Summary to Feeding

A feeder clan's purpose is to provide clans with members. "Now, what do you mean by feeding? Does feeding mean having the main clan eat the members?" You might ask. Feeding is when you supply a clan with members. You take in new & young players and help them get their trophies up, so as to meet the standards of the main clan, and then send the members who meet the standards over to the main clan. in this article I will explain the strategies to building a good, solid feeder clan.

The Setup

The best way to set up a feeder clan is to grab a few buddies from the main clan and make a new clan with them. For naming it I would choose something that has a feeder-esc feel to it, such as Arming up—The feeder clan for Armed and Ready. It has the idea that they are getting ready to join ARMed and ready by saying that they are "ARMing up". see the way they both have the idea of being armed in them? (Sorry, I’m in the Armed Alliance so I have to represent :3)

That’s one of the better ways to make a feeder clan.

Member Grab

Getting members in your clan is one of the hardest things to do unless you are in one of the big name clans such as North 44 and Bonbee Canada, because most people on global only want the largest clan in the chat room. It is VERY hard for you to find good & kind members who want to help out low level clans these days. I got lucky and found two kind people at the same time in the same chat room. Once you find a couple friendly people, and make them elders, send them into the globals to recruit members. NEVER MAKE MORE PEOPLE ELDER RIGHT AWAY! By doing so, it will most likely cause a clan kicker to join your clan and kick every non-elder.

The Finish

Once you reach an optimum amount of members in you clan, switch it to "Invite Only". Then, divide the number of trophies required to join the main clan by two.

Are there inactive members who don’t donate or chat? If so, don’t be afraid to kick them out, no matter how many trophies he/she has, unless they did tell you beforehand that they would be away. Now, if there is someone with 0 donations, you have not seen him in chat, but has 1500+ trophies, one might think "Oh, no! He is the only person who gives us the most trophies we have!" Remember, your clan isn’t the trophy clan, you’re the feeder clan.

The Move Over

First, I would suggest that you and the leader of the main clan get accounts on this wiki, therefore, you can give him updates and that sort of thing, Via message wall (Note: this is my message wall, you would need to find his profile then click message wall). After you both have an account and found each other's message wall, tell the leader of the main clan about any members that you want to send over. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHECK ON TO ANY WIKI DAILY FOR UPDATES AND NEWS!! Tell the leader the name of the member so they can accept him. Also, tell the main leader to not accept anyone that hasn’t first gone through you, or the feeder clan.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Flammy and BLAZEDDRAGON for inspiring me with their guides! Also, thank you SynergyShade for helping me with the background coding!

About C-Benz

I am the proud leader of the feeder clan for Armed and Ready, "Arming Up". I have two accounts on COC. One is currently in Arming Up and one is in Armed and Ready.


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