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This is a page specially made to record people's ideas which could be contributed to Clash of Clans. Feel free to add your own ideas! Please make sure that you go through the list of ideas to make sure yours isn't already here. Those that are repeated will be deleted.

The Good Ideas

  • Clan Co-Leader Ranking
  • A new level 12-13 gold/elixir collector that is unlocked when you get level 8 town hall, it could have a large increase in resources. It would help to get better defences for people who have level 11 gold/elixir collectors already.
  • A new building called the clan army camp. If someone requests then they can choose from there (if there are any troops in the camp). The requesters are allowed to deny using the clan army camp and the request would be just like they are now. It would get donations up and if someone needs to lose some goblins because they trained too many, there is no maximum. It would help get the donations up too.
  • The ability to visit a persons base and watch their 1st battles.
  • Ability to raid your own village for a "practice raid". You don't lose or gain trophies, and you don't lose resources. People could use this to test their new defense, or to test their army.
  • Decrease the Wizard's training time to 5 minutes.
  • Decrease the Balloon's training time to 5 minutes.
  • A new building called the armor factory unlocked at lvl 5 town hall that allows you to create armor that you can equip during battle that reduces the damage done to your troops upgrade to get better armor.
  • A second spell factory at Town Hall level 8, so that spells are created in less time, and ready for battle faster.
  • Clan vs. Clan war. Both clans have to say okay. depending on the type of war. Leader vs. Leader option. Winning Leader gets Gems he can split with clan or keep for himself. Everyone's on. Fight your oponent Trophy level.) By a certain date. if your clan has more wins your clan gets Gems. if you won you get Gems and if you lost too bad. Must get 3 Stars on All modes. Best of the Best. your leader chouses the best 5 people they fight each other. Clan with most wins wins. Same gem rules as everybody on.  
  • The ability to have ally's/clans can combine together but still be in separate clans.
  • Add a fourth Mortar to town hall 9.
  • More heroes, for example Goblin Chief, with new powers e.g. Speed.
  • Daily reward based on league.
  • Clan flags. Like normal buy able flags but has your current clan symbol on them.
  • More single player goblin levels, with town hall level 9 buildings, such as X-Bow, Heroes, and Dark Elixir Storages.
  • Possibly a small amount (10) of Gems each time a player levels up! Many games do this!
  • The ability to select and shift every building and walls in your base to centre or decentre your base.
  • Random goblin attacks with revenge option.
  • Daily challenge goblin bases, random each day and everyone gets the same base might be an easy or hard one but amount of resources are relative to difficulty.
  • Troop Donations: Don't reset when leaving clans, have a running total, average per reset period.
  • Allow hidden tesla to absorb some/all lightning spell damage if revealed.
  • Hero Auras (Passive addition to stats of surrounding troops).
  • Revenge list indicate online/offline without having to click each person's button.
  • Higher rewards on leagues.
  • Add a 1-2 second spell casting cool down to prevent unwanted multiple miss-casts.
  • Give the players the ability to add a sountrack or background song to their base so that everytime a player sees the base of another player they can hear that song or background song in that specific base. Be able to upload the song from the music app in the device
  • New hidden tesla at town hall lv 10
  • Ability to save defense layouts so you can easily switch between layouts
  • More health to mortar, (mortar can be wipped out easily with 2 lightning spells.)

A family village so if a family together they can work together.

  • More added damage to hidden tesla( only adds a few damage when upgraded)
  • Ability to send spells&heroes to each other
  • private messaging and better communication between players and elders or leader
  • clan position between elder and leader

Read Before posting

Please read this thread before posting new ideas.

Straight up, Supercell, you should read this all.

New Features

  • A lvl 7 dark elixir drill. capacity 2000 production per hour 130, lvl 10 th required to upgrade to lvl 7.
  • Remove troops in your army camp and receive half elixir or dark elixir it costs.
  • Ability to expand your village but have to pay something that Supercell can think of.
  • Allow the freeze spell to "freeze buildings" and increase the damage dealt to the frozen buildings by 100%.
  • New items called tiles. Does not interact with any buildings. Tap on one tile then tap on another area, then calculating the amount of tiles depends on how much gold you spend. Frozen tile, your troops move faster by 1.2X. Magma tile, all enemy troops enter battle with 90% of HP. Sticky Tile, enemy troops move slower by 10%. Aqua tile, splash damage has a wider spread damage by 1 tile. Spike Tiles, every 10 tiles a enemy troop moves, it receives %10 Max HP damage (Eg. Max HP is 100, it receives %10 damage = result of 90 HP left).
  • Following the electric walls and the level 5 spell factory there should be a level 11 Town Hall. This th is electric themed and unlocks all new stuff, like for example maybe a level 12 Archer Tower
  • A level 6 wall breaker. Holds two big golden bombs. Needs level 7 laboratory.
  • New Defence called the Temperature Blaster. You can toggle whether to fire Ice shards that deal 65 Damage Per Second and have a 15% chance of stunning enemies or Magma Balls that deal 90 Damage Per Second.
  • Another Dark elixir storage at Town Hall level 9.
  • A new defense called the Minion horde. A hole that minions fly out of when enemies are in range. Has three levels. level one has ten level 1 minions, level 2 has 15 level three minions, level three has 20 level five minions. You can not destroy the hole but once you destroy the minions they don't come out until the next battle just like any other defense. The minions have the same hitpoints and damage as they normaly would. Unlock at level eight Town Hall, and another one at level 10 Town Hall.
  • Ambush Gates. Addition on a wall. Enemy troops can pass through it but take damage. (can be open or closed)
  • frosted floor. Freezes up to 30 space of troops, freezes troops for 10 seconds, not effective to heroes, 10000 gold and elexir. 1 for lv 5 Town Hall, then adding 1 each Town Hall level.
  • More campaign missions or an entirely new campaign. With a lava theme as in TH level 10. A volcano erupts at the side of your village, spewing lava spawn which attack your village. You can go inside and destroy the spawn's fortification with high rewards. At the end there is a huge lava boss with a 50,000 dark elixir reward.
  • A new trap called the giant air bomb has all the stats of a giant bomb except it only targets air troops.
  • Ability to send a reason when you decline a request.
  • Wars between groups of players. Not with clans but two people challenge each other and go around making alliances with clans and players for gold/elixir/dark elixir and build their army of players who will fight with them against the opposite player and his group on a separate battle. The winning player will get trophies ( the leader only as the others got their gold/elixir/dark elixir).Like duels of groups of players.
  • A new defense called, the serpent! It costs 20,000 dark elixer but it does 55 damage per second. Every other second he gets pushed onto the shore. He gets pushed into the water and back onto land with 1 second intervals. He can damage anywhere on the map. Only archers and flying troops can attack the serpent when he is in the water, but all can attack him while he is on the shore.
  • New troop, the tremendous Leviathan! This both serpent and dragon-like creature conducts highly unstable purple lightinings, the result of dark elixir experimenting, and is able to shoot slow, but destructive lightning balls, primarily preferring to strike the resource centres. With a life of 2100 hitpoints, damage of 170 per hit, and cost of 900 dark elixir, this beast can be opened on level 5 of Dark Barracks, obtainable only at town hall level 10.
  • New troop, the Frozenguin. A penguin that targets army buildings and does double damage. Shoots ice at any building and has a chance of leaving troops stunned for a period of time.
  • New troop, the Glander. It can be airborne or grounded. Player has ability to control if he's in the air or on the ground.
  • Please, add Russian language! It's very uncomfortable to play with English for people without English knowledge.
  • A new trap, the Megabomb. This trap has an explosion radius the same as the trigger radius of Air Bombs, dealing 5 TIMES THE DAMAGE of a giant bomb to all ground and air units in the area. It costs 1,000 dark elixir. Unlocked on Town Hall 8.
  • Ability to watch videos and earn gems for them. They would be Clash of Clans related videos, like EricTheCuz or Flammy. You would earn 5 gems per video. Many games do this for their premium currency!
  • Ability to select opponents defenses and see range.
  • Daily reward based on league.
  • Being able to mix spells. This will combine both the spells abilities, but lowers the stats of them.
  • A new dark elixir troop, the Skelegod, which deals 100 damage per hit, 3000 hit points, 35 troop capacity, and 900 Dark Elixir to train.
  • Being able to send replays to clan members, elders, and leader.
  • Ability to buy more than 1 flag of each type.
  • Ability to upgrade traps (i.e. Bomb, Spring trap, etc.)
  • Add a pack of gems for a dollar (called Basket of Gems, with 100 gems).
  • Ability to change the order of queued troops.
  • more goblin attacks, depending on TH level and league, you dont lose trophies but theres double amount resource availible than a regular attack.
  • The ability for a clan leader to ban a specific player from your clan.
  • A new troop, the Flamer. He has a flamethrower gun that causes very large splash damage. 400 dps at lvl 1 and 2000 hit points. Takes up 15 housing space. Range 4 tiles. Movement speed 16.
  • A new troop, the miniomite horde. It's 100 tiny four armed wing-less minions called miniomites. Miniomites have 20 hitpoints and 1 damage. The horde can split into two, three, or four. Depending on how many groups the horde splits into the hitpoints and damage and range will be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled. It costs 5k dark elixer and take 20 minutes to train.
  • A new troops, the Zapper. He shoots electricity out of his hands. He is invulnerable to hidden teslas. 
  • Town hall levels 7, 8, and 9 hold a small amount of dark elixir (maybe 100 or a reasonable amount that Supercell can think of).
  • A new trap, Spikes. It automatically kills any troop that steps on them, but after killing 30 housing space of troops, it wears out and has to be bought again. Costs dark elixir, town hall 7 req.
  • Permanent records to show how many clans you got kicked from, how many you joined, and how many you left. It also gives the average amount of time you spend in those clans. This could prevent clan hopping greatly. In an invite only clan, when a player requests to join, Elders and the Leader are allowed to see the player's record to see if they are a hopper or not.
  • New troop, the Catapult. A wall breaker skeleton who rides on a catapult with wheels. Longest ranged unit in the game with a range of 7 tiles. Deals devastating damage to what it attacks at 150 dps at lvl 1.
  • Players who have been kicked from a clan has to apply to join the clan again- no matter if it's an "anyone can join" or an "invite only" clan. This would help to keep people from rejoining constantly in an "anyone can join" clan if they have been kicked. (Yes, it's possible to get kicked in this type of clan and be able to join back whenever you want).
  • A level 6 wizard. It would have a red cloak and shoot black lightning. With this feature, a level 7 wizard tower would have a level 6 wizard atop it.
  • New unit upgrades for lvl. 8 laboratory: a Pekka with an flaming sword, and an lvl 7 archer (a dark star in the icon instaed of 6 purple ones).
  • A new tower, called the freezer tower: it would spread icy waves around it on the ground, damaging and slowing opponent`s troops a little.
  • Ability to see exactly how long players in your clan have been online every week.
  • New dark troop, Speed Elite. Pekka's damage per attack, movement speed 70, but only 250 hit points. Takes up 20 housing space. Costs 500 dark elixir at level 1.
  • Recruiting building for as long as you are a clan elder, you can use it for help to bring people onto your global and these people will see your clan when they scroll. As you level up, better players are received for the recruiting building.
  • Ability to send a private message to a specific player's inbox in your clan (any rank may do this).
  • Bosses in the Single Player Campaign. They would have unusual battle skills and extremely high hit points. These would be every ten levels. Final assault should be the Goblin King(after level 50).
  • Ability to chat with a specific player as long as they are online.
  • Ability to see who in your clan is online.
  • A list of current upgrades available with a filter option with buildings, troops, walls, etc.
  • Ability to have multiple builders work on one upgrade or build to speed up progress.
  • When you tap on the wizard icon in the army camp, there will be a screen that shows the spells a wizard can use. Wizards can only use one spell during attacking. As the wizards level up, they learn new, and more powerful spells.
  • A Clan Village where all the clan members can help in making by placing buildings.Any member in that clan can collect the resources.There is also a clan bank where if you are upgrading/building a building that is very expensive, the clan members can put some money in the bank that will go to the upgrading/building structure.
  • Ability to donate resources such as gold, elixir, and gems.
  • Ability to customize an avatar.
  • With each spell upgrade make the area splash bigger as well as the length of time the spell is effective.
  • Ability to pause an attack.
  • Level 8 Mortars, Wizard Towers, and Army Camps.
  • More heroes, such as the Goblin King, Wizard King, Healer Queen, Dragon King, P.E.K.K.A. Queen, Giant King.
  • Ability to choose who you attack, based on level. You can choose anyone within 5 levels of your level. Otherwise it will say in red letters "This player is too low" or "This player is too high". If they are online or have a shield, it will say "Can't Attack!(reason)), similar to the battle log for revenge attacking.
  • Elders being able to donate up to 10 units instead of 5 per troop request.
  • A new dark elixer troop called Behemoth, targets heroes and troops. With giants health, wizards attack and times 3 damage on favored targets. Six camp space and one and a half of valkiries cost.
  • Cloaking device: Hides a defense much like a hidden telsa.
  • Colosseum - One on one mini game that lets you use one troop of choice to attack one other troop. I.e. Balloon vs. Archer. Rewards can include gems, gold, elixir, and experience.
  • Rewind and pause when replaying in battle log.
  • Option to record a battle and save and/or publish it on YouTube.
  • Ability to do practice attacks on friends' bases if they agree.
  • New 'Social' clans - Don't have trophy count, have increased member limit (500+ would be ideal). For example the Reddit Clan System currently has 400 members in 8 clans. 
  • New clan features such as:
    1. A rank below elder that can't kick, but perhaps can mute players temporarily.
    2. Ability to mute players.
    3. Ability for clan Elders and Leader to see how long since someone has logged on.
  • An in-game pop-up message that occurs when you deploy a troop before the match begins in online attacking, so that you do not accidently deploy one troop on a base you know you cannot defeat, losing many trophies. You can turn this on and off in the settings.
  • Daily Rewards - Rewards that award you for consecutively logging on for a set amount of days. For example, the first day you log on, you should get [coins+elixir - player lvl *10], the second, [coins+elixir - player lvl *25; 2% of experience til next lvl], the third, [coins+elixir - player lvl *50; 5% of experience til next lvl; 1 gem], the fourth, [coins+elixir - player lvl *75; 7% of experience til next lvl; 2 gems], and the fifth, [coins+elixir - player lvl *100; 10% of experience til next lvl; 3 gems]. After 5 days, the daily reward resets itself back to one. Does not have to be identical to example, but something of the similar matter is requested.
  • A special redesigning mode for building, where all the buildings and decorations are taken off the screen. You can then put them in a spot you like, and easily take them off again. This would make it way easier to completely redesign your village.
  • New "Special Troops" that are unlocked when the level 5 unit of that troop type is reached (i.e. Archer, Barbarian, etc.) and have unbalanced stats (such as 2X more speed, but less damage and hp)
  • The ability to shift your entire base in one of the four cardinal directions using arrow keys. This way if you like to keep your base centered, or if you run out of room while building on one side, moving your whole base isn't such a chore.
  • A groundhog troop who goes around the map underground. Can only be attacked when popped out of the ground to attack. Attacks by popping out of the ground. Creates holes that Barbarins, Archers, Goblins and Wizards can use. The hole lasts for 5 seconds after the groundhop pops out of the exit hole before getting covered up by dirt.
  • A New Troop Call The Wraith. It Looks similar to a Ninja, and It's Favorite Target is Resourses and it can jump walls, 16 speed. but Only does small damage until upgraded. Same amount of hitpoints as a level 4 Barbarian at level 1.  Will have 5 upgrades. Army Camp Space: 3.
  • A New Troop: Ballist, 3 army space, unlocked at barracks 2, flying troop like a archer but with wings, male, and has a crossbow. 75 elexir for level 1 adds 75 elexir cost every level which highest level is 5. Same speed as archer and same DPS. Upgrade cost to level 2 cost 100000 then multiplies by 2 every level.
  • Addition to 'special troops' by Epic Goats: Special troops for barbarian should be soldier or knight, special for goblin should be gremlin, special for giant should be Oagar, special for healer should be angel, special for dragon should be griffon or something else else supercell could think of. Special for P.E.K.K.A should be Death Lord or Dark Lord.
  • Ability up upgrade wall sections (upgrade all walls selected at once).
  • Two new dark elixir troops, the dragon knight, and necromancer. Dragon knights can fly, and his attack is similar to a Pekka's. The necromancer can revive fallen units, albeit at low health. His attack is to throw green energy at enemies and buildings.
  • Rebalance the percentage of resources which are exposed to raiding based on Town Hall level. Currently, a player with TH level 7 is only able to raid 10% of the normal amount of resources from players with TH level 4.
  • Another use for Dark Elixir.
  • Spells that differ every month like Cupid's Carnage where Cupid appears and fires arrows.
  • show number of donations received and/or provide a ratio of donations given to donations received. Could also put this ratio on the donate button to make it clear who donates and who leaches. Could also color the donate button background - green for donations greater or equal to received, yellow for donations 75 percent of received, else red. Supercell help us manage the leaches so we can build stronger more social clans.
  • Once someone is kicked out of a clan, they must stay out for a day, even if the clan is anyone can join.
  • Elders can kick up to 5 people out a day.
  • Make it so you can search for players so you never get paired up with someone with 500 gold.
  • Far to easy to misclick when searching for battle. Make "next" button larger.
  • To show defenses and troops' attack speed and damage per hit,not just the damage per second.
  • Additional Clan rankings besides just Trophies. Total resources raided per week (minus resources lost?), total donations, etc.

Below are ideas submitted by users for Supercell to consider. It does not imply they are being worked on. Please do a forum search before starting new feature requests, especially if they are listed below.

  • The Nuker, a new flying dark troop that has DPS of 2000 and has 500 hitpoints. Its speed is 15 and has a range of 5 tiles. It costs 500 dark elixir. DESCRIPTION: The Nuker is a merciless air machine that will stop at nothing to destroy anything!
  • Level 5 dark barracks unlocks werewolf damage per attack:100 hit points:300 every troop the werewolf kills joins opposing army.
  • Fire Spell: temporarily sets buildings in radius (7 tiles) on fire.
  • Belgium flag.
  • To cancel/suspend an upgrade have percentage of upgrade cost refunded relative to percentage of remaining time left and half it eg. 2000 for 1 hour. cancel at 15 mins remaining and get back half of the 25% for remaining time which is 250. to resume upgrade you pay the price divided by the remaining percentage and its multiplied by the percentage completed. 500 x 75% = 875. do it in blocks of 5%. to benefit from this 5% must be completed. if you cancel at 99% the rate applies at 95% and will be resumed at 95%. useful in urgent situations where you need a free worker to upgrade walls or remove obstacles to rearrange town for better defence.
  • A new troop, the Dark Scientist. Can corrupt enemy CC troops and Defensive Buildings (They now attack for you. Low success rate.) Cost: 400 DE Space: 5 Health: 200 Attack: 0 (Only corrupts things, does not attack on its own) Movement speed: 20 Training time: 10 Minutes Upgrades up to Level 3, with the success of corrupting increasing per Level. Level 2: 210 Health, 450 DE cost. Level 3: 250 Health, 500 DE cost. Note: Buildings and Troops corrupted turn Dark-in-colour and have black health bars. When the Dark Scientist is put in CC it corrupts enemy troops.

Major Additions:

  • Clan vs Clan.
  • Add more single player levels.
  • Dueling/sandbox/challenge/simulator/sparring battle area.
  • Village construction mode - easier way to rearrange village.
  • Rate base feature.
  • Capture live attackers and have them reassigned to your own clan castle or army camps or new structure.
  • Clan villages = all clan members contribute, leaders control.
  • Clan Bank vaults can store small amounts of gold and elixir (10,000 per player).
  • Add a mute button to global (basically to hide chat of a player).
  • Add mini-games, something to occupy time.
  • A new troop made of Dark elixir which is a Black goo that surrounds a troop and takes hit for him.
  • A new undo feature to reverse changes you make to your village.

Clan Related:

  • Double Battles. Two clan members team up to defeat a base however, they both have to agree and the loot will be halved. They then both are required to search for a base, they have to agree to accept a battle and if one member decides to move on to a new defending base, they both find the new base. The member's town hall must not be higher than the defending base's town hall. They summon troops like normal and a private chat is enabled. They receive 1 minute and 30 seconds to obliterate the base.
  • Add more leadership roles - 2 leaders, or 2 co-leaders, etc.
  • Online status or Last online date/time.
  • Reduce leader message cool down from 12 hours, increase text space.
  • Raise limit from 5 to 10 troops donated per request per user per request.
  • Ability to request specific troop reinforcement types/put filter on CC.
  • Separate tab in chat for troop requests.
  • Troop Donations: Don't reset when leaving clans, have a running total, average per reset period.
  • Add troops received to donation stats.
  • Add a weekly received donation stat that doesn't reset when leaving clan.
  • Separate Elder+ chat tab in-game.
  • Increase clan size: 75 or 100 are most common requests.
  • Customizable clan flag.
  • Way to designate sister/feeder/associated clans to link clan chat in a separate tab.
  • Elders can only kick 10% of the players in a clan per day. This means 10% of all players in a clan, not just ordinary members.
  • Add viewable player stats - they want similar to Hay Day's farm stats.
  • Leader (and co-leaders if added) ability to delete messages in clan chat.
  • Loyalist: a kickless elder, meaning that they can invite and be involved in the elder chat (if it is created), but they cannot kick. This will prevent against trollers and will also add some value to the elder ranking.
  • Block specific players from joining clan (blacklist).
  • Cooldown for elder to boot players (1/5/10? minutes between expels).
  • Add clan message of player joining with who invited player: "player" joined clan, invited by "clan leader/elder"
  • Add ability to send short message to rejected applicants similar to when expelling.
  • Add mock battles where you can attack clan mates bases with their permission and you will not lose any troops and they will not lose resources.
  • For every 10,000 gold you pay to the clan, the clan gets 10 extra slots. Caps out at 500 slots.
  • For the final dark elixir troop a Necromancer who has very high damage say 200-1500 and 2000 health. This troop would take up 50 slots and have swirling shadows around him damaging multiple buildings. What would make the Necromancer unique would be that the more he destroys the stronger he gets increasing the radius and damage gradually to become an unstoppable force. This troop would take up roughly 40-50 slots in your army camps and cost 1000 dark elixir to train.

League Related:

  • Add a League Chat area.
  • Add a button that lets you directly attack a league member.
  • Pay extra gold to change the trophy radius for everytime you search a battle (Eg. Pay extra 20 Gold for each search to instead look for someone who is in a 250 Trophy radius rather than 200.)
  • Increase the loot bonus for the leagues A LOT. 8500 of each in gold 1, wow that's little.
  • Add a Town Hall system, like the Leagues, so that there is no struggling in getting your Town Hall upgraded. 

Defensive Structure Related:

  • New structure named 'Hook launcher'. Does not attack enemies but fires at projectiles shot by ranged troops. Quite slow but upgrade to increase speed and HP.
  • Add hidden tesla trigger radius circle (green perhaps).
  • Allow hidden tesla to absorb some/all lightning spell damage if revealed.
  • Stack def structures - AT's over walls, Teslas' on top of barracks (truly hidden), etc.
  • Leave attack range circle on upgrading defensive building - to better plan when it's ready.
  • Ability to camouflage/purchase camouflage - (make AT appear as a barracks until within range).
  • Ability to load x-bow with dark elixir for extra bonus of some sort vs regular elixir.
  • Similar to above, but have a specific dedicated "Dark X-Bow".
  • Upgrade to 2-story walls that HogRiders/Jump Spell can't penetrate (maybe limit #).
  • Modify ammo to include variables: ex: every 5th cannon shot is a freeze ball, or 7th A.Tower projectile is a fire arrow, wiz towers alternate different spells. Different shots carry different attributes, whether slow, fire damage, extra damage to certain troops, etc.
  • "Last Resort Quake" - A trap that you place and when a hero/pekka/golem above 50% health gets close enough, it will drop a large object which quakes the ground, damaging your own buildings slightly but deals moderate damage to the opponent, and makes them stumble and move slowly during the quake.
  • A 'toxic sludge' hidden trap. Once the trap is triggered the surrounding area is covered in a layer of toxic sludge and any troops that walk into this affected area loose a small amount of hitpoints per second and suffer a great reduction of movement speed. The infected troops could also flash purple indicating that they have been infected by the toxic trap. Air troops can be immune to this trap as can P.E.K.K.A's and Golem's.

New defensive buildings: Ice Tower, Flamethrower, Dragon Cave, Poison Dark Tower

  • New defense, Acid Tower. Has a minion atop it. Costs 5k dark elixir. Targets ground and air targets. The minion atop the tower is the same level as the tower, but above level 5 is just a level 5 minion.
  • A new building called the army tower. You can train defensive troops there or put troops from your army camps in there. At lvl 1 it has 30 housing space and you can train militia(Barbarians with more health). At lvl 2 it has 40 housing space and you can train rangers(Archers with more health and range). At lvl 3 it has 50 housing space and you can train ninjas(Goblins with more health and speed. Ninjas steal elixer or dark elixer from troops). At lvl 4 it has 65 housing and you can train bomb throwers(Look like builders holding bombs that do as much damage as lvl 4 wall breakers). Lvl 5 has 80 housing space and you can train knights(Slow militia with more range, damage, and health). Lvl 6 has 97 housing space and you can train dark knights(Knights with more range, damage, and health on black horses that fly. Dark Knights are immune to archer towers).
  • New defense, Boulder Tower. Has a barbarian on top of it dropping boulders on enemy troops. It takes 3 boulders to kill heroes, 1 to kill T1 and T2 troops, and 2 to kill T3 troops. Costs 3k dark elixir. Kills both air and ground units. Shoots 1 boulder every 20 seconds. Upgradable to lvl 3, all upgrading does is speed up the defense, x2 for lvl 2, x4 for level 3.

Other Buildings Related:

  • Modify clan castle - toggle buttons for jump walls or old way to just walk.
  • Modify clan castle - toggle defend/not defend (like heroes).
  • Upgrade builders huts (we've ruled out multiple builders) but lvl 2 huts for a 5% time increase?.
  • Number displays on clan castle to show space used vs having to click it, then hit info.
  • Lower wall upgrade prices A LOT.
  • Queue upgrades/builds.
  • Show total training time left above barracks.
  • Wizard Laboratory to create/upgrade wizard projectiles/spells.
  • Make the decorations that cost gems still prevent insertion, just not other ones.
  • Troop Armor Building. Research upgrades to troop armors/attack/speed, etc.
  • Add a second laboratory.
  • Second Spell Factory available at town hall 8.
  • Add info about available loot % / how looting works to storage info screen.
  • When all buliding are to their MAX level (excluding the ones unfinfinished, not started or Walls , the Town Hall gets upgraded, the builder with less time left stops whatever it is building and works on it. When it finishes, it goes back to work on its previous building. 

Other new building ideas: Tavern (to hire shady characters), hideout (camp for tavern folks), stables (for horseback units), a Gem Drill, Trap/Explosives hut to upgrade/build bigger ones, Siege Factory (for siege weapons), Siege Camp (to house siege weapons), Blacksmith to add new armor (hitpoint addition) and new types of weapons (damage per second addition).

  •  Add top walls. You put them above your ordinary wall so that archers and wizards have to break them before attacking building. the number of them should be small, I'll let Supercell decide the number. Also the health would be small but expensive.

Troop Related:

  • Customize troop builds = to order, permanent production, saved queues, etc.
  • Wizard should go  for the Town Hall if it is in it's top 3 closest buildings.
  • Ability to rearrange barracks queued troops (ex: click/hold slide troop icon first in queue to the middle).
  • Prepackaged troop clusters = similar to clan castle deployment, but you can load like 50 troop count in 4 different clusters to deploy on offense all at once.
  • Troop carrier (trojan horse-like) it moves on it's own until damaged, then troops pop out.
  • Modify healers to include healing air troops.
  • Hero gear: collect/equip boots/gloves/armor/helm/belt/weapon(s) items like many other games.
  • Show total elixir costs of troops sitting in Army Camps.
  • Ability to merge two troop types, ex: Dragon & Archer or current troops on other new animals.
  • Requests for all troop types to have a related hero.
  • Hero Auras (Passive addition to stats of surrounding troops).
  • New troop that targets support buildings (non defenses or resource buildings).
  • When heroes get defeated, they drop packages of Dark Elixir similar to tombstone process.
  • Ability to select order CC troops deploy (Slide/rearrange icons in CC info screen for sequence?).

New Troops Type Requests: Dark night hawk, cannon, catapult, ballista, trebuchet, battering ram, goblin/resource targeting air unit, ogre, water based craft, assassin, scorcher, berserker, pirate, sorcerer, cyclops, rogue, knight, elf, dead skeleton, war elephants, giant spiders, wraith, minesweeper, Gargoyle, Baby Dragon, phoenix, cavalry, falcon, priest, ninja, dog, blimp, marksman, samurai, serpent, mole (digs underground), general (which focuses attackers on a specific building), gryphon, wolf rider (archer on wolf, wolf attacks on own, when dies, archer dismounts and attacks as an archer), demon, ghosts, digger ( digs underground pops up when it gets to a building has 70 DPS and 100 hit points is not attacked while underground ), elite ( an alien with two glowing swords similar to the pekkas swords)

Mine Layer: These wall breakers have switched from blowing up walls to blowing up buildings! It carries three bombs, laying them at the first three buildings it reaches. Once it lays the last bomb, all three bombs explode, the first bomb doing 1000 damage, the second doing 1250, and the third doing 1500. The skeleton explodes along with the last bomb. The mine layer has more health than the original wallbreakers, but less speed, being weighed down by the extra bombs it carries.

Battle Related:

  • Clan Tournaments. Only the leader can start a clan tournament, both clan leaders and top 5 players can attack each other top 5 players can leader directly. The leader can also change the duration of the tournament, the default is 1 day costing at 10,000 elixir, the longer it is, the longer it costs. The max tournament duration is up to 7 days. The clan that wins the most attack wins 10,000 gold and elixir off the top 5 players and leaders of the clan (shared equally amongst top 5 player and leader). If any player fails to pay the price, the above player will be required to pay the gold and elixir.
  • Bonus/award if attacker skips your village - partial payment to you on match fee.
  • When you get attacked, the tombstones give out bigger rewards for higher troops (maybe 20 elixir for barbarian, 40 for archer, 20 for goblin, 100 for giant, 200 for wall breaker, 500 for balloon, 750 for wizard, 2500 for healer, 10000 for dragon, 25000 for P.E.K.K.A). Dark troops (minion 1 dark elixir, hog rider 10, valkyrie 50, golem 100). Even for higher Laboratory levels, reward never varies.
  • Revenge list indicate online/offline without having to click each person's button.
  • Revenge list indicate if opponent's shield is active without having to click each person's button.
  • Add a small chance to "Steal" spells on an attack victory (suggest 3-star only).
  • Attack battle log (just stats like the defense one, not with replays).
  • On Offensive Battle Summary include resource cost of troops/spells used.
  • Keep replays through maintenances - increase from 4 to 6 or at least since last login.
  • Ability to watch others replays (maybe a url export button to send others?).
  • Auto reset/repurchase traps if you win a defense (shield didn't activate, ie still attackable).
  • Auto request CC troops in clan if you win a defense (Shield didn't activate, still attackable).
  • Remove/Reduce TH loot penalty on revenges - will make original attacker pick more wisely.
  • Ability to assign 5 or so of your own troops to defend Town Hall, same AI as CC, smaller radius.
  • Ability to transfer a revenge to a clan member.
  • Ability to transfer a revenge to a public hitlist.
  • No default troop selected upon entering battle - avoid accidental battle starts.
  • Make use of the water with ships/water-related attacking.
  • Don't auto-end battle when all troops have perished if spells still remain in inventory.
  • Higher rewards from leagues./higher leagues.

Offensive Spell Related:

  • Add a 1-2 second spell casting cooldown to prevent unwanted multiple mis-casts.
  • Add a new spell called the Direction spell. This spell automatically makes your troops move to the area it is casted.
  • Deactivate spell selection after casting to avoid multiple mis-casts, make user re-select if wanted.
  • Make the spell colors/graphics more unique, wrong selection during battle due to similarities.
  • Scanner (Other Suggestions for it; Radar, Thermal) Spell. For 15 seconds shows all traps and hidden teslas not shown yet on the territory. Upgrade for more longer time. Troops will be able to receive better AI and try dodge the traps.

New spell ideas: invisibility, smoke screen, shroud, extra time potion (add few seconds to battle), paralyze/freeze spell (few seconds of no attacks), Revive: Cast on tombstones to have undead troops raise from dead and continue fighting, summon spells (to summon a non-producable toop, like a golem or some other mid-range troop (maybe make it out of DE)), Bomb spell (Santa spell without Santa), slow spell (cast on enemy defenses, few seconds of reduced firing rate), firestorm (initial damage, then small recurring damage),

Fire spell: This spell targets a single building. It does lasting damage to the building, and will spread to nearby buildings. Although it has moderate lasting damage (Level one spell doing 5 per pulse, 1 pulse per second, 15 pulses overall), its ability to spread makes it a good spell for softening a base up before you attack. It is ineffective against walls and will not spread to them. Defensive healers from the Clan Castle can put out fires. The inferno tower is invulnerable to the fire spell.

Defensive Spell Related:

  • Add Defensive spells - placed with radius's just like other defs/traps - 1x1 with varying radius's.

Defensive spell ideas: slow, confuse, rage (for CC troops), rage (for defenses), def lightning, heal (for buildings or CC troops), Mirror/reflect damage back on attacker.

Shield Spell: This spell is used at your own base. It reduces all enemy spells in its range by 75%.

            Lightning spells are reduced to 25% of their normal damage.

Healing spells are decreased to 25% of their normal regeneration.

Rage spells are reduced to 25% of their normal effectively.

Jump spells are reduced to only 25% of their normal spell radius.

            Santa’s Surprise spells are reduced to 25% their normal damage.

            Freeze spells last 25% shorter.

Trap Related:

  • Add decoy buildings (traps?) that still get targeted by troops, but yield nothing (fake mine/cannon)

Other trap ideas: Moat, lightning rod, tar pits, pitfall, hole trap, poison shrubs, wildfire, rock wall, Decorations (dogs/animals) that attack enemies, ability to add poison ivy to walls. Graphical Interface

Hidden bombs: These megabombs have been enchanted so that they look like normal buildings, but when the enemy gets close, they deal massive damage!

Mine slinger: When an enemy air troop gets near, this building will fling out up to eight seeking air mines all around it. The air mines will float in the direction they were flung for eight squares before detonating. If an unfriendly air unit comes within four spaces the mine will veer in their direction, but it is very slow and quicker troops can easily outrun it. The mines detonate within two squares. The mine slinger building must be loaded with massive quantities of dark elixir to function. The more elixir you load it with, the more air mines it with launch. The max is eight air mines. It is a permanent structure, but is hidden from the enemy, like the Lightning tower. The trigger radius for the Slinger is two squares, and the trigger radius for the mines is two squares.


  • Ability to turn on white buffer line's without moving building/decoration.
  • Ability to turn on all def building radius circles at once to check coverage.
  • Move replay 1x 2x 4x button to right and off of playing field.
  • Clean up buttons to intrude less on game area.
  • Make surrender button smaller / move out of game play area - too many accidents.
  • Add counter when all builders are busy to indicate when first one will be free.
  • Upgrade menu listing all things upgradable.
  • Add the animals from Hay Day as village NPC/animations.
  • Add gem use confirmation on all functions.
  • Add a popup URGING all users to link to Gamecenter (similar to the recent IAP pop-up).
  • Enable double tapping - ex: Barracks=train screen, CC=request troops, spell fact=create spells.
  • Add Chinese localization.
  • Add how many additional barracks queue spaces gained in the Upgrade to level x? barracks screen.
  • Allow the iOS Device battery indicator icon to be displayed while in-game.
  • Add the Attacks/Defenses Won stat (from Leagues) to all views: Clan, Top Players, etc .


  • Log gem usage/gains in gamecenter (or in-game) so users can look to see where they went.
  • Keep tracking loot even after the gold grab/elixir stealing achievements are 3-starred.
  • Additional leaderboards based on TH level.
  • Add push notification for Hero ready (healed/able to attack).
  • Add push notification for Clan Castle full.
  • Add push notification when research/troop upgrade is complete.
  • Add ability to play background music while in game natively.
  • Botany Research - Ups spawn rate of obstacles and/or increase in chance/# of gems when removing.
  • Add a feauture that allows you to watch thirty second advertisements for 1 Gem each/ Can have 50 a videos a day or unlimited videos to earn.

Ruled Out: Devs have related that these ideas are "Ruled Out", please do not start threads asking for them, they will just be locked.

  • Donating resources or gems to other players.
  • An exchange building to convert elixir to gold and vice-versa.
  • Assigning multiple builders to one build/upgrade.
  • Player search function.
  • Ability to change village name.
    • Not really a game idea, but since I have nowhere else to put it - Supercell is a tablet-first company, currently focusing on iOS. There are no plans for other versions of Clash of Clans at this time. Although they reevaluate this decision from time to time, there will be no Android, or other version of Clash of Clans in the foreseeable future.

Please post your flag requests here:!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Elixir Collector and Gold Mine glitch that incorrectly shows building as being empty when raiding, when it is in fact full. 
  • Fix "Lost Connections to Server" problem when there are obviously no server problems.
  • Fix random game reloading.
  • Fix consistent game crashing.
  • Fix people's in game level not correctly showing on clan pages (doesn't update when leveling up, sometimes).
  • Don't let players apply to clans that are full (50/50) or option to not allow this if behavior is intended. 
  • Fix bug that allows players to hold more troops than their army camps can hold.
  • Be able to research/ upgrade traps

Changes to the Old System

  • Online matchmaking based on overall defense levels.
  • Clan Ranking -
    • Member: No power. 49max.(with all spaces filled =32)
    • Sub-Elder: Ability to mute in chat. 10 max.
    • Elder: Ability to kick/mute/promote members. 5 max.
    • Co-leader: kick/mute/demote or promote elders. 2 max.
    • Leader: Ability to kick/mute/demote or promote Elder, General and Co-Leader/accept or deny requests. 1 max.

Please suggest a better name for General and Co-leader. (Google "second-in-command synonyms", however "Ancients" seem to follow along best with Elder).

  • Allow multiple graves in one space so every unit killed gives elixir.
  • Change time system, due to shields and chat times being incorrect.
  • Converting up to a limit of Elixir into Dark Elixir.
  • More uses for clans apart from donating and chatting: Clan polls that can be created by elders or leaders and can say things like 'what is your favourite troop' or 'should the clan farm now or go for trophies?', and any other uses for clans you can think of.
  • After Golem, level five of the dark barracks should be Homunculus, cannot die, but doesn't do anything except distract defenses, and you still lose even if you have some homunculi left but nothing else.

Fan Art

  • SynergyShade3624:

See More Special Units >


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