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Guides Purpose
TH 5-10 Learn all the important things.
Raiding with a goal Learn how to raid.
Starting Newb. Guide Learn how to not get crushed by enemies. And crush enemies.
Intuition A strategy guide about using intuition to help you plan out attacks.

Part 1: The First 48 Hours

For these 48 hours, build up your resources and Town Hall level.

Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors should be: Lvl 4 AT LEAST

Why? For a strong base, you need resources, like gold and elixir. Collectors provide a steady income, and you can even depend on them for weeks for farming.

It's ok to hide behind these.

Town Hall should be: Lvl 3 AT LEAST

Why? You unlock waaay more things that will help you in the long run than loot penalties, which only apply to way lower Town Hall levels than you.

Storages should be: Lvl 4 AT LEAST

Why? You will frequently run out of space in the lower leagues. To avoid that, you need to upgrade your storages quickly.


DON'T Build Defenses

Why? You have plenty of time (24 hours) to construct most defenses.

DON'T Use gems

Why? You don't need to use them(the time is relatively short to build and upgrade), so they can be used for Buider's Huts.

If you are active, then you can get higher, and the higher the better!

Upgrades Town Hall (3) Collectors/Mines (4) Storages (4)
Town Hall3
Elixir Collector4
Gold Storage4

Part 2: The Final 24 Hours

The last 24 hours of your starter shield.

Build up your first defenses.

You need: A mortar , 2 cannons , 2 archer towers .

The first splash defence.Effective against Tier 1 Troops

1 army camp , 1 barracks , Walls (Optional).

OK! You're done! What next? 

Town Hall 4

You should get:

What to get in Town hall 4
Upgrade Clan Castle Air Defence Higher Defences Resource Stock Up

This is because in your league, it is important to get trophies, which can be done with a little teeny bit of help (namely your reinforcement trooops) Clan Castle troops can also give you the little bit of "oomph" you need when defending your base (yes, they can defend!). One troop can make the difference between 49% (oh the trolling) and two stars! Also, clans are fun and you can make friends. Maybe you can become a co-leader!!

It's not that necessary at your level, but it never hurts to have better defense! As I mentioned earlier, the better the... umm.. better! ☺

Am I the only one who thinks that level 8 storages look better than level 2? Probably not!

Airdefense 8 building moorgr0ve
Gold Storage8

Looking for a clan

Go look at the "join clans" tab, but you shouldn't join a clan until bronze II at least.

Bronze II

No league makes you look like a "noob", that's why. A good level clan castle is recommended for higher clans, but

you will need to be town hall 5 anyways. If you don't want to be a "noob", then buy walls and make your base look intimidating and stringy.

Surround your town hall with them, as you'll get higher if you have higher walls, and farming isn't recommended right now (wait until silver). Your enemies will skip you, and if they do attack, probably lose.

This is probably what you want to aim for.

Surround your mortar, too, and your clan castle. Lvl. 3 or 4 walls are good right now.



After Bronze I, upgrade your town hall to lvl. 5.


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More tips!

Clash Terminology

This is a list of the most common clash abbreviations used in Global or anywhere in clash. I am using town hall in this guide, but really, the abbreviation would be th.

Abbreviation Actual Name
TH Town Hall
cc Clan Castle
Cups Trophies
maxing Getting all possible upgrades for that th level
de Dark Elixir
barbs Barbarians
wiz Wizards
drags Dragons
ad Air Defense

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