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Guides Purpose
TH 5-10 Learn all the important things.
Raiding with a goal Learn how to raid.
Starting Newb. Guide Learn how to not get crushed by enemies. And crush enemies.
Intuition A strategy guide about using intuition to help you plan out attacks.

So, what do you want?

Everybody raids with a goal. Whether it's trophies, resources, or even fun, everybody raids with purpose.


Everyone loves gold! Gold is easy to raid for because you don't use gold for raiding, except searching, and that is usually very, very, little.
Town Hall Lvl. Vs. Search Cost
Town Hall Level Search Cost         
1 10
2 50
3 75
4 110
5 170
6 250
7 380
8 580
9 750
10 1,000

As you progress, these amounts will become smaller to you in perspective. Other than that, there is no cost.

You should look for people with a lot of gold (in your perspective), a fairly easy base, and preferably in the mines/collectors, away from mortars.

You can tell if the base is good to attack or abandoned IF:

There are no builders at work.

There are many gravestones around.

There are obstacles in places that hinder growth of a village (next to places where unbuilt buildings should be)

The mines/collectors look full but the storages look empty

The loot is high (Referring back to ^)

Of course, this will only happen once in a blue moon. To be prepared for the worst, this is the army composition I usually use:

Army Amount
Giants 8
Wall Breakers 10
Goblins 50
Archers 70
Barbarians 30

Keep in mind, I am Town Hall 8 though.

I start by dropping the giants, and keeping wary of mortars and wizard towers, I drop my wall breakers.



the highly sought after

Elixir is harder to raid for because you have to use elixir for troops.

Here are some general rules:

No spellls AT ALL

Don't use anything higher cost than wall breaker

An example of some of these random acceptable elixr raiding strategies are:

Barbarian, Archer

Goblin, giant, wall breaker

All of this loot should preferably be away from mortars, as they are the most effective against your cheap troops spamming.

Also, don't attack storages, only mines and pumps.

EXTREME EXCEPTION: You get lucky and find a base with all loot on the outside.


Dark elixir

the more highly sought after...

Dark elixir is extremely hard to find, and often vigorously raided from you.

However, my favorite way to get it is to snipe th10s who are inactive, and steal all their dark elixir. This is a slow process, and takes forever, but it is the most effective. You can also slowly wait for your dark elixir drill to get you dark elixir and hope no one attacks you.

However, this is only in the ideal situation. I usually use Baarch (50% barbs and archers) on bases without centered dark elixir storages. I spread barbarians, then archers toward the side of the Dark Elixir Storage.


Trophy hunting is hard. Very hard.

General Tips

  • Whether you use goblins giants wallbreakers, or barch, try to keep the cost down.
  • Make sure the mortars cannot one shot your main damagers. (archers or goblins)
  • Remember how much your strategy costs and how long you were searching for bases.
  • Choose your strategy type wisely. There are three main types. GiantArcherWallBreakerGoblin, BarbarianArchers, and BarbarianArcherMinions.
    • GiantArcherWallBreakerGoblin is for the less active players. It takes very long to train, but a quick hit and run strategy.
    • BarbarianArcher, or Baarch, is for CoC addicts. It is pretty effective. However, there is sometimes a problem with walls.
    • BarbarianArcherMinions, or BAM, is for TH8 'screw having a life!' farmers. All 6 barracks are training, making it train extremely fast.
  • Try to stay away from people who can revenge you and destroy you. That's usually devastating to your loot.
  • Revenge is sweet! For those people who haven't read my guide, try revenging them.


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