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Sneaky Archer info Archer Queen info
Cloak ability:
Sneaky Archer
Royal Cloak ability:
Archer Queen

  • Summary
    • The Cloak Ability can refer to two different abilities: the Cloak ability, given to Sneaky Archers, and the Royal Cloak ability, given to the Archer Queen.
    • Both are similar in the sense that both temporarily makes them invisible to defenses.
    • The Royal Cloak ability also spawns Archers as well as making the Archer Queen invisible, in addition to regenerating a portion of the Queen's health and also greatly increasing the Archer Queen's damage output while it is active.
    • The Cloak Ability of Sneaky Archers makes them invisible for a few seconds after spawn, however it does not do anything else. This ability can be upgraded to last longer than the Royal Cloak ability, however. Unlike the Royal Cloak ability, the ability is activated upon deployment and it cannot be manually activated.

  • Strategy
    • Use the Royal Cloak ability when your Archer Queen is targeted by a high-damaging building, such as an Inferno Tower set to single target, to distract that building with its spawned archers and draw fire away from the Queen.
    • Sneaky Archers can shoot defenses across the wall while being invisible, taking them out before they can kill the sneaky archers.

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