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Troop Selection, the Process

Before training troops, you want to have plan ahead, overall it saves time and your attacks are more effective that way.

For looting it is harder to have a specific plan, but you can have an overall one. 
Giant+healer? Mass Archer+Barb? All-out dragon barrage? Mass goblins and anything else?
Those are common strategies just to name a few, but you narrow it down or even come up even more if you know the math and also have an overall goal. 
When looting you want to be either:
1. Getting as much loot as possible at once
2. Quick frequent attacks to get a high loot return per hour (usually barb+archer or goblins)
3. Gaining trophies
For war there is no excuse, you have a planned target, so it is a different strategy.
Unlike looting, there is only one possible goal, as all benefits reap from that, Maximum damage and effectiveness to obtain as many stars as possible, hopefully 3. To do this you should observe the base, find weaknesses, identify your own strengths and work out the best group of troops from there.

Math of Troops

Now we established our goals, time to use the universal language of mathematics towork out what to use.  Even if you arent into math, you were already doing it, by not using certain 'weak' troops, took 'too long' to train etc.  Below the is the advanced version, where I do the math for you.  Below is a table of the stats and analysis of Level 4+ Barb to Wizard and then Level 1 of everything else incl Dark Troops.

Clash Reg Analysis

Barracks Troops Stats and Full Analysis

Clash Dark Analysis

Dark Troops Stats and Full Analysis Note: Splits and 1 batch skeletons incl

These tables have all the stats listed in the game, and then 3 more stats I have worked out. In the game they have already given the invaluable Damage/Second due to different fire rates, the 3 I have added are extensions on that and are all in respects to 1 unit of camp space; Damage, HP, Cost. This helps us to measure the true effectiveness for all troops.

Sidenote: These tables DO NOT include damage bonuses for certain targets (Goblin to resources etc.)

With these new stats we can now properly compare the troops, I suggest for raiding you look at the best Cost/Space troops. Hint Goblins are the most valuable troops in all 3 areas. Also we can determine which is the best in each category and best troops for war by comparing wizard, balloons and dragons (most commonly used).

Note the colours in the 4 tables to show the rankings. The Comparison table of Wiz, Loons and Dragons was done by summing the stats of a full 200 space base of just those troops (40, 50, 10 respectively).

Best Troops

200 Space Troop Comparison

So what is the best troop? Loons by a long way, close to the high HP of dragons, over 3x times the damage of dragons.  My recommenda tion, if you ever use them, take a heal spell with you.  So that is my troop analysis math wise, I could ramble on, but with the information presented and explained, you can work out your appropriate strategies from here, for Dark Troops as well. #ClashOn #LoveYouDori

Barracks Rankings

Rankings of the Barracks Troops

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