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Abandoned Base

An abandoned base or village is one whose owner has neglected to log into Clash of Clans for an extended period of time. It is characterized by many uncollected resources, empty storages, unarmed traps and multiple tombstones from previous attacks. Many abandoned bases are players who have quit the game entirely.


Found in most modern video games, an achievement is a meta-goal defined outside of a game's parameters, typically an in-game task available to be completed by players. Successfully completing these tasks entitles the player to an in-game reward of experience and gems. Easier achievements typically have lower rewards, while more difficult achievements can have substantial rewards.


See Administrator.


Administrators are the monitors and enforcers of the wiki. They have many powers that are unavailable to normal users such as deleting pages, editing and deleting page comments, and banning users. They are responsible for keeping the wiki running smoothly without disruption. Although not required by Wikia, all Bureaucrats on the Clash of Clans Wiki are also administrators.


See Artificial Intelligence.

Air Bomb

The first aerial trap unlocked in the game. Once triggered, it causes moderate damage to all air units in a small radius.

Air Defense

A defensive building that targets only air units. Has good range, very high DPS and an average attack rate. Sometimes the term 'air defense' is used to generically describe all defensive buildings that are able to attack air units, but the Air Defense itself is the most powerful of these.

Air Mine

Generally used to refer to the Air Bomb, but it is also (less often) used to refer to the Seeking Air Mine.

Air Sweeper

A defensive building that targets only air units similar to the Air Defense but uses gusts of air to push back troops, dealing no damage whatsoever. It is only able to aim in one general direction at any one time, so air troops attacking from a side it does not cover will not be affected by it.

Air Troop

Air troops are Troops that have the ability to fly. In game terms, they are unimpeded by Walls and can be targeted by Aerial Defenses and other anti-air units. Troops and Defenses that can only attack ground troops (such as Cannons and Mortars) cannot attack them.

Air Unit

See Air Troop.


An Altar is the anchor point on the village for a hero, and it defines the hero's patrol area. Each hero has a corresponding Altar; the hero is automatically summoned when its Altar is first constructed. When damaged in combat, the hero will regenerate his/her hit points while sleeping on top of the Altar. Although it has no offensive or defensive capabilities, the Altar must be destroyed for an attacker to achieve three Stars. Destroying the Altar has no effect on the hero.


Unlike Aerial Defense which refers strictly to Defensive Buildings, the Anti-Air category includes every entity that can attack air troops. All buildings, troops, traps and spells that can damage or destroy air troops are included in this category.


An inexpensive, ground-based, ranged unit that has low HP and low DPS. Archers can attack both air and ground troops.

Archer Queen

A ground-based, ranged Hero unit that has very high HP and very high DPS. She can attack both air and ground troops. See Hero for more details.

Archer Queen Altar

The place where the Archer Queen can be found either on or near when she isn't engaged in battle. See Altar.

Archer Tower

A defensive building that targets both ground and air units. Has good range, average DPS, and a fast attack rate.

Army Camp

Place where your troops go when they're done training.

Artificial Intelligence

A computer system's ability to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision making.

Attack Rate

The frequency that a unit or structure attacks, usually expressed in seconds.

Attack Strategy

A method of attacking in order to achieve a specific goal, usually farming, trophies, or both. An attack strategy consists of a specific complement of troops and spells, and a step-by-step guide to deploying those units in the most effective way.


Baby Dragon

An air unit that has moderate health but low damage, with a special perk: when no other air units are nearby, it will be enraged, dealing extra damage.


A slow moving, flying unit that drops bombs for high-DPS splash damage.


An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Balloon and Minion units.


An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of Barbarian, Archer and Minion units.


See Barbarian.


An inexpensive, ground-based, melee unit that has average HP and average DPS.

Barbarian King

A ground-based, melee Hero unit that has extremely high HP and extremely high DPS. See Hero for more details.

Barbarian King Altar

The place where the Barbarian King can be found either on or near when he isn't engaged in battle. See Altar.


A place that allow you to train troops.


See Village.

Battle Day

The second phase of a Clan War, lasting 24 hours in which members from both participating Clans attack each other's bases in an attempt to win stars and the war.


The first Trap unlocked in the game. It affects ground troops in a small area.


A Dark Elixir troop that hurls boulders as projectiles, dealing splash damage twice in a straight line.


A builder upgrades and builds new buildings. He sleeps in a Builder's Hut when not actively building or upgrading anything.

Builder's Hut

The Builder's home. If a Builder is present, periodically a series of 'Z's will emanate from the doorway, indicating a sleeping Builder.


Buildings are the generic term for the permanent structures in Clash of Clans. Although permanently placed, Traps and walls are usually not considered buildings.


The bureaucrat is the top-ranking staff member on the wiki. Bureaucrats can promote and demote admins, chat moderators, rollbacks. They can also promote other users to the rank of bureaucrat, but they cannot demote any bureaucrat (except themselves).



A defensive building that targets ground units only. It has average range, average DPS, and a higher than average attack rate.


See Clan Castle.


A place where you can chat with other Clash of Clans players here on the Clash of Clans Wiki. Can also refer to the Global Chat or Clan Chat available within the Clash of Clans game itself.


An in-game group of players who join together both socially as well as from a gameplay perspective. Clans can compete with other clans by pooling their trophies to see which Clans have the highest overall trophies. In addition, clanmates can donate troops to each other using the Clan Castle, and talk to each other using a private Clan Chat. They can also compete in Clan Wars for bonus loot.

Clan Chat

An in-game chat room restricted to members of a particular Clan. The past 40 messages are visible to anyone in the Clan; this includes brand-new members.

Clan Castle

A structure that houses reinforcement troops and dark spells donated by your clanmates. It also stores war loot earned from Clan Wars.

Clan Co-Leader

A Clan Co-Leader is the second-highest rank within a Clan, below Clan Leader and above Clan Elder. Co-Leaders have all the power a Leader has, except the ability to: 1) Demote another Co-Leader, 2) Kick out another Co-Leader, or 3) Promote a Co-Leader to Leader. Co-Leaders can be demoted or kicked out by the Clan Leader.

Clan Elder

A Clan Elder is the third-highest rank within a Clan, below Clan Co-Leader and above Clan Member. Elders can promote or kick out Clan Members, and can be demoted or kicked out by the Clan Leader. They can also invite other players to become Clan Members.

Clan Leader

A Clan Leader is the highest-ranking member within a Clan. Clan Leaders can promote, demote or kick out any Clan Member, Clan Elder, or Clan Co-Leader within the Clan.

Clan Hopper

A player who jumps from clan to clan hence the name.


A person with whom you share clan membership. It can refer to any rank within the clan.

Clan Member

One of a possible 50 people within a clan. Typically this refers to someone who is not either a Clan Elder, Clan Co-Leader or Clan Leader, but can also be used for members of any rank in a general sense as well. When used as a rank title, a Member refers to the lowest possible rank within a Clan. A Member has no notable privileges within a Clan and can be promoted to Clan Elder or kicked out of a Clan by any higher rank.

Clan Perks

Special advantages that boost various aspects of clans. This includes shorter troop request wait times, higher donation limits, increased war loot bonuses, troop donation refunds, upgrades for donated troops, and extra war loot storage capacity. In order to attain these perks, clans must level up by obtaining Clan XP.

Clan Symbol

The shield-shaped flag of your clan. It is selected when the Clan is created by the Clan Leader.

Clan War

A Clan War is a competition between two clans. The eligible players fight head-to-head with opponents from Enemy Territory. The clan with the most stars wins.

Clan XP

A special experience meter for each clan separate from each individual member. Clan XP can be accumulated by having the Clan participate in Clan Wars, and is required to level up Clans in order to obtain special Clan Perks.

Clone Spell

A Spell that clones temporary copies of friendly troops that enter the spell's area of effect.


Abbreviation for Clash of Clans.


See Elixir Collector. Sometimes also used in the general sense to refer to Gold Mines and Dark Elixir Drills as well.


See Clan Co-Leader.


A common alternative to the term Trophy.



A numerical representation of a loss in HP.

Damage Per Second

A unit or structure's Damage Per Shot divided by its Attack Rate in seconds.

Damage Per Shot

The amount of damage a unit or structure inflicts each time it attacks. Not to be confused with Damage Per Second or DPS. If (and only if) a unit attacks once per second, Damage Per Shot will equal Damage Per Second.

Dark Elixir

Rare resource that is used primarily to upgrade heroes and to produce and upgrade special Dark Elixir Troops.

Dark Barracks

A structure that allows you to train Dark Elixir Troops.

Dark Elixir Drill

A structure that collects Dark Elixir from an unlimited underground reserve.

Dark Elixir Storage

A structure that storages Dark Elixir.

Dark Elixir Troop

A unit created in the Dark Barracks that requires Dark Elixir to train.

Dark Spell Factory

An army building that allows you to brew compact Dark Spells using Dark Elixir. These spells take up half the space of an elixir Spell and have unique abilities that are able to assist in a player's attack.

Dark Spells

Offensive abilities that are able to be utilized in battle that require Dark Elixir to brew. Due to their compactness you can fit more of them into a battle. They can also be donated to Clan Castles that are at least level 4 and above.


See Dark Elixir.


Objects purely aesthetic to your village.


The outcome of a battle when the attacker fails to earn any stars. The attacker will lose trophies which will be awarded to the defender. Loot bonuses (if any) will not be triggered, but the attacker keeps all the resources he/she raided from the village.


Depending on context, refers either to defensive buildings (see Defensive Building) or defensive raids (see Raid).

Defensive Building

A group of structures designed to safeguard your village. They are able to destroy the attacking forces that otherwise would take your resources and trophies.

Defensive Structure

See Defensive Building.


See Damage Per Second.


The mighty flying unit in Clash of Clans.


Eagle Artillery

A Defensive Building that has a massive range covering practically the entire village. It only activates upon deployment of a large amount of Troops, and fires three shots in 10-second volleys, dealing moderately high damage.

Earthquake Spell

A Dark Spell that is used to damage buildings by taking away a portion of their remaining Hit Points. Due to the fact that it damages buildings a percentage of their remaining hitpoints, it is much more effective on stronger structures such as the Town Hall. Its effect is better on Walls, and it can also cause buildings with a low percentage of hitpoints to collapse instantly.


See Clan Elder.


A resource used primarily for constructing and upgrading offensive structures and units. It is also used to create spells.

Elixir Collector

A structure that collects Elixir from an unlimited underground reserve.

Elixir Pump

See Elixir Collector.

Elixir Storage

A structure that stores Elixir.


A numeric value that increases based on performing a variety of different activities in game. Experience level has no in-game impact other than unlocking various Decorations.



A player who primarily engages in farming.


Method of gameplay where the player focuses on acquiring resources instead of Trophies.

Friendly Challenge

A features within clans that allow clanmates to perform attacks on one another without loss of trophies, resources or army.

Freeze Spell

A spell capable of temporarily disabling defenses and/or enemy ground troops.

Fractional Damage

The concept where the damage that a unit causes does not have to be represented as a whole number. Within Clash of Clans, several units cause fractional damage per attack, especially those with high attack rates. According to Supercell, Hit points are kept to two significant digits.


Business model where an app is given away for free, and then its users are encouraged to make In-App Purchases. Clash of Clans is a freemium game.



A player who regularly buys and uses large quantities of Gems.


Special resource obtained primarily through In-App Purchases that can be exchanged for other resources or used to speed up build times or upgrade times.


A strong, ground-based melee unit that has low movement speed, high HP and low to medium DPS. It preferentially targets defensive buildings.

Giant Bomb

A more powerful version of the Bomb trap.


See Goblin.


A cheap, ground-based melee unit that has high movement speed, low HP and low to medium DPS. It preferentially targets resource buildings and causes double damage to them.


An Attack Strategy making use of a combination of primarily Golems, Hog Riders, and usually Wizards in a two-phase attack normally used to 3-star Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9 opponents in Clan Wars.


Resource used primarily for building and upgrading defensive structures. Gold is also used to find a Multiplayer Match.

Gold Mine

A structure that collects Gold from an unlimited underground reserve.

Gold Storage

A structure that stores Gold.


A very powerful, high HP and low DPS unit that preferentially targets defenses. It explodes (causing splash damage) and splits into two Golemites when destroyed.


A weaker version of a Golem that is formed (in a pair) when a Golem dies. When it dies, it will explode, dealing a final damage, similar to the Golem.


An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of GOlem, WIzard and PE.K.K.A units.


An attack strategy that makes use of a combination of GOlem, WIzard and WItch units.

Grand Warden

A supporting Hero able to buff the Hit Points of nearby troops, as well as make them invincible with his Eternal Tome ability.

Ground Troop

Ground troops are troops that travel on ground only. In game terms, they must destroy or go around walls (unless they can jump over them innately like Hog Riders or are under the effect of the Jump Spell and will tend to walk around buildings and decorations unless there is no other path. They can be targeted by Troops and Defenses that can attack ground troops, but not by those that can only attack air troops.

Ground Unit

See Ground Troop.


Haste Spell

A Dark Spell that is used to speed up troops that enter its area of effect. It is very effective on slower troops like Balloons.


A medium-cost air unit that heals friendly ground units on the battlefield. It has average HP and has no offensive capabilities. It preferentially heals the nearest injured ground troop, and will remain stationary until a ground troop is damaged. When it is deployed on defense in the Clan Castle, the Healer will heal damaged buildings as well as friendly ground troops.

Healing Spell

A spell capable of temporarily healing friendly troops within a small radius. When placed, the Healing Spell causes a golden ring of healing to appear, healing any friendly troops that are within the ring.


See Hit Points.


Very powerful units that are immortal, but must rest for a period of time whenever they take damage. They don't take any space in the Army Camp. Instead, altars are needed for each hero. When a hero is brought to zero health on the battlefield, they are 'stunned' and unusable for the remainder of the battle. Once damaged, heroes must regenerate their health fully before they can again be used in battle.

Hidden Tesla

A defensive building that targets both ground units and air units. It has short range, average DPS, and a higher than average attack rate. It preferentially attacks P.E.K.K.As for double damage.
The Hidden Tesla is hidden from the attacker until an attacking troop comes within its trigger range, at which point it pops up out of the ground and begins attacking. Once the attacker reaches 51% destruction, any Hidden Teslas that have not already been triggered will automatically appear.

Hit Points

A numerical representation of how much health a unit or structure has. When a unit or structure takes damage, its hit points are lowered. When it reaches 0 hit points, it is destroyed.

Hog Rider

A fast, ground-based melee unit that has high movement speed, medium HP and medium DPS. It preferentially targets defensive buildings and can jump over Walls.

Housing Space

A measure of how much room a troop requires in either an Army Camp or a Clan Castle. An Clan Castle or Army Camp that has a capacity of 20 housing units can hold 20 Archers (1 housing unit each), 4 Giants (5 housing units each), one Dragon or another combination of troops that does not exceed 20 housing units.

Housing Unit

See Housing Space.


See Hit Points.



See In-App Purchases.


Standing for 'in-game name', this is the name of your village.

In-App Purchase

Items that can be bought with real money while playing the game. Currently, the only in-app purchases available within Clash of Clans are varying quantities of Gems.

Inferno Tower

A defensive building that targets both ground units and air units. It has long range and higher than average attack rate. It also has two modes: single-target, which attacks a single unit for progressively higher DPS, and multi-target, which attacks up to five units for moderate DPS.


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