Welcome, Chief, to my Troops and Strategies strategy guide!

In this strategy guide I will tell you about the troops and common strategies of this game, as well as a few strategies I and other players have invented (This is where you come in! If you'd like to contribute, leave a comment or post on my wall!)

Troop Tips

  • It is important to properly spread out your troops. Covering 5 tiles is too little and splash defenses such as Mortars and Wizard Towers can easily destroy your troops when they are this close together. Covering 25 tiles is usually too much and you will not have enough damage. Spreading out your troops applies to many swarm troops like Archers and Goblins, but usually not to troops like Lava Hounds and PEKKAs.
  • Don't deploy ALL your troops at once. Try leaving enough troops on the battlefield so that you can destroy buildings but not too many that Mortars and Wizard Towers just annihilate your whole army within 10 seconds.

Troops - Coming Soon

Basic Strategies

Barch is a cheap and quick training strategy which almost always earns you a one-star and sometimes even a three star. The composition is pretty simple - Barbarians and Archers, as the name implies. Typically the ratio of Barbarians to Archers is 60% Barbarians and 40% Archers, although some players use a fixed amount of a certain troop, then the remaining space is filled with the other troops.

1st Method of Deployment:

  1. Throw down 2 rows of barbarians using two fingers, deploying about half of them.
  2. Deploy waves of archers, using about half of them, to destroy the defenses without needing to worry about walls.
  3. Introduce a second wave of barbarians along the two sides perpendicular to the side you originally attacked from.
  4. Check the corners to see if any miscellaneous buildings have been hid there. This will give you several percentage points for help on your 50% percent.
  5. Deploy any remaining troops where help is needed or where some easy percentage points are hiding.

2nd Method of Deployment:

  1. Surround the base with Barbarians, saving no troops.
  2. Surround the base with Archers, saving no troops.

Garch is a fairly cheap and quick training composition and if done correctly, it guarantees a 2-star, at least. One of the most effective methods of carrying out this strategy is bringing 20-35 archers, 6-10 Wall Breakers, and the rest of the space filled with Giants. Quantities of certain troops may vary depending on town hall level, but when I am attacked by Garch, this is what I see the most.

1st Method of Deployment:

  1. Introduce a giant onto the battlefield in the toughest defensive area (the sooner it is destroyed the less of a threat the rest of the base is), then add 2 or 3 wall breakers with about half a second of delay.
  2. Deploy 75% of your giants into the opened section of the base.
  3. Add 10-15 archers behind the giants as they soak up fire.
  4. Use wall breakers on another section of the base not too far away from the troops of Step 1 and 2,and deploy the rest of the giants.
  5. Deploy the rest of your archers.

2nd Method of Deployment: Note that here you will need 60% archers and 40% giants (by housing space).

  1. Place giants in a row without breaking through any walls.
  2. Add the archers behind to quickly destroy buildings and gain percentage for the 50%.

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