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Coc new GoWiVa three star strategy for Th 10 and 9

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In clash of clans generally it is bit hard to get three star in Th 10 and 9.well panning and best strategies are major factors for three star battels. I have only found very little on internet about GoWiVa.But it is one of the easiest way to get three star in battle .It is more powerful attacking methord than GoViPe.

About GoWiVa

GoWiVa is the quite new attack strategy in coc and not many players knew about it.I would like to say that GoWiVa is a perfect alternative version for GoWiPe strategy

Troop composition:

● golem ×3(one in clan castle)

● wizard×13

● valkyrie×15

● wall braker×2

● fill rest of space with archers   & minions


● heal spell ×2

● freeze spell×1

● rage spell×1

● earthquake×4

How to attack:

Watch the below video to use  GoWiVa  strategy effectevely

Clash of clans new GoWiVa 3 star strategy, Best Th 10 three star attack02:48

Clash of clans new GoWiVa 3 star strategy, Best Th 10 three star attack

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