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Guides Purpose
TH 5-10 Learn all the important things.
Raiding with a goal Learn how to raid.
Starting Newb. Guide Learn how to not get crushed by enemies. And crush enemies.
Intuition A strategy guide about using intuition to help you plan out attacks.

Town Hall 5

There are soo many options to upgrade things. This is when you really start buffing up your base and actually making it symmetrical! ha
100px-Town Hall5

Level 3 mortars

Wizard info

the wizard!!

You will receive:

25 more walls and level 5 of them. (yeah gold)

New! A wizard tower and up to level 2.

2 air bombs and up to level 2.

Another Gold and Elixir Storage and level 9 of them.

Another Collector/mine and up to level 10! (what a pain to upgrade)

Level 3 mortars!

Another Barracks and army camp and level 5 army camps

WIZARDS!! and up to level 2 of them.

Troop upgrades, all tier one to level 3.

And many more!

Now, many people will start to raid you not with barbarians, but actual strategies, such as farming strategies and trophy hunting strategies. Luckily, you probably have not enough resources to attract hungry th7s and th6s. To protect yourself from those who will raid you, though, you want to be ready to either:

Revenge them, or be prepared against them. Your army is great, but I would recommend you upgrade archers or, if you're in a low league, barbarians. Goblins will come for later, when you need them. Wizards are a pretty powerful asset to your army, and essential for many strategies, such as wizard healer, or gowiwi and Gowipe, paving the way so those other troops won't be distracted. It's a lot of power for one punch!

Level 3 mortars may not seem to increase in power, but now they can one-shot archers of the level you should have upgraded! Wizards can fullfill the need of many people's clan castle troops.

But what's protection against other people if you don't have anything to defend? Those storages are just calling to be built and upgraded! Those collectors will supply those storages too!

I prefer to build everything first, then upgrade buildings, but any other way works well!

Try to max out your base before upgrading your town hall!

Cost to TH6: 750,000 gold

Town Hall 6

Town Hall6

to 6...

Here comes your second splash damaging defenses! This is a very minor upgrade, so this won't be very long.

Another trap ! What a nasty little surprise... THE GIANT BOMB ! ...which is very big!

Remember that mortar and wizard tower? Well, now you:


Shocking, eh? That's because they are more important in the league you should be in than mortars. You should be in Silver II by now. 

Decisions, Decisions...

Upgrade laboratory to Lvl. 4. 

Upgrade all those Lvl. 2 troops to Lvl. 3

You can now unlock the healer. I am no expert on this strategy stuff, but I you should deploy your giants and barbs to destroy the air defense, then your healers will make your  

Giant Bomb-transparent

giants INDESTRUCTIBLE! (Or at least very annoying.) 

You can now unlock the healing spell, which I think is meh. You really already have a healer!

You really don't need a lvl. 3 Clan Castle, but you can go ahead after upgrading all of this...

Max Army Camp Space is now 150, so upgrade them too.

Defensive Buildings

1. Wizard Tower (Lvl. 3)

2. Mortar (Lvl. 4)

3. Air defense (Lvl. 3)

4. Archer Towers (Lvl. 6)

5. Cannon (Lvl. 7)

Poor cannon, always last...

But you might be thinking, "Wait, this stuff costs swimming pools FULL OF GOLD!!" 

So you need to be able to raid well, too!

Your storages and mines need to be Lvl. 9 now, and speaking of those...

you will receive your last mine/collector until town hall 10.

Cost to upgrade to Town Hall 7: 1,200,000 Gold

Town Hall 7

OK, you did it! It's the biggest improvement for your base. You receive 50 walls, 2 cannons, the third (and the last) mortar, 2 hidden teslas and more and more cool stuff.

If you could manage to collect 1 million gold before the TH upgrade finishes, build the Hidden Tesla! If not, don't worry, because level 1 teslas are only a bit better than the lvl. 6 cannon (you upgraded your cannons before TH7, yes?), although tesla can attack aerial troops, its range is shorter by 2 tiles than cannons.

1. START FARMING! This is the best Town Hall level for farming.

2. Build and upgrade cannons, archer tower and walls until the level of the rest defenses.

Town Hall7

to 7...

NOTE: When upgrading town hall, always get the easy to get buildings before upgrading.

3. At the same time build and upgrade the barracks and army camp.

4. Bases in TH6 always have weaknesses. If you carefully keep your storages in the center, enemies can simply take down your mortars and air defense, and vice versa. On TH7, you receive 50 extra walls and also another mortar and air defense. Of course, defense capability of your base increases in power almost twice (

or three times).

5. Now you will be attacked more frequently by players with powerful and mighty armies instead of swarms of barbarians/archers/goblins. The key of strong defense of your base is upgrading your cannons and

Hidden Tesla2
archer towers to level 8.

6 .Be sure your air defenses are strong (at least level 4) to withstand to uninvited guests of your base - DRAGONS ! 6. Of course, you can also unlock dragon in 

barracks, but the price is relatively big: 1,500,000 elixir.

7. We forgot to tell about the laboratory! Upgrade it to level 5 to unlock level 4 of the most of troops and (surprise!) upgrade your beautiful healer to level 2 (of 

course, you unlocked her, aren't you?). Later you can also upgrade the mighty dragon to level 2. 8. When you upgrade your barracks, army camps and troops for needed level,  Your elixir can be spent on the dark elixir storage (ta da!!!). Oh yeah, you  did unlock a new type of resource, and can now collect it with a drill at TH7. Dark elixir can b e spent either on the Barbarian King , or...

9... for dark elixir troops ! For them you must to build the dark barracks, (750,000 elixir) and at level 1 you have minions . It isn't very nesessary, but you can also unlock HOG RIDAAAAAAAHS !

10. If you unlocked dragons, then you can also get the equally OP and expensive... Rage Spell (800,000 elixir for spell factory up

grade)! Of course, you need to use it on tanks and slow units like the dragon or giants. Also, same time (45 minutes) and a little bit cheaper (23,000 at lvl 1).

11. Don't forget to upgrade your mines and collectors to level 11!

12. Supercell has made it so that it's easier for you th7s to get Dark Elixir with the first dark elixir drill at this level.

13. After that you should go to TH8.


Cost of Town Hall 8: 2,000,000 gold

Town Hall 8

Oh yeah, you are becoming a high level player with a new TH!

you don't receive a new type of defense, but It doesn't mean your base won't be well defended. That's because you get:

1 archer tower + levels 9&10 of it

1 mortar + levels 6

1 hidden tesla (Fancy golden coil) +levels 4-6 of it
Town Hall8

To 8!

1 air defense + level 6

1 wizard tower (yay crystal) + level 6

50 EXTRA WALLS! And also level 8 will make your base (nearly) indestructible!

Baarch shouldn't be effective to steal your resources anymore. Those barbarians will be too busy banging at walls.

Also: level 9&10 of cannon (yeah golden!), level 6 mortars are also golden☺lol

But let's speak about your army, with unlocking at same time valkyries and the strongest tanking units of the game: P.E.K.K.A. and golem! (Ta daaaa!)

But don't forget about other units, because on new level of laboratory you unlock level 5 of the most of your units and level 3 of tier 3 strong units (dragon, healer, pekka).

Your army and defenses aren't the only ones being buffed! You'll get the famed second Dark Elixir Drill, which is really helpful with that pesky Level 5 Barb King.

Oh, and you also get: *GASP* A THIRD STORAGE!

That means 6 million space and still counting!

At this level, you will receive another dark barracks, if you want to train more.

Teslas are expensive, but if you are good at raiding, then you can manage. Traps can also be upgraded extensively, but that isn't very important.
Dark Elixir Drill1

Everything is getting OP and expensive... That extra space is welcome!

If you really really do want to upgrade your traps, Giant Bomb will upgrade to 3 (Dynamite), bomb will get up to level 5, and you'll also get two more spring traps, which are the 

last you'll receive. Another seeking air mine you want?, another you shall receive to drop those beasts!

Although your level 6 air defense should take it out just fine, eh?

At this level, you are now getting attacked not by noobs with level 2 goblins and 900 trophies, but actual farmers that use three healers on your juicy and full of Dark Elixir base, or if you are farming, trollers that destroy your town hall for fun, then lightning spell your dark elixir.

Which is why you ♥♥♥♥ those traps!

Town Hall 9

Many new options, many new possibilities... but let's talk!

You get a new defense, possibly even two! The reason I say possibly is because of that mental archer queen running off and killing herself in defense.

Anyway, that new defense is the X-Bow! The dreaded x-bow, for both its owner and the attacker! It costs 3,000,000 gold, and 50,000 elixir to reload, and 7 days to build.

Welcome to th9. The X-Bow is dreaded for the attacker as well. It serves as intimidation, and for a good reason as well. It's a hyperattacking defense with the best attacking rate (I don't count the inferno tower because that's a laser. literally.) and with 55 DPS clocking in, it's better than splash damage! It can decide the fate of a battle.

Cool looking defenses have come to dominate! The level 7 mortar is here to one-shot the level 6 archers! The level 11 archer towers and cannons are turned dark, and with staggering dps!

Archer Tower11


Teslas are up to level 7 now, and many level 6 upgrades are unlocked with the level 7 tesla looking lab!

Traps for dragons are also stronger, as you receive 2 more seeking air mines and air bombs, along with the level 7 air defense and level 7 wizard tower. (wow lot's of 7s.)

You will be able to store golems and lava hounds in the level 5 clan castle, and speaking of lava hounds, you unlock both them AND witches, which respectively is the best tanking troop in the game and the most crucial one in strategies such as GoWiWi and Mass witches. Speaking of lava hounds, you can now accept them into your clan castle with the cozy level 5 clan castle!

Strategies are made able to do effectively, such as Balloonian, QuattroLavaLoonian, and GoWipe! Hmm... what else did I miss...?
Archer Queen info

This person, yeah

Oh yeah, you get your very own ARCHER QUEEN!! It is a hyper range and hyper damage archer. Sadly, the health is about the same in comparison with normal archers. It's range only rivals those of witches, and it has deadly damage. Great for cleanup and sniping town halls.

Your army camps and spell factory also gets a boost! You can now hold 220 units with level 7 army camps, which is CRUCIAL for those strategies I mentioned earlier. You unlock the jump spell along with another space for a spell! A jump spell is mostly used to direct units into the center because troops follow the jump spell, and also, like the name, it allows units to jump over walls. The only units it does not work on are hog riders (XD) and wall breakers.

A common place to farm is gold, but it is mainly dominated by th7 snipers, and there is a 50% loot penalty for you, so you probably want to climb up in trophies to find people more your level.

Town Hall 10

Wow, this is the last town hall! It was a long journey here, but worth it! At this last TH level, you will unlock many new upgrades, all of which will max you out.


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