Hello everyone and welcome to my first strategy guide. This will help you achieve the maximum amount of stars. Part 1. LOGICAL PREPERATION

This is a much hated topic in many clans: who has to spend millions of elixer to donate troops? However, luckily, most clans don't worry about this. Our clan has a very nice stratagy for donating depending on our opponent's troops levels. For example, in a clan where only one person has dragons, their #1, a smart way would be putting wizards and minions to decimate the opponent's troops. Always attack your opponent's weakness with troops.


I see many players just recommending this: attacking your own number. However, this is terrible. Many feel pressured and do it, only to fail. Only you know your army and skills, not others. Therefore, this part is not about telling you exactly who to attack.

First of all, check for CC troops. Just before the clan wars start, check again so to not waste or fail using battle time taking unnecessary clan troops out because you didn't check earlier. Next, if that opponent now has clan troops, and you think you could beat him still, think for a second: If you could only marginally take him out before, and you are both townhall 5, and the top player in his clan is maxed out, expect maxed troops and attack down further.

Next, make sure you attack reasonably. Don't go for 1 or 2 stars for your first attack, go for three! For example: in a recent war, I as #2 was not able to take out #2, a much rushed townhall 9. However our #1 could. Instead of using two attacks to get three stars, he used one and I 3*ed #3. I would also suggest having the middle X amount of players, when X is your war amount, divided by 5, clean up the bottom numbers with leftover attacks in a hard war instead of getting 1 star, forcing another attack. For example,

Bob is #5 in a 10 5 person war. He is debating whether to attack #5 or #9 with his second attack. 5 has not been attempted, while 9 has been 1 starred by his #9. Bob attacks #9, getting a 3* and 2 more stars for the clan. If he had attacked #5, their #4 in war would have to clean up for him, getting 2 stars for the clan as bob could only do 1 star on that opponent.

Added up, Bob and#4 got 5 stars for the clan. If bob attacked #5, they would have gotten 3 total.

Please note that this rule may not apply to your top 3, or any townhall 10. At townhall 10+, even a 2 star attack requires more skill than a 3 star at townhall 9.


Before attacking in a clan wars with an army, you have to know your army. You should not try out a new army in clan wars, as one of my clan mates learned, will often get you 49%. Before attacking with that army, practice it at least 2 times to learn the basics. You should know what problems can stop your army, e.g. GOWIWI skeletons getting stuck on a wall because of too many compartments and witches getting killed. You should also know an easy base to 3 star, e.g. A base with all the buildings in one compartment when using GOWIWI. If you learn these things you can maximize your star potential.


kinds of reinforcements does your army need? Learn here if you are townhall 6-9

Townhall level / war army name / reinforcements

6/ GiWiBa (giants, wizards, barbarians) /giants or wizards

6/ Giant Healer / archers or wizards (this is a very old guide but still a good one. Bring heal spells and 2 healers)

7/ Dragarmy / loons or dragons

7/ basic hogs/ max hogs or wizards

7/ Ballonion / minions or balloons

8/ Mass Valkyrie/ Valkyries or minions

8/ GoWiPe/ Either a golem, or a Pekka (if your pekkas are level 1), or high level (max) wizards

8/ Dragoon With Archers /More dragons or balloons

8/ GoVaHo/ More valkyries

9/ GoWiWi/ Wizards and Witches are recommended, but a golem will work too

9/ LavaLoonion/ Most bring another Lava hound, though balloons are always good too

9/ Surgical Hogs/ I would suggest looking this one up, it's very complex.


Townhall 10 and 11 are very complex and do differently due to infernos. I, being a townhall 9 can't help you currently with this...


EPIC TOWNHALL 11 ATTACKS storm end vs koreacentres05:04

EPIC TOWNHALL 11 ATTACKS storm end vs koreacentres

So, you have your troops, you know who you're going to attack, you clan castle's full with the right troops, etc..., now you're ready to attack. But how?

Remember, this is war. Take a few minutes to finalize your attack, check CC troops, and all those other things. Once you're ready, click scout, and make sure there are no surprises waiting. You have infinite time to do this, so don't rush. When you're ready, hit the "ATTACK" button. Now, begin using your stratagy to its full potential.

A few attacking tips

for GiWiBa, use 2 heal, not one heal and a lightning, as the wiki guide says. Use your barbs and wizards to take down the cc, then use giants before those troops get within defense range.

When attacking with dragons, spawn two dragons on the edges funnel yours in.

When using Valkyries, use the same method as with dragons.

With Lava hounds,make sure you speed up your balloons so the hounds don't die before the loons get to the air defense.


When cleaning up, make sure you start at the top, and go down, until you find the first base you are POSITIVE you can 3 star that hasn't been 3 starred yet. Besides this, it's the same as normal attacking.

In special circumstances, there may be no one else to 3 star, or no one that you can. In these cases, attack the highest base you can 1 star to take the loots in war win bonus. Note that these are very rare, and don't do this put of laziness, or for the warloot. That loot's only good if you won the war...


~Dragonlordcoc:War lord, farmer, DragonChampion~

Contact me! : )

Just for reference, these pictures aren't mine. They are completely random ones

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