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Hello, I am Dockinting.autism.awareness.fubby.bubby.nubby. here with a beginners guide for all new clashers, that needs a little guidance to help get started with the game.





Starting with gems, Gems are used for instant building anything, buying decorations that costs 500 gems, boosting collectors and mines which you don't have to worry about until they are a level 5. Boosting barracks which makes your troops train faster, or buying enough resources to upgrade or build something when not affording enough, or gemming troops to make them done instantly. Do not spend the gems you start with because the gems can be saved up to buy a 3rd builder hut so you can build or upgrade stuff more at once, you start with 1 Builder's Hut, the second one is forcefully bought for 250 gems in the tutorial, and you can buy a 3rd one for 500 gems.




Elixir is a main resource collected in the game. Elixir is used to upgrade troops, but you don't need to worry about upgrading troops since you start upgrading troops at Town Hall 4. Elixir is also used to train troops, upgrading gold mines, upgrading gold storages, and elixir can be used to build several other buildings. You can get elixir by raiding other people, raiding in single player, or collecting it from elixir collectors, or using gems to get more, but i recommend not doing that.




Gold is another main resource in the game, Gold is used to upgrade defenses, upgrading walls, upgrading elixir collectors, and upgrading elixir storages, etc. You can get gold from raiding people in multiplayer, raiding people in single player, or collecting gold from gold mines, or using gems to get more, but i recommend not doing that. Barracks and the barracks are used to train troops, the person in the tutorial showed you how to use it. Upgrading the barracks gives you more troop space to train, and a new troop every upgrade. The upgrade is always worth elixir. Go to the Barracks page for more information.

When are you ready to upgrade your Town Hall? You are ready to upgrade your Town Hall when everything is upgraded to the available level for that Town Hall level. You should go up some trophies to help you get more loot in battle because you don't get as much loot when your Town Hall is higher than the opponent's Town Hall. Upgrading it too early has consequences, the consequences are higher leveled players attacking you more often, and loot penalty.

What is Loot Penalty? Loot penalty is when you go into battle and you can hardly find any loot all the time. That is loot penalty, Loot penalty will affect your gameplay in a way where you won't find as much loot when you are raiding in multiplayer. So that is why upgrading your Town Hall at the right time is important.

Defenses, and what is splash damage?

Time to talk about another important topic in Clash of Clans, defenses. Defenses are buildings that kills opponent troops when people are attacking your base. It is very important to upgrade your defenses when necessary. The higher leveled your defenses are, the stronger they are, and you have a better chance at winning a defense which will gain you trophies. We will talk about what trophies are in the next chapter. There are many types of defenses, you can go to the Defenses page to see them all. There are many different types of attacking abilities with defenses, Cannons just spot one troop and kill them until they do it to the next troop, and so on. Archer Towers are similar to the cannon, but they shoot faster than the Cannon. Mortars are defenses that do splash damage, and you may be confused with the word "splash damage". It is a very simple explanation to what splash damage is.

What is splash damage? Splash damage is when a defense such as mortars, and wizard towers, splashes the attack range with troops to make a whole group of troops lose health all at the same time. It is important to spread out your troops so mortars won't affect your troops all at once. Splash damage is extremely dangerous to Barbarians and Archers since they have a low amount of health. You might not know what a wizard tower is either, that is a defense unlocked later in the game. Traps also do splash damage such as bombs, and giant bombs. Those traps are unlocked later in the game as well. You might have to bring along stronger troops a long so the splash damage defenses will get them while your barbarians and archers are getting everything else.

Trophies and what are they?

Trophies are an award achieved in Clash of Clans by winning defenses, and raids only in multiplayer. The farther trophy amount you go, the harder the bases are. Some people go low in trophies to help keep their loot at a good amount. Trophies are organized in Trophy Leagues. If you lose defenses you will lose trophies and if you lose multiplayer raids you will also lose trophies as well. Once you get to 400 trophies you will placed in your first league which is called Bronze III. If you look into The Top 200, those players have the most amount of trophies, you may think it is easy, but it is not. Trophies also help you get into better clans, and show how much you play the game. Setting up a good defense is a good idea because you can win defenses more easily and your loot is more protected. Putting your Town Hall on the outside is a way for people to ignore your loot and only go for the Town Hall, but you should realize by now that once the Town Hall is destroyed you automatically get a star, but you will still lose trophies though. That is a good idea when you are only raiding for loot not trophies, and which that is called farming.

What is farming? Farming is when you raid in multiplayer only for loot not the trophies, you don't care about losing trophies, as long as you get the loot available in the base, then you are happy. People do this so they can save up for a building or an upgrade, this is important when trying to get everything to the maximum level BEFORE upgrading your Town Hall. Make sure to keep your Town Hall outside of your base, so people will attack you only for the free Town Hall, and not caring about the loot. Again, i should say this, you don't care at all about losing trophies, just as long as you get the loot, then you are fine.

What is trophy pushing?

Trophy pushing is the exact opposite of farming, you care about getting the trophies not the loot. You should always keep your Town Hall inside of your base so you won't lose trophies. Setting up a great defense is a good idea because again, i should mention this, you will lose trophies more unlikely, and you will win trophies on defense more often. If you are stuck on what your defense should look like, then go on YouTube or find pictures on Google Images for good examples.


I hope this guide helped you get started on the game, these helpful tips will be helpful for all new clashers if they need a little help getting started with the game. If you have a question about something, it is good to leave it on my message wall or the comments and then I should be able to see it, and answer it.

Guide made by Dockinting.autism.awareness.fubby.bubby.nubby.

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