Welcome to My guide for raiding! I will pretty much be using the classic editor for this.


So, I will give you the troop combination for each Strategy. For each town hall up to level 7.

I hope you enjoy this guide!

Remember to comment.

Town Hall 2

Some army's for you new players to the game are:

Wiat for it...

B.A.G. (Barbarians, Archers, Goblins)

Level 4 Barracks Required

First train 10 barbarians. This will be your meat shield.

Next, train 10 archers. These will attack while defences are targeting barbarians

After, train 10 goblins. The goblins will be busy stealing loot while the archers and barbarians attack the base.

CC Troops - Unavailable


Barch is a common strategy In the higher town halls. You will feel more advanced even doing it!

Train 15 Barbarians and 15 archers. Deploy barbarians first then archers.

CC Troops - unavailable

Town Hall 3

So, Now you probably have the Clan Castle, Wich will give you a benefit in offense and defense. It takes 10,000 Gold to build. See more info at Clans and Clan Castle. If you do not have this new clan castle or have not joined a clan, ignore the 'CC Troops' parts. But it is recommended to build this new building.


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