Hello all, I am going to teach you how to attack, what to attack with, and how to use them. The first thing you need to is know what you want out of the attack. Is it Gold ? Is it Elixir ? Dark Elixir ? Trophies? A combination?

The Target

It is good to have a target in mind when going raiding. There are a few reasons to attack:


Other Attacking Reasons

  • A mix of above farming goals.
  • Testing new army composition.
  • Lower Trophy count (usually done by spawning a single troop to intentionally lose a battle and Trophies).
  • For Fun!

Before Attacking

  • Remember that it takes Gold to search for an enemy, but Revenge is free. You can even visit the base to plan your strategy beforehand.
  • Every time your Town Hall levels up, the Gold to search for an enemy increases.
  • Have a goal in mind. Example: "I will attack if the enemy has >100,000 of either resource."

Gold Raids


The first thing I think of when I think of a Gold raid is...well, I think of 2 things:

  1. A huge Elixir-spending raid, for instance a couple of Dragons, with some Giants, and maybe Barbarians and Archers.
  2. An easy all-out Goblin raid.

Of the two, the one that will bring in the most Gold is the Dragon composition, but it will also use an enormous amount of elixir. However, since this is a 'Gold' raid, we typically do not care about how much Elixir we spend in this kind of raid. I will demonstrate to you what I myself usually use when going for Gold (which happens to be 90% of the time).

Army Composition Army Cost Army Space
 2 Dragons (level 2) 60,000  40
20 Barbarians( level 5)  2,000 20
10 Giants (level 5) 25,000 50
6 Wall Breakers (level 5) 18,000 12
78 Archers (level 5) 15,600 78
Totals 120,600 200

As you can see, the army is powerful, but extremely expensive. I am currently using this army composition for Gold+Trophy gain. With it I am capable of getting up to 250,000 of each resource.


The first thing I do is check for Clan Castle troops with 1 Barbarian. If so, then I draw them all out and to the corner of the base with Barbarians, after which I am usually left with about 10-15 Barbarians remaining. I then place them all on top of the Clan Castle troops, which are usually Archers, and Archers die quite fast with a Barbarian swarm on them.

I then place my Giants at 1 Air Defense with a couple Wall Breakers. I follow that with the Barbarian King (if you have him) and my remaining Barbarians near the other Air Defense, along with Archers to take it out. Afterwards, I place the Dragons, usually so they go straight in to kill the middle part, filled with tons of storages that the rest of my army just couldn't access. I then place the rest of the Archers around the base to come in and help out. It is a complicated strategy, but it keeps me gaining Trophies (slowly but surely), and tons of Gold. 

Inexpensive Alternative

For those of you who are not interested in gaining Trophies and Gold at the same time, or that just simply need the Elixir or don't have Dragons yet, I recommend this composition: 

Army Composition Army Cost Army Space
5 Wall Breakers (level 5) 15,000 10
100 Archers (level 5) 20,000 100
90 Goblins (level 5) 9,000 90
Totals 44,000 200

Now on this army composition, it is much cheaper, and you do not have to deploy everything for the army to be effective, like the Dragon strategy. You can just place 5 Archers to pick off some unprotected Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors and then leave with...let's say 25,000 Gold and Elixir. You definitely made a lot of profit, and you will be able to attack again in less than a minute. You will rarely have to use all of your army to get what you want, and you will be able to attack very frequently. The Wall Breakers are there as sort of a last resort to where you need to get some walls broken to get to the middle and take a ton of resources. This is a great choice for those of you who don't mind losing 20-30 Trophies to get 20-30 thousand resources essentially for free, and for those of you also saving Elixir.

Elixir Raids


While Gold Raids allows you to spend elixir like it is going out of style, Elixir Raids are more tricky: You must design an army that is effective yet inexpensive. You must also decide how many of which troop type you will use. Remember that there is no rule that says you have to use all of your troops, so you can afford to make some special troops like, for example, Healers or some extra Wall Breakers. Here is my setup:

Army Composition Army Cost Army Space
55 Barbarians (Level 5) 5,500 55

84 Archers (level 5)

16,800 84
45 Goblins (Level 4) 3,600 45
8 Wall Breakers (Level 4) 20,000 16
Totals 45,000 200

Obviously, the most expensive troop—especially in a group—is the Wall Breaker. However, I believe it is good to have some extra! You do not have to use all of your troops; this is an important concept when farming Elixir. The Barbarians serve as replacement meat shields for Giants and in numbers can be quite devastating. Even so, they are not as hardy as Giants and a few Mortar shots can quickly take out your army. Goblins are essential not only for their expertise in raiding resources (as opposed to defeating bases for Trophies), but also because they are inexpensive.


Whatever army you decide will be both cost-effective and able to get the job done, you will need to hone your tactical skills to use the Tier 1 Troops. Here are some tips and essential concepts:

  1. Looks for how much Elixir is available. The amount must exceed your total army cost!!!
  2. Look for easily accessible Elixir.
  3. Make sure you know where the Elixir is, i.e. in storages or collectors. Remember that upgrading collectors are empty collectors!
  4. Check for defenses that are either under construction or can be destroyed easily.
  5. Whatever troops you don't have to use is proverbial money in your pocket!!

There is some good news. While collecting Elixir, you can use all the Gold you like! So pull out those Spells and throw down some Avada Kadavra! 2-3 Lightning Spells can be used to take out one or more defenses. A single Rage or Healing Spell can turn the tide or be used together for devastating effect.

Dark Elixir Raids

Very much the same as a normal Elixir raid but with less targets. In fact, there is only one storage container to attack. However, Dark Elixir Storages are usually well-guarded, so be prepared to punch through some major defenses. Also, do not overlook the Dark Elixir Drills which may contain a reasonable amount of DE (Dark Elixir). In the spirit of the other resource raiding strategies, it is advised that you do not use Dark Elixir Troops to raid for DE. It is hard to come by and if your raid is unsuccessful, you might end up spending a lot of time earning back the DE you spent on your troops.

Trophy Raids

3 Stars

100% Victory; max trophies

In this type of raid, no holds are barred. Use whatever means necessary to win 3 stars and obtain the maximum amount of Trophies. The strategies are endless, and in the end many players will agree it's fun to figure out your own unique strategy. There are many different experience levels so we will simply put up army composition for low to mid level players and high level players.

Low/Mid Level

With level 3-4 troops, 160-180 spaces and as high as a Wizard (Tier 2), there are many army compositions for raiding.  In the end, you will just have to see what works best for you. For instance, some players have met with great success using a Balloon raid tactic:

Army Composition Army Cost Army Space
32 Balloons (Level 4) 112,000 160
20 Archers (Level 4) 3,200 20
Total Cost: 115,200 Total Space: 180
2 Lightning Spells (Level 3) 36,000 Elixir

This strategy is not for everyone, but it could be for you. Look through the Attack Strategies page for more raiding ideas.

Note: Goblins are not just good for Farming resources. Their expertise in looting gives them a x2 damage bonus to resource buildings. Goblins might destroy resource buildings while Giants distract and take out defenses to win a one-star 50% victory.

High Level (Jorge Yao Level)

For raiding Trophies at this level, we defer to the experts: specifically Jorge Yao, the top level player globally as of January 2013 to present April 24, 2013 (4220 Trophies). The following is a summary of an interview with Jorge Yao provided by Flammy:
Part 2 7 Interview with 1 Ranked CoC Player,Jorge Yao- Ultra High Trophy Strategies and Tactics!27:13

Part 2 7 Interview with 1 Ranked CoC Player,Jorge Yao- Ultra High Trophy Strategies and Tactics!

Provided by Flammy

As of January 26, when the above interview was posted, this is the composition of Jorge Yao's Army:

Jorge Yao's Army (Jan. 2013)
Army Composition Army Cost Army Space
11 Dragons (level 3) 396,000 Elixir 220
4 Lightning Spells (Level 5) 88,000 Elixir -

This is one of two variations of what he refers to as a "Dragon Attack."  The second variation has one small difference: There are 2 Lightning Spells and 2 Rage Spells used. He goes on to mention that high level players usually use a Dragon attack or a P.E.K.K.A attack. The latter includes P.E.K.K.A, Archers, Wizards, Wall Breakers and so on.

The army is not the only important element to Trophy Farming: Knowing how to use such an army is crucial. Basically, the Dragon Attack starts with 3 Lightning Spells targeting an Air Defense and the Archer Queen. If the queen is ignored, it can be disastrous. Then 2-3 Dragons (colloquially, Drags) are deployed to distract the Clan Castle troops while the rest of the Drags raid the base. You can expect to destroy at least 50% of the buildings if this is done correctly.

Also, raiding completely changes for high level players who get a little as 1 Trophy per victory while a loss will take away up to 39 Trophies. Jorge Yao invests a whopping 18 hours of game play at a time to keep his Trophy count up (see interview for details--Flammy's reaction is priceless). He also uses a technique employed by many high level players to receive "Cheap Trophies" (discussed at a later time).


As of May 23, Jorge Yao's Army consisted of this composition:

Jorge Yao Army composition

There are 6 slots left for unknown troops types. These could be 6 more archers, 2 archers and 1 wizard, or maybe other troops likes barbarians. However, above is the heart of the army.


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