There are many different modes that you can choose to set on your defenses. It is unfortunate that many players make the wrong choice, and their defenses turn out to be less effective than what it could have been. Making the right choice may not only save you a lot of repairing and damage done to your base, but it can also save you a lot of loot.



A level 4 X-Bow

To know which mode to set the XBow to, you must first know where your placements of your Air Defenses are. Do you have your Air Defenses close and protected? Or lazily lying on the edge of your base, out in the open? If your Air Defenses are all protected, then you should set the mode of your XBows to 'Ground'. This is because of the fact that your Air Defenses are all close near the center and protected, so there will be no worry of much of an air threat. This way you can make sure you have good air coverage and get that extra range on your XBow to get those extra troops on the side. This goes the other way around if you have poor air coverage, or if your Air Defenses are not close to your XBows or the center. By setting it to 'Air and Ground', you can now be able to target air troops.

Inferno Towers

Inferno Tower Multi3

A level 3 Inferno Tower

Inferno Towers are one of the most important towers in the game. Making the correct choice could mean the difference between a glorious victory or a massive defeat. It's mode should mostly be based on its nearbly towers. For example, If you have lots of powerful Mortars and Wizard Towers surrounding it, it would be a wise choice to set it to single target mode. Otherwise, if you have powerful Cannons, Archer Towers, and Air Defenses, and both heroes all nearby, then of course you should go for the multiple target mode. This way you can make sure that your base doesn't get instantly crushed by high-level Pekkas, nor massively overwhelmed by hundreds of troops.

Both Heroes

Your Heroes both have two modes: 'Guard' and 'Sleep'. 'Guard' makes them defend your villiage against any incoming attacks, while 'Sleep' makes them sleep through any attacks on your villiage. Especially for higher levels of Heroes which require longer regeneration times, some players may choose to use the 'Sleep' mode. This is because of in case someone attacks them, the Heroes couldn't be lured out and defeated easily, leaving the player to wait up to 3 hours full regeneration time (depending on the Heroes' level) to use them for their next attack. Here is one simple rule to deciding whether to make your Heroes 'Guard' or 'Sleep': 'Sleep' when ⅓ of the regeneration time is greater than your patience. Generally speaking, you should make your hero guard you villiage when you are sleeping. This is because there are many players that attack you overnight, there is ought to be someone who will be able to get at least one star on your base, putting up a 12-hour shield, protecting your base for the rest of the night when which your heroes will be sleeping to regenerate to their full health.


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