Welcome to my Beginner Guide! Part one of endergolem2's Strategy Guides!

so let's begin with town hall 1 all the way to town hall 3, shall we?

Town Hall 1

Follow the tutorial -_-


do not Waste all 3 wizards, 2 by the cannon should be fine.

Town Hall 2

So, you have a town hall level 2, resource buildings, an army camp and barracks, and a cannon. What should we do now? Well, if you manage to save up some gold and elixir do it in this order:


Archer Tower (NEW) ---> Archer tower Lv.2

buy 2nd cannon ---> upgrade One at a time to level 2.

elixir collectors ---> Max collecter Level

Elixir Storage ---> this will be important in the later game, so why not build it now, so when our town hall is upgrading, when it finishes you can upgrade some barracks/ army camps?


barracks Lv. 1 ---> Barracks Lv. 4

upgrade army camp ---> the more troops the merrier!

gold mines ---> free gold every few minutes. Yay....

Gold storage ---> your town hall can hold resources, but without a storage, it can't hold that much!


Farming Attack - 100% Barbarian.

Throphy attack - Mini Barch - 1/2 Army Barbarian 1/2 Archer

Clan castle troops - Not available

Spells - Not Available

After maxing out your upgrades, move on your town hall. Maxing will take a few minutes but it's worth it in defense and offense. Don't have enough gold to upgrade town hall? Use my farming strategy for th2.

Town Hall 3 - Final Section

Welcome To Townhall 3! Your troops get a little stronger at this level and it also welcomes your first splash damage defense.


Mortar (NEW) - Level 1

Archer Towers... Pretty soon you will see some Strange Looking skeletons in balloons. So upgrade these so you do not have to deal with them.

cannon - Can be used as covering fire for the mortars "weak spot"

Mines and collector


So, I will introduce a new building to you. The laboratory!

Laboratory level 1 - Better, Faster, Stronger!

Army camp - More troops = Better attacks

Barracks Level 5 - Introducing the wall breaker! No more pesky walls!

Lab upgrade priority - Archers, Barbarians, Goblins

For attacking, use the same as the town hall 2 strategy. (Farming = 100% Barbarian, Throphy = Barbarian + Archer. This army is called B(arbarian)ARCH(er)


So, that is about it! For town hall 4,5,6 And 7 please see the next part of the guide:

Endergolem2's Strategy Guides/Defences!


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