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I would like to start this off by explaining that this is not going to be a troll/spam thread feel free to delete the others. Paragraph 1 -----> WHAT TO DO AT DIFFERENT TOWNHALLS


Townhall 1 At TownHall 1 you follow the tutorial this is by far the easiest one and I won't go into detail about it.

Townhall 2 Very simple as well Upgrade your mines and pumps and your barracks and army camps then move on to townhall 2. You should do a few raids to get the money. The attack should be all barbarian. How to attack attacking is simple go after the defenses first with your barbs and if there is a mortar you should attack that first. Raid bases with a nice amount of loot. Raids for 1000 resources are not a good target go for at least 3500 of the type of resource you are going after.

Townhall 3 GET A LABRATORY!!! Level 2 troops are a big help!!! especially for barbs if look at it like this if each of your barbs take 1 more cannon shot to kill then that adds an extra 20 shots the cannon has to do and you will have an easier time getting to it before you lose all of your barbs. You should still only use barbarians because of your low housing space and the level 1 archers will have low health and you can take out mortars easily by hitting the blind spot. You should go for raids with at least 5000 maybe 6000 and you should attack bases with poorly placed mortars because those are by far the biggest threat to your barbs. You should max out Everything before upgrading except maybe level 3 walls. You should DEFINITELY get a clan castle as clan castle troops play a HUGE Part in Defense and raiding for low levels.

Townhall 4 This is when you should start experiencing with different troops. You should try out new strategy's like barch barbarians and archers. You should go after bases with filled mines and pumps as they are easy to get and give you a ton of easy loot. Things start getting costy in this townhall so look for raids with 50k or 20k it will be easy to get that much from raid if you take from the mines and the pumps trust me. You should build your air defense and you should place it outside the townhall for this townhall ONLY as balloons will have an easy time trampling through your base even if the air defense is on the inside. UPGRADE YOUR CLAN CASTLE. MORE TROOPS = Better Defense

Townhall 5 In this townhall you should definitely get balloons as they are a big help in clan wars but should not be used for regular attacks due to the high cost it takes to make them. BUILD A SPELL FACTORY!!!!!! Spells are not as big of a help in lower townhalls but you should get building it out of the way and you should use them to take out clan castle troops in clan wars. BUILD A WIZARD TOWER they are super important splash damage buildings!!! They Destroy troops but you should keep it in the center of the base protecting your storages and townhall.

Townhall 6 This is the last townhall I will be doing because after this you should have enough experience to make it on your own.

GET HEALERS. Giant Healer is the best strategy a townhall 6 can do for wars you should still be using barch for your regular attack but Giant Healer is crucial for wars. UPGRADE YOUR CLAN CASTLE TO LEVEL 3 You can get so many things from this such as dragons and dark spells Which will really help you in war attakcs / defense. BUILD YOUR SECOND WIZARD TOWER!!! AND YOUR SECOND MORTAR These guys are super important as you already know and smash troops like archers and barbs. Go for raids with 200000 of the resource you want and that have most of the resources in the mines / pumps. You should try and get all level 6 walls.


You should upgrade your buildings in this order.


Wizard Towers


Spell Factory

Barracks (Depends on what troop you're getting)

Clan castle

Air Defense


Archer Tower

Army camps

Gold Mines

Elixer Pumps


Other stuff I didn't mention


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