Clash of Clans Giveaway 1

Hey Chief! Did you hear the news?!

A couple Clash of Clans YouTubers are putting together a huge iTunes giftcard giveaway which can be redeemed for in-game gems! They have been known to do this in the past and are back once again to bring you clashers a chance at winning some giftcards! Rules are very simple! All they ask is that you subscribe to all of the channels and that you comment "I want to win" on the video of the YouTuber you want to win a giftcard from! They will try their best to obtain a giftcard from your location but if your location does not have iTunes giftcards available, then they will figure out another way to give you your award! When the giveaway ends and they check to see who the winners are, they will be checking if you followed these simple rules. If they see that you did not do as they simply directed, then there may be a chance that you will not be awarded your prizes! The guys who have put together this giveaway are:

Supercell ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

DubWarGaming ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

PlayClashOfClans ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

GodSonCoC ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

MaddenDvinik ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

NoteWorthyGames ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

Duxter ({{#NewWindowLink: }}),

Great big thanks to all of them for organizing this amazing event and giving you guys a chance to rack up some more gems for your personal use in Clash of Clans! Best of luck to everyone! 

Clash of Clans - Official Giveaway 4 Totaling $1100 SPECIAL PRIZE!!! (INTERNATIONAL)08:33

Clash of Clans - Official Giveaway 4 Totaling $1100 SPECIAL PRIZE!!! (INTERNATIONAL)


Some frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to win more than one iTunes giftcard?

Indeed, it is possible! All you have to do is just comment on all four videos and you will increase your chances of winning more than one iTunes giftcard!

From where I live there are no iTunes giftcards available, how can I still win?

Don't worry! The giveaway team will privately message you and will list a few other available options to give you your prize!

If I spam comments on a video will that increase my chances of winning a giftcard?

Unfortunately this will not work. The giveaway team will run all the comments through a website to rule out any duplicate comments so even if you comment a thousand times, it will only count as one!

If I don't subscribe to one of the guys but subscribe to the other three, will I still be able to win?

This may complicate the situation a little bit if that's what you can choose to do! There is a small chance they might not award you with a giftcard so just to be safe, make sure you follow the directions and subscribe to all four of them!

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