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Welcome to my Army Strategy Guide For Newbies! Before we begin, Here's a little intro.

We Were All Once Noobs

If you are reading this, it probably means that you are new to the great game Clash Of Clans. You were probably addressed as a "Noob" by some experienced players. Don't be saddened by this, because every great Player, Wiki staff, Advanced member, were all inexperienced at one time. That's what this guide is for, to teacher low level players to build a strong army!

Building Up The Resources

Once you finish the tutorial, you are left to fend for yourself in the big wide world. You have a three-day shield (this is your timeline to build as big as possible). You will need to Upgrade your resource production buildings to at least level 3, It takes lots of Gold to upgrade your Elixir collectors And storages. Once you get the desired level of collectors and storages (level 5 Elixir Storage) All you need to do is...SAVE UP! Once you have enough Elixir to build and upgrade Your Barracks You can unlock Powerful Troops! But keep in mind, you need to keep upgrading your Town Hall to unlock more Troops, which will be discussed below.

Town Hall Level to Troop unlock

Your Town Hall Will allow you to unlock different troops depending on its level.

Town Hall 1

At Town Hall Level 1, you will be able to upgrade your Barracks to Level 2, allowing access to the basic Troop Barbarian and the ranged tier 1 Troop Archer, theses Troops will allow you to do the "Barch" raid style, but at level 1, the two Troops are very weak. Suggesting that you hold off on raiding to avoid loosing your shield, as better Troops Are unlocked later.

Town Hall 2

At this level of Town Hall, Your Barracks will be able to be upgraded to level 4, Allowing access to the High-Heathed defense targeting Giant, and the little green Goblin. Now you have your basic army: Barbarian, Archer, Giant, And Goblin. These are crucial Troops for the rest of the game! But still, don't go off raiding until your shield is up, you don't want to risk getting destroyed while your trying to grow!

Town Hall 3

This Town Hall level plays a big role in your army's power. Not only does it unlock the level 5 Barracks, allowing access to the exploding Wall Breaker, but it also unlocks the Powerful Laboratory! The Laboratory plays a key part in your army's strength. At level 1, the Laboratory Will allow you to upgrade both your Barbarian and Archer for a fee of 50,000 Elixir. Upgrading your troops in the Laboratory, will increase their Damage Per second (DPS) And their Hitpoints! By now, your 3 Day shield has probably ran out, meaning that you can start your first raid! I recommend having at least 60 Troop space available in your Army Camps, And training A fair amount of 30 Barbarians and 30 Archers. Now, you are ready to Pull off your First "Barch" raid! Fail or success, it's still awesome doing your first raid. Once you get these Troops ready, there's nothing stopping you from grabbing that LOOT!

Town Hall 4

This is another Town Hall that plays a crucial role in your growing army. First off, it unlocks the level 6 Barracks, giving you access to the first aerial unit, the Balloon. This flying unit targets defences just like the Giant, but Balloons cost more Elixir, And they are more vulnerable because of the Air Defense. The second thing that this Town Hall unlocks is the level 2 Laboratory, Letting you upgrade the Giant and Wall Breaker for a larger fee of 100,000 Elixir. This upgrade also raises the DPS and Hitpoint of both Troops. Now your fit enough to start doing bigger raids, as your Troops will be very strong and have higher damage, leaving you to have no mercy on your victims who've you Destroyed!

Town Hall 5

This is the last Town Hall on my guide. This Town Hall unlocks the most upgrades Of all the others on this guide. First, it unlocks the Level 7 Barracks, giving access to the Fiery Wizard! The Wizard has very high DPS, and moderate hit points, and can wreak havoc on any enemy's base! The level 5 Town Hall also unlocks the level 3 Laboratory, not only allowing you to upgrade your Balloon and Wizard to level 2 for an even larger fee of 150,000 Elixir, it allows you to upgrade your Barbarians and Archers to level 3! Barbarians being 150,000 Elixir and Archers being 250,000 Elixir.This Town Hall also unlucky the powerful Spell Factory, which allows you to now brew up many spells, ranging from damaging, to healing, to FREEZING!! You can brew up the Lightning Spell at this Town Hall which damages buildings on the ground in your enemy's village! This means that you've now grown a giant army! and that being said...RAID AWAY! With this combination of Troops, nothing stands in your way now! Your powerful enough to Destroy anything from a Town Hall 1, to a Town Hall 5!


Unfortunately, this is the end for my Army Strategy Guide For Newbies! That being said, I hope you enjoyed and thought my little tidbit of army info was useful to your personal needs. That it for this strategy guide guys! I'll see you in my next guide! Level 5 Barracks Level 3 Laboratory with upgrade in progress

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