I am DarkDracolth (or Andrew of Bonbee Asia in CoC) and have decided to put in my two cents on a guide for the CoC nation. This is a higher level view as I am Town Hall 7, and trying to max out all my buildings. (Like 25% of the way there)

My Base Overview

So right now, I have almost all of my Cannons maxed out, and I'm working on Walls wherever I can, but I will not upgrade my Town Hall for a while. I repeat, NOT. There happens to be a loot penalty when you get up higher attacking lower levels. On top of that, if you rush up there, you also will have some pretty bad defenses, and you will have EVEN LESS. It doesn't matter so much at like say Town Hall 4, but by the time you bring your Town Hall level up to 6, you should be maxing your defenses and maybe have Walls close to your Town Hall level (i.e. Town Hall 7, Level 6-7 Walls are great) 

Defensive Buildings

Number of Buildings(Highest Level)

TH Lvl 1 - 2 Cannons(2)

TH Lvl 2 - 2 Cannons(3), 1 Archer Tower(2), 25 Walls(2)

TH Lvl 3 - 2 Cannons(4), 1 AT(3), 50 Walls(3), 1 Mortar(1), 2 Bombs

TH Lvl 4 - 2 Cannons(5), 2 ATs(4), 75 Walls(4), 1 Mortar(2),1 Air Defense(2), 2 Bombs, 2 Spring Traps

TH Lvl 5 - 3 Cannons(6), 3 ATs(6), 100 Walls(5), 1 Mortar(3), 1 AD(3), 4 Bombs, 2 Spring Traps, 1 Wizard Tower(2), 2 Air Bombs

TH Lvl 6 - 3 Cannons(7), 3 ATs(7), 125 Walls(6), 2 Mortars(4), 1 AD(4), 4 Bombs, 4 Spring Traps, 2 Wiz Towers(3), 2 Air Bombs, 1 Giant Bomb

TH Lvl 7 - 5 Cannons(8), 4 ATs(8), 175 Walls(7), 3 Mortars(5), 2 ADs(5), 6 Bombs, 4 Spring Traps, 2 Wiz Towers(4), 2 Air Bombs, 2 Giant Bombs, 1 Seeking Air Mine, 2 Hidden Teslas(3)

TH Lvl 8 - 5 Cannons(10), 5 ATs(10), 225 Walls(8), 3 Mortars(6), 3 ADs(6), 6 Bombs, 6 Spring Traps, 3 Wiz Towers(6), 4 Air Bombs, 3 Giant Bombs, 2 Seeking Air Mine, 3 Hidden Teslas(6)

TH Lvl 9 - 5 Cannons(11), 6 ATs(11), 250 Walls(10), 3 Mortars(7), 4 ADs(7), 6 Bombs, 6 Spring Traps, 4 Wiz Towers(7), 4 Air Bombs, 4 Giant Bombs, 3 Seeking Air Mine, 4 Hidden Teslas(7), 2 X-Bows(3)

TH Lvl 10 - 6 Cannons(11), 7 ATs(11), 250 Walls(10), 3 Mortars(7), 4 ADs(8), 6 Bombs, 6 Spring Traps, 4 Wiz Towers(7), 4 Air Bombs, 5 Giant Bombs, 3 Seeking Air Mine, 4 Hidden Teslas (7), 2 X-Bows(4), 1 Inferno Tower(2)

Army Combos I have effectively used in the past

I currently am using a dragon infantry combo. For those of you who are newer to this game, this means I use archers and barbs to take out sone of the outside stuff and the air defenses that are exposed, then deploy my dragons and goblins for support and cleanup. If you use this combo effectively, it almost guarantees a one-star. This is not meant for elixir raiding because the dragons are quite expensive.

Example army composition Town Hall 7 and up Cost Army Camp (200 example)
Dragons (Level 1) 75000 elixir, 1.5 hour training I recommend 3
Archers (Level 4) variable Archers and Barbarians should be about the same
Barbarians (Level 4) ^^^ ^^^
Goblins (Level 4) ^^^ Around 20 works really nicely
Wall Breakers (Level 4)  15ish thousand, around 14 mins use 5-7
Total: >120000 elixir 200

I used to use a healer giant combination from Flammy, but the whole thing was nerfed when they added the air defense to the Town Halls 8 and up. It still works great for attacking lower levels, but the tradeoff is there is a loot penalty for that. Also look to see that the infantry are about equal.

If you are looking for elixir and want a cheap army, just use the oldest trick in the book: the Barb/archer combo. I use it when I am looking to raid a lot in an hour, just because the dragons take a load of time to train. 

Example army (any level works) Cost and training time Army Camp (200)
Barbarians (Level 4 in example, any level is fine) 6400 elixir (About 26 minutes split into 4 Barracks) 80
Archers (Level 4) 14400 elixir (37.5 mins split into 4 Barracks) 90
Goblins (Level 4) 1600 elixir (10 mins split) 20
Wall Breakers (Level 4) 12500 elixir (10 mins split) 5
Total: 34,900 elixir (around 20 mins per Barracks) 200

So, What should I upgrade First?

That's a very good question. Normally after upgrading your Town Hall, I would just get anything new that is not extremely expensive or takes a long time first, like new Cannons and Archer Towers first, and then get them up to what levels you have now. Then I would start with Cannons, then splash, resources, Archer Towers, Dark Elixir things, then army items. The reason the Archer Towers are later are they are a bit more expensive and take longer. Upgrade your troops whenever you have the resources that you can't spend on something better. Happy hunting!


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