get troops as well, wait for some time in order to get troops.
  • If getting good troops is your sole purpose then join 'req and leave' clans.Search for them through the clan search tab.But if you also want war then i recommend you to find a good war clan which is ready to accept you.
  • Don't change clans too frequently,stay in a clan because as long as you stay and as active you are them members will have as more faith on you and you will be less likely to get kicked.

Visit the clan castle page to know more about it.

Clan Wars

Once you are into a clan you should know what are clan wars.

What are clan wars?

Clan wars are a series of attacks done by the players of each clan on the other clan in order to earn stars.The clan which the
Cw button

Clan war button is encircled with blue.

highest amount of total stars wins the war.The clan war button is present on the left side of the screen just below the chat button and above the battle log button.It will be visible only after you rebuild the clan castle and join a clan.The entire war takes two days.First day is preparation day and the second day is battle day.But first you should know about your war base.

War Base

You can make a separate base using for war using all the elements of your normal base.When your war base is attacked then it does not affect you loot or trophies or shield.You don't need to arm traps in a war base.The sole purpose of your war base is to protect your townhall in order to prevent the enemy from getting three stars.So keep your storages outside your walls without worrying about your loot.

Preparation day

During the first 24 hours the war bases are open to be edited and everybody can donate troops to others war castles.However spectators are not allowed to donate troops.War castles are different from normal castle.They are the same level as your normal clan castle and you don't need to rebuild or unpgrade them but the troops in your war castle will not be transferred to your clan castle and the troops which are killed in a war castle during and attck in war will automatically regenerate during the next attack.

Battle day

On the battle day the war castles are closed and you cannot edit the war base.You can attack any of the enemy bases.Each player has 2 attacks and the player whom you have attacked once cannot be attacked again by you,yet others can attack him.Use your attacks wisely.


As soon as the battle day ends the clan having the highest amount of stars will win and their war loot will be transferred to their clan castles.

War Loot

Each attack in war gives you huge amount of loot which is not instantly given to you.It is given at the end of the war.If your clan wins the war then you get your entire war loot.If your clan looses then you get 1/3 of the lott and if the war is a draw then you get 2/3 of the loot.

The image below depicts the screen which will open when you tap on the clan war button during battle day.

Battle day
  • The top middle timer shows the time left for the battle day to end
  • At the top left corner is the war loot which will be given after victory
  • At the bottom right is the return home button.Above it is the clan war info button whixh tells about how a clan war functions.
  • '1' is the total stars earned by player's clan and 2 shows the stars earned by enemy clan while 3 shows the number of attacks remaining
  • The star at the top is the war stats button which shows you war stats,war events,your won clan and the enemy clan.
  • At the middle right is the 'enemy' button which will show yu the enemy war bases
  • The townhalls are the icons which depict the war bases of your clan mates.The war bases are arranged according to their strength.That means the strongest bases will be at top and the weakest at the bottom.Tapping on any of these bases on battle day will open the menu which is shown at the bottom
  • Tapping the 'scout' button at the bottom will show you the selected war base
  • Tapping the 'replay' button will show you the replay of the best enemy attack on that base. 

When you tap the 'enemy' button the war bases will shift towards left and you will see another set of townhalls which are actually enemy bases.

A good start

You should not spend any gems during the tutorial.You will start with 500 gems and you are forced to spend 250 gems in the beginning on the builder hut.Start saving your gems from the beginning and I would recommend that you spend them only on builder hut.Now complete the tutorial.During the tutorial you will notice that you are forced to attack on the first two single player bases.In the beginning you are provided with few wizards.You will be told to use all of them but don't do that just drop two of them near the cannon in the first base and you will easily get 3 stars.The second base can easily be taken out by using your barbarians.

The 3 days shield

In fact Now after the tutorial is finished you might have noticed that you have a three-day shield.That means you will not be attacked by anyone for the next 3 days But the problem is that you also cannot attack any other player but you can attack on the single player map.I am sure that many of you would be eager to attack other player but don't do that yet.

First of all start upgrading your resource collectors which are gold mines and elixir collectors.Upgrade all of them to at least level 3.Then upgrade your resource storages i.e. gold storage and elixir storage......under construction......

Quick glance at what you should do and what you should not


1.Upgrade your resource collectors and storages.

2.Upgrade your defenses

3.Try attacking some single player bases to know how raiding is done and to get some extraa resources.

4.Upgrade everything to max before upgrading the townhall


1.Don't rush your townhall.
2.Don't break your shield.
3.Don't have too many trophies,try to kepp them balanced.
4.Don't try creating your own clan until you have some friends of your or people of high level ready to join your clan.
5.Don't try to use hacks for free gems you might get banned.
6.Try being polite at the global chat because people can report you and you might be banned.

Too late?Already messed up everything?

Wanna start again(not recommended)

For android

This is the easiest way and generally works on all devices.
1.Make sure that you are singed-in with your google+ account if you wish to recover this account in future.To know how to do that look below.
2.Close Clash of Clans.
3.Open the settings option and tap on 'advanced settings'.
4.Tap on apps and then select Clash of Clans.
5.Tap on clear data and tap ok
6.Reopen clash of clans, everything will start from the beginning. 7.Use google+ sign in and sign-in with a different gmail ID.

For Ios

I never tried reseting progress on iPad/iPod myself.Below are the steps provided by flammy in his Total Newbie Guide.I am not sure that it works or not.
1.Delete your Clash of Clans program and all of its data (including Game Centre data)
2.Get another compatible device (e.g. iPod/iPad) that has never had Clash of Clans installed on it.
3.Create a new Game Centre account on that device, and download and install Clash of Clans.
4.Play through the tutorial on your second device and name your new village.
5.Log into your new Game Centre account on your original device and reinstall Clash of Clans
6.When you start the game up you will be prompted to load the village you made on your alternate device.
You can also play your village on several devices at the same time. Simply log in with your same Game Centre Account on the new device and launch Clash Of Clans.

Frequently asked questions

Q.How can i control my troops?

A.You can't.Once you deploy your troops then they will automatically attack their nearest preferred target.To target the building u want to u should try to deploy them as close to the building as you can.

Q. How can i change the name of my village?

A. First of all you should pick up a good name in the beginning.However, if u wish to change thenyou can do so once you get to townhall level 5.But this will be a one time name cange so pick up a name wisely.

Q.I lost my village can i get it back?

A.Yes u can if you singned-in with your google+ account or your game center.If u were not singned-in then sorry to say,there is no way to recover your village.Thus once you understand the game you should immediately link it with your game center/google+.

Q.Is buying gems with real money is the only way to earn them?

A.No not at all.Its not at all compulsory to buy gems with real money in order to progress in the game.You can earn gems by completing achievements,clearing obstacles and participating in online quests.See the gems section of this guide for more information.

Q.Someone landed troops inside my base even when it was completely surrounded by walls,is he cheating?

A.No that's completely leagel.Each of the buildings has a 1 block no spawn area around it,so troops cannot be landed there.Be sure that there is no spawn space between your buildings, to ensure this don't leave a space of more that 2 blocks between your buildings and walls.But beware, decorations don't block the troop spawn area so troops can land right on top of them.The image here is a very good example of such situation.The troops can be directly landed into the red square towars which the arrow points.The area behind the red line is the no spawn area.

Spawn area

Q. Why don't my surviving troops come back to my camps?

A.This to maintain the balance in the game.Just think that you are a high level player with an army of super strong troops,what are the bases you will attack?Low level bases!Such a player will keep on attacking low level bases with a very little risk of loosing even a single troop.All he has to do is that spend large amount of elixir once and then keep on looting.To avoid this supercell has made this mechanism.Of course if a guy makes an army by spending, lets assume, 100k elixir, then he will surely look for a target which provides a loot of more than 100k elixir to have some profit.This will ensure that most probably he will not attack low level guys who will surely be not having that much of elixir.So the best way is that you deploy only that much of troops which is requried, the undeployed troops will return to your camps.

Q.What is chat reporting and how does it work?

A.Chat reporting is a feature of clash of clans which was made to discourage people from using abusive words at the global chat.If you find someone swearing at you or somebody else in the global chat then you can tap on his/her name and choose 'report' option to ban that player.But that does not mean that he will be banned at that very moment.To ban a player it requires more than 3 player(i myself don't know how many it requires but it surely requires more than 3 people,most of the people say that it doesn't work at all)to report the specific player in order to ban him.

'The guide is still being improved'

'If you have any further questions,advices or want to share views on something then be sure to leave a comment :) ' -Clasher 211

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