What is this Guide?

   This Guide is for all those new players out there who are just starting or want a better tutorial than the one in-game. This guide is for players at TH level 4 or below. If you do not get the slightest clue of what I'm talking about, this guide is definitely for you.


   How can you play the game without knowing the controls? This section should quickly teach you the controls. 


   Tap on a building to move, use, upgrade, or examine it. Once you tap on the building you will be given a few options, most of which are self explanatory. In the Village Edit Mode, Like the town hall shown below, you will be greeted with four green arrows and some lovely icons. Dragging the building with your finger will move it around, which can be helpful for quick changes of building position. A few things you can do with most buildings by tapping are: 


Moving a town hall

  •    Move it 
  •    Upgrade it with resources to improve its stats (such as health) 
  •    View information about the building 
  •    Execute special actions that the certain building is made for 
  •    If the selected building is being upgraded, you may view the time left in the upgrade and may choose to cancel it. 


CoC Cannon1-0

A Clash of Clans Cannon

Defenses are buildings that protect your village from enemy troops and require gold to be built and upgraded. A cannon, for example, will shoot cannonballs at enemy troops, damaging them. This is important, as defending raids both protects your resources and can help you gain trophies (you mainly collect trophies by raiding other villages but defending also adds.)

A few examples of defenses include

  •    Cannons 
  •    Archer Towers 
  •    Mortars 
  •    Air Defenses 
Traps + Walls
Bomb info-0

An armed bomb, ready to explode

Traps are a type of defense and require gold to be bought and upgraded as well. They are hidden, single-use objects that only appear when enemies get close to them. An example of a trap is a bomb, which will remain hidden until an enemy steps on it. It will then appear and, after a short delay, explode, damaging the enemy. Each trap can only be used once per raid, and must be re-armed afterwards.

A few examples of traps are:

  • Bombs
  • Spring Traps
  • Air Bombs
  • Seeking Air Mines

A wall of walls.

Walls, on the other hand, can be used to protect your buildings. They can be quite expensive to upgrade, but are incredibly helpful. If a horde of barbarians is attacking your cannon, and there is a wall in the way, they will first have to destroy the wall, giving the cannon time to shoot them down. However, walls are only effective when completely surrounding a building, including diagonally, as troops will simply walk around the walls. Some troops, such as archers, can shoot over walls, and aren't affected by them as much. Upgrade walls to increase their health!

Army buildings

Army buildings are required to train and house an army. They require elixir to build, use, and upgrade. They have various uses, all of which contribute in some way to raiding.


The Barracks is used to train your troops. Upgrading it allows you to train different types of troops and put more in line to train at once. The more barracks you have, the faster you can train your troops, as you can train multiple troops at once.

Army camps

Army camps are where your troops await further command. This is where troops go once they are finished with their training. Buy more and upgrade them so that you may hold more at once.

Other army buildings include:

  • Laboratory
  • Spell Factory
  • Dark Barracks
  • Dark Spell Factory

Gems and resources

   In this game, you will upgrade and build buildings, but you will have to spend resources for everything to do so. This section will tell you about gold, elixir, gems, how to use them, how to get them, and what you can do with them.



Gold is a resource collected from gold mines. It can be used for upgrading your defenses, rebuilding and upgrading your Clan Castle, upgrading your Town Hall, upgrading and buying Elixir Collectors/Storages, and searching for villages. It can be constantly collected from gold mines, but can also be collected from raiding and collecting war loot (you can collect war loot by joining a clan and participating in clan wars.)



Elixir is a resource collected from Elixir Collectors. It can be used for upgrading and building Army Camps, Barracks, Laboratory, Gold Storage/Mines, your Spell Factory, and Dark Elixir Storage/Drills. It can also be used for training troops, brewing spells, and researching them. It can also be collected from graves, presents, raiding, and War loot.

If that was confusing, then remember this: Gold=defense Elixir=offense. This is generally true.



Gems are the way Supercell (the creators of the game) make their money. Gems can be used to upgrade buildings, buy elixir/gold, boost you buildings/heroes, and finish upgrades, research, and building time. It can also be used to build a builder's hut. Gems can be obtained by getting achievements, removing obstacles, buying them with REAL money, or by winning clan tournaments. You also start out with 500 gems at the beginning of the game. I would recommend using all your gems at the start of the game on upgrading resource buildings, which will help you gain resources really fast.

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