This is my Strategy Guide about Farming. It is recommended for TH 6-7. You need to remember Farming is about gaining more loot then you normally would. Farming is not for everyone.


The first step of Farming is to:

Step 1 - Tap your Town Hall.

Step 2 - Move your Town Hall.

Step 3 - Place your Town Hall outside your base.

Town Hall 6: Remember not to put you your Town Hall in the corner of your base. If you do that, you will end up with so few trophies, that you will get no loot from your battles, and they will cost you more than you earn. Put it in range of an Archer Tower or Cannon, but not next to Splash Damage defenses. If you want to put it in a corner you may, but your trophies may be at risk.

Town Hall 7: Put your Town Hall in the corner. It is harder to lose trophies at this level, so it is fine. If you want, place a Hidden Tesla or 2 next to the Town Hall, so the opponent wastes troops. If you go to the lower levels, however, the Teslas may overpower the weak troops, causing you to win the battle, which you don't want.

When Farming, you also want your Storages deep within your base. Farming is about saving up your loot. You can't do that with vulnerable Storages, now can you? They MUST be behind at least 2 layers of Walls. That way, the enemy can't just swarm Wall Breakers to destroy all of your Walls. Also, don't have 2 layers of Walls against each other. Wall Breakers have a 3-tile damage radius, so they can destroy both layers at once, leaving your loot out for the world to steal!


Meet your new best friend: Goblins. They will be the most important troop in your army. Use a different Barracks setup depending on the amount of Barracks you own:

3: Fill 2 with Goblins, and 1 with Archers.

4: Either fill 2 with Goblins, and 2 with Archers, or 3 with Goblins, and 1 with Archers.

You should also carry some Wall Breakers, and maybe a few Giants. This is just an example and may not work for everyone. If it doesn't work, don't use it. There are plenty of other armies to use!

When you Farm, don't just raid for trophies. You may lose them all in 1 day. You raid for 1 thing: Loot. Depending on the amounts of loot and where it is located, I will tell you how many troops to use.

  • 50k (Collectors): Use half or less of your Goblins.
  • 50k (Storages): Just skip it, you will lose more loot than earned.
  • 100k (Both): Use 75% to all of your Goblins; this is a good raid.
  • 200k+ (Collectors): Use all of your troops. This is one of the best raids you can get at your level.

200K+ (Storages): Just skip it, even though your gut is saying not to. You probably won't even get to the loot, due to the fact that this base probably is better than you, and it is hard to beat.

If you use the army above, here is how to use it.

  1. Use Wall Breakers to make any necessary gaps in Walls, and use Giants as needed to soak up hits.
  2. Send in Goblins to take loot.
  3. If you have not gotten 50% or Town Hall destruction, use Archers to pick off buildings.

Other Info: If you have gotten 50% or Town Hall destruction, do not purposefully try to get more than 1 Star. Save your other troops for later battles.


The best range to Farm is at 1,100 to 1,200 trophies. Any lower, and there is (too) rarely good loot to take. Any higher, and you will get creamed by Level 4 and 5 troops. If this range is not right, you can go higher, but NEVER, yes NEVER, go lower than 1,100 Trophies. If you do, your armies will cost more than you earn per battle, which will make you lose valuable time and loot to push back up. When Farming, you may not win a lot of battles, but try your best to win a few. Otherwise, you will drop too far and be forced to waste your valuable loot.


When you are Farming, it is very important that your Clan allows it. If your Clan is Trophy Pushing, and you are Farming, you may get kicked out. This is because the Clan is trying to gain Trophies, and you are just holding them back. If this is the case, you can:

a) Not Farm, Trophy Push instead, or

b) Find a new Clan, one that allows Farming.

Clans normally do not Farm or Trophy Push forever, and neither do you. You can Farm and still have a chance of going back to your old Clan.

Clan Castle Troops

The best troops to have in your Clan Castle while defending are Wizards and/or Archers. Archers tend to be better for 2 reasons:

a) Teamwork is better. If 1 dies, you still have a bunch left, rather than the Wizard, where if he dies, you are out of troops.

b) Wizards are very expensive and time-consuming to train. Because of this, you are less likely to actually get them in your Clan Castle. Five Archers take at most 1,500 Elixir and less than a minute to train, while even one Wizard takes more Elixir and eight minutes to replace.

When you are attacking, Goblins are the best. Why? When you attack, you want loot. Goblins are better for that job than any other troop because they target Resource Buildings preferentially, move very quickly and do very good damage against them.


Credit to Casklord for the Raids army and to Spottra for helping me out with the Guides. Thanks for reading!


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