Reason: More Strategy Guides Will Be Coming!


Hello, and welcome to the main page of Golly The Golem's Strategy Guides. That's right! This is the HQ where all of my strategy guides will be linked, currently, I have 1 guide in Beta Testing: Meaning it's under maintenance. Below, you will find a chart containing info about my current strategy guides! Below that you will find a chart containing all info about current guides I am working on with another user! I hope this helps lead and connect you to all of my strategy guides.

My Current Strategy Guides!

Strategy Guide Title Status
Golly The Golem's Strategy Guides/Army Guide For Newbies ❌Incomplete❌
Golly The Golem's Strategy Guides/Army Guide For Mid-Levels ❌Incomplete❌
New Guide Coming soon

Current Strategy Guides Being Worked On With Another User!

Main Page: ChiefDrewClash and Golly The Golem's Collaborative Strategy Guides

Strategy Guide Title Status
New Guide Coming Soon!
New Guide Coming Soon!
New Guide Coming Soon!

If you were wandering who I'm working with, it's my closest wiki friend ChiefDrewClash, and hopefully I'll also be collaborating with the Most Heroic Wiki ContributorZazme Yakuza.

Making More!

I plan to greatly expand this guide by adding many new strategy guides and attack strategies! This page will one day become a complex storage organization system dedicated to directing every user to his/her desired Golly The Golem's Strategy Guide. That's all for now guys, see ya when I expand beond compare to this little page! PEACE OUT!

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