A short form that refers to the Archer Queen.



A raid is an attack on a Village, either yours (i.e. a Defense), another user's (i.e. a Multiplayer Attack or Clan War attack) or an NPC village (as part of the Single Player Campaign). At least one troop or spell (or the Clan Castle) must be deployed for it to be considered an attack. If at least one star is earned, the attack is considered successful, and if no star is earned the attack is considered a failure. In multiplayer attacks, trophies are earned for successful attacks and lost for failed attacks, and if the attacking player is in a trophy league a multiplayer victory will also trigger the league's loot bonus.


See Raid.

Rage Spell

A spell that temporarily increases the movement speed and damage per second of any troops in a small radius.


In-game currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. Current in-game resources include Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems.


A raiding feature that allows a person to attack someone that has attacked them.


A common alternate term for Heroes.


Seeking Air Mine

A trap that does massive damage to a single air troop. It cannot be triggered by a Minion, however.


A common war term that refers to having two Golems used in a kill squad.


A form of village protection that allows protection from enemy attack as long as it is active. It can be awarded due to enemy raids causing enough damage, or purchased with Gems through the shop. Raiding through the shield will deduct some of the time it lasts, however.

Single Player Campaign

The Single Player Campaign is a series of fifty computer-controlled villages that offer increasing resource rewards. Each village can be destroyed an infinite number of times, but any resources present can only be looted once (if only part of the loot on a single-player village is looted in an attack, the remaining resources will be present to be taken in the next attack). No trophies are won or lost, and attacking a computer-controlled base will not break a shield. At least one Star must be earned in an attack on a particular village to unlock the next village.

Single Target Damage

Damage that is only applied to a single specific unit targeted. Contrast with Splash Damage.


A subtroop spawned by Witches or Skeleton Traps. Has medium DPS but low HP, and is unable to trigger traps.

Skeleton Trap

A trap that summons skeletons upon triggering, distracting nearby troops.

Skeleton Spell

A dark spell that creates skeletons upon usage, distracting nearby defenses.


Spells are offensive abilities that an attacking player can employ to assist his or her troops in battle. They are created with Elixir in the Spell Factory.

Spell Factory

The Spell Factory is an army building that the player can use to create spells. Only a certain number of spells may be created at one time, based upon the Spell Factory level.

Splash Damage

Damage that applies to all units within a specified radius of the targeted unit. Contrast with Single Target Damage.

Spring Trap

A trap that causes instant death to the first group of troops that step on it, bouncing up to 15 housing units of troops (more when upgraded).


The main scoring method in Clash of Clans and in Clan Wars. Up to three can be earned in a single battle: one for destroying the Town Hall, one for destroying 50% of buildings and the other for destroying 100% of the buildings. It determines the amount of trophies that can be won in a raid; scoring more stars in a raid will award you more trophies for that raid.


A generic term for all of the player's Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storages. It typically does not refer to other forms of storage, such as collectors, the Clan Castle or the Town Hall.


A generic term for Golemites, Skeletons and Lava Pups. They are only spawned by their parent troops, and can't be trained, placed directly, or donated via the Clan Castle.



See Town Hall.

Town Hall

Structure that represents the heart of your village. If an attacker destroys your Town Hall, you lose the battle regardless of how many other buildings are destroyed, as well as a portion of available Resources, as it counts as one Star in a battle.


Trophies (also referred to as cups) are the Clash of Clans ranking system. When a multiplayer attack is won, the winner gains an amount of trophies, while the loser loses trophies. Trophies affect multiplayer matchmaking as well as overall player and Clan rank.


Traps are defensive items that, once triggered, perform a single function and are then rendered inoperative until the owner re-arms them. Traps are hidden from the attacker's view until an attacking troop that the trap can affect comes into its trigger range. At that point the trap will appear, perform its function (usually damaging the nearby troops) and then become inactive. Inactive traps are visible to the village owner and his clanmates, but do not appear on the attacker's screen at all.


Units you use for attacking in the Single Player Campaign and other villages. Each troop has its own housing space that determines how many of each troop can fit into your army.



See Troop. It is also used occasionally to generically refer to both troops and buildings.



A Dark Elixir Troop that does melee splash damage with her whirlwind attacks. She can damage multiple buildings at once, and she has moderately high DPS and HP.


Defined in Clash of Clans as a successful attack in terms of Stars: earning at least one Star will result in a victory and trophies will be earned from the player that was raided. Victories will trigger loot bonuses if the player is in a league, and allows the player to earn war win bonuses in Clan Wars.


The general term for a player's controllable 40-by-40 area within Clash of Clans. A player's village consists of the Town Hall plus all associated buildings, walls and decorations.


Villagers are the pink-haired non-combatant females wandering around the village. They are typically seen entering and leaving the Town Hall. If the village is not under attack, when they depart the Town Hall they tend to walk up to a random structure or obstacle and observe it for a moment (often clapping their hands in appreciation), and then wander off. Once an attack begins all villagers will immediately run back to the Town Hall and will not be seen again for the duration of the attack. Villagers cannot attack or be attacked.

Village Edit Mode

Village Edit Mode is an easier way to construct a base that you earn at Town Hall 3. In Village Edit Mode, you have the ability to get rid of all objects, and completely redo your base.

Village Guard

Village Guard is a form of Village protection that is awarded immediately in relatively short amounts of time after a Shield expires. Depending on the League, it can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Raiding under the Village Guard provides no penalty whatsoever.



A defensive barrier that prevents ground troops that cannot bypass it (either innately like the Hog Rider or via a Jump Spell) from passing through without destroying it. If a ground unit's target is behind a wall and the unit cannot locate a path that bypasses the wall, the unit will instead attack the wall segment closest to its intended path. Typically the term 'wall' is used to identify one or more wall segments. The highest level walls have higher HP than even the Town Hall.

Wall Breaker

Wall Breakers are specialty troops that preferentially attack walls. When they attack, they cause splash damage but destroy themselves in the process. Their single attack causes 40 times their normal damage to any walls in its splash radius. If they are killed before they are able to attack, they cause no damage at all.

Wall Segment

An individual piece of a wall. Any length of wall longer than a single segment is typically referred to generally as a Wall.

War Base

A War Base is the base each player uses specifically during Clan Wars. They are maintained separately from the player's normal village, although they have the same number and level of Buildings. All buildings, traps and heroes are active, even if they are being upgraded on the player's normal Village. Any resources in the storages and collectors in a war base are generated for the war base and are unrelated to the player's own resource pool. The Clan Castle is similarly unrelated to the player's normal Clan Castle and must be filled separately by clan members using the Clan Wars interface.

War Loot

War loot is bonus loot gained by participating in Clan Wars. Winning a Clan War results in significantly more war loot than a loss or a draw. War loot is stored in the Clan Castle where it can be either left or transferred to the player's storages.


See Wall Breaker.


A decently expensive, ranged ground unit that summons skeletons to help it fight.


A moderately expensive, ranged ground unit that has a good amount of HP and high DPS. Its attack causes splash damage over a very small radius.

Wizard Tower

A defensive building that has an average attack rate, low range, and low DPS. It targets both ground and air units and does splash damage.



A defensive building that has an very high attack rate, long range, and high DPS. It has two modes: ground, which attacks only ground troops at a very long range, and ground and air, which attacks both air troops and ground troops at a slightly reduced range. It has limited ammunition and must be periodically reloaded with Elixir.


See Experience.


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