Hi, Chief, I am Dane987, as you can see, and I have been on this wiki for a month and 5 months on Clash of Clans, I am a TH6 and I have played many games like Backyard Monsters and Galaxy Life. (I heard someone from Supercell works for Digital Chocolate, but nvm) So, I carry a bit of knowledge. And FYI, I am a hybrid. If you are not satisfied with my Guides, tell me so, I appreciate it!! :-) P.S.: I am a bit slow since school has started in the Philippines, but I will still give advice until I get to the top!!

Name of Strategy Guide Description
Building Your Village Teaches you how to build your village according to your Point of View in CoC. This guide covers up to TH6, stay tuned for TH7.
Attacking Teaches you how to get resources or trophies. Covers up to TH6 for hybrids, and TH7 trophy pushing.
Clans Teaches you how to make a strong bond with your Clanmates.
How to's Simple how to's for beginners and for mid-levels (added July 26, 2014)

I will be heading to TH7!!!! And you know what it means.....


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