So, now I assume your a town hall 4+ and don't know what defense is the strongest for you or weakest and should be upgraded last. Today you will figure out what defense to upgrade first!

Part 1 for Town hall 3s and below: Endergolem2's Strategy Guides/Beginner

so... Let's begin! (Also Includes Traps) and goes up to town hall 6! May be updated in the future.

Town Hall 4

Mortar LV.1 ---> Mortar Lv.2 - your only source of splash damage until town hall 5!

Air defence - Air attacks are rare at this level.... But that doesn't mean they never happen!

Archer Tower - Yet another way to prevent Air attacks and Balloons

Cannon - The mortar itself cannot destroy ground attackers so fast

Spring Trap - Learn how to teach a giant to fly.

Bomb - Tick...Tick...Tick...BOOM!

Town Hall 5

Air Defence - Air attacks = Failure

Wizard Tower - the other source of splash damage I was talking about in the Town hall 4s section.

Mortar - Level 3 mortars can destroy a level 3 archer in One Hit. Talk about strong defence!

Archer Tower then cannon - The least important defences, but still kind of strong

Air Bomb, Bomb. - Air bomb dose splash damage to air units while bomb... Dose splash damage to ground units?

Town Hall 6

Wizard Towers - Splash damage air and ground!

air defence - Keep out those pesky dragons! Why are town hall 7s attacking you anyways?

Mortars - New mortar, More splash!

Arch and Can - Least Important, like I said.

GIANT bomb - Prevention against Hog Riders

Springs And bombs


So, now hopefully your a th6 or seven. Now your way more advanced in the game! See you soon in the next guide :)!

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