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Welcome back, everyone. In this stratagy guide, we'll be talking about upgrading your defenses. It's been a while since the last stratagy guide, so dig in! This guide won't include traps.

Townhall 1-4

I'm going to include these all in one big category, since there isn't really any change in stratagy for these lower levels.

First, when going to the new townhall, build all new defenses. ALWAYS! When I say this, I mean build and UPGRADE new defenses to your other defense levels!

Second, upgrade your mortar (if possible)

Third, your archer towers should be maxed

Fourth, the cannons should go up

Finally, you can upgrade your walls.

No need to upgrade the air defense yet.

Townhall 5

At this townhall is where it all begins to change. Air attacks will begin, and you get a lot more defenses and walls.

First, when going to the new townhall, build all new defenses. ALWAYS!

Second, upgrade your wizard tower. This defense will wreck giants, barbs, archers, goblins, etc without a heal spell.

Third, your mortars should be upgraded. Splash is KEY at lower levels.

Fourth, you air defense should be upgraded (if you war). Otherwise, upgrade archer towers.

Fifth, do whatever you DIDN'T do last step.

Sixth, your cannons, once again.

And Finally, your walls MUST be maxed. Max townhall 5 COMPLETELY. It will make your life so much easier!

Townhall 6

At townhall 6, you get attacked a LOT by healers later in. Make sure your base is anti-healer

First, and I can't stress this enough, when going to the new townhall, build all new defenses.

Second, upgrade wizard towers. As said above, they are key against un-healed giants.

Third, get your air defenses up, it will reduce successful Healer attacks.

Fourth, your mortars should go up. They can pick off far away archers and get them out of your life, even when giants are on them.

Fifth, upgrade your archer towers.

Sixth, upgrade cannons

Seventh, upgrade walls!

Eighth (yes there is something worse than walls), upgrade the air sweeper (if you can, but I'm not positive you can)

Townhall 7

There are a LOT of upgrades at this townhall level! Dragons run rampart, so air defenses are key!

First, yes, even at townhall 7, when going to the new townhall, build all new defenses.

Second is air defenses. ALL of them.

Third is your wizard towers.

Fourth, teslas should go up.

Fifth, you can upgrade mortars, they aren't as important as before.

Sixth, archer towers. They can clobber minion (so can wizard towers, but archer towers have a larger range)

Seventh, the air sweeper!

Eighth, cannons

And finally, walls

Townhall 8

The first townhall where you don't get a new defense! That doesn't mean it's bad, though.

First, you-know-what

Second, Wizard towers or air defense.

Third, see step two

Fourth, Teslas! They are very strong at this level. Don't make my mistake and not upgrade them.

Fifth, your archer towers.

Sixth, now you can upgrade mortars.

Seventh, Air sweeper (if possible)

Eighth, your cannons.


Townhall 9

You're in the big leagues now, and it's not easy. Many players quit at this townhall level. Don't!

First, do I really have to tell you?

Second, upgrade your x-bows to level 2. You'll get attacked a LOT less.

Third, upgrade your Air defense OR archer towers OR teslas

Fourth, do one of the things in step 3

Fifth, do the last thing in step 2

Sixth, get your x-bows to level 3

Seventh, Go with Wizard towers

Eighth, Mortars

Ninth, Cannons

Tenth, Air Sweeper

Lastly, most of your walls. They should be at least level eight, if not 9.

Townhall 10

Your infernos are KEY at this LEVEL! They are the most important defense.

First, get all new defenses.

Second, infernos to level 2

Third, upgrade either infernos, x-bows, or teslas

Fourth, do another of step 2

Fifth, finish step 2

Sixth, upgrade your archer towers

Seventh, upgrade air defenses

Eighth, Wizard towers

Ninth, Cannons

Tenth, Air Sweepers

Eleventh, Mortars

Finally, walls.

Townhall 11

This is it, the pinnacle of Clash of Clans. Every clasher wishes for this level. I can't help you here, your on your own!

Good Luck, Clasher

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck with your upgrading career. Dragonlordcoc, out!

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