Hello, Chief! In this strategy guide, you will learn about attacking and defending in war. Clan war is a special thing that you can participate in if you are in a clan. You will be against an enemy clan, and your clan is supposed to win the most stars in order to win. Clan co-leaders and leaders can choose the amount of players in the war. In this strategy guide, you will learn some tips to be successful in war, both defending and attacking.


Attacking in war is how your clan can win. Each clan member has two attacks, and if you want to help your clan win, you should get six stars. These tips should help you out in attacking.

Finding an opponent

There should be a recommended target that appears on your screen. You should always scout this base to see if it fits you. Normally, you should be able to three-star the base. However, if you don't feel like you can three-star the base, you should try to find a lower base to attack. This rarely happens, as the recommended base is normally lower in skill than you are.

If you think the recommended base is too easy, scout every base one by a time, seeing which one fits you. You might be tempted to attack the higher players for the loot. Some people do that, but I just recommend you to attack a base that you know you are capable of getting three stars in.

Scouting out the Base

One of the most important steps is to scout out the base. Look for traps around the base. Empty spaces might be a place where traps are located. Make sure to remember all these things. If you see builder's huts in the corners of the base, you might want to remember to put some weak troops near the builder's huts. This will help save time at the end.

It really depends on the strategy you use when you are looking for traps. For example, an all dragon raid shouldn't matter because they are pretty powerful. However, when you are using hog riders, you should try to place one down or another troop in suspicious 2x2 spots. This may activate giant bombs.

Attacking the Base

Now that you've found the perfect base, let's start attacking! Make sure to execute your steps just right, because one thing wrong can cost the battle a win. Here are some things to be careful about:

Builder's Huts:These little buildings can make a difference from a three star to a two star. You can avoid wasting time by placing a few weak troops near the builder's huts.

Empty spaces:If you are using land troops, you might want to be careful when spawning into these. Some of the times, people don't realize there is a hole in their base (very rarely), while others purposely place them there to damage your troops (very common). To avoid this, you can place one weak troop in that area (e.g. goblin, barbarian) and activate any traps. Then, you can spawn your troops there.

Lightning spells: Use your lightning spells when you are supposed to use them! If they are bing used for clan castle troops, make sure to hit them when you see them coming out! If you are using lightning spells to destroy/damage defensive buildings, make sure to do it at the beginning of the game! Don't forget to use your lightning spells!

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