The Chatrooms are a way to socialize and communicate with other players in the game.

In the 23 May 2013 update, Supercell added the ability to use the Emoji and foreign language keyboards. To switch keyboards, tap the globe symbol on the left of the spacebar.

In the ? May 2016 update, Supercell added a Friendly Challenge button to the clan chat and revamped the layout.

Global Chatroom

Global chat
This chatroom allows you to chat with other players in your region regardless of their Clan affiliation (or lack thereof). If you are bored or want to socialize with other players, then you can chat with these people; if you aren't in a Clan, just ask (or just say something) and you will very likely be given a few invites.

If you are a Leader/Co-Leader/Elder in a clan, be careful of who you recruit; there are some Clan Hoppers. Click on the link to learn more.

To avoid having too many people chatting at once in a single chatroom there are actually many chatrooms for a given region/language, meaning that if you and a friend switch to global chat simultaneously most likely you will be in different chatrooms and unable to communicate. Also note that a new chatroom is assigned each time the game is started. If your game times out due to inactivity while you're having a discussion in the global chat you will most likely not be able to resume this discussion.

Blocked from chat

A 'Report' button is available for those people who would like a person banned for doing something inappropriate and off the guidelines. For example:

  • Swearing;
  • Spamming;
  • Saying bad words;
  • Insulting and being racist.

The system works like this: any player can report any other player in global chat for any reason. Once a player receives about 7 reports they will be banned from Global for 24 hours. Only one report from a player is counted; if a player tries to report the same player multiple times, they will see a message stating they have already reported that player. Each player also has a limited number of reports per day: once the limit is reached the player will see a message stating so. After a player is banned, when they open the Global tab they will see a message stating that their recent behaviours have been inappropriate along with a countdown showing how much time is left on the ban.

Some words are filtered out as being offensive and are replaced with asterisks. Some combinations of words, or typos of seemingly innocent words, are also replaced with asterisks. Repeating posts and some emoticons will simply not appear in the chat at all.

As of the July 29, 2013 update, there is now an option to mute a selected player from the global chat window. This will remove their messages from your chat window but will not affect those of other players. As of yet, there is no way to unmute a player that you have previously muted. When you leave the chatroom, any players you muted will be unmuted.

As of the August 27, 2013 update, there is now an option to see the player's profile. This will show you all such informations about the player, level, name, clan name, clan role, league, trophies, attacks won, defenses won, troops donated, troops received and achievements progression.

Clan Chatroom

Clan chat
Once you join a clan, the Clan chatroom will show you the 100 most recent messages between Clan members.

You can also see who has joined, started Clan Wars, been promoted or demoted, or been kicked, who updated the Clan settings, including invite requests and those who have left the Clan.

You cannot report anyone in Clan chat but there are filters which can be turned on or off in the in-game settings, which censors assaultive language.

Glitches in the Chatroom

There are some ongoing glitches where you can actually surpass the limit by adding too much spaces, some people use this as "//ClearChat" codes to troll people in the Chatrooms.

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