Hello, new clashers I am Hanley92 and today I am going to teach you guys some neat tips and tricks for starting out in Clash of Clans. So, first complete the tutorial and do everything that she tells you to.

Once you have finished the tutorial make sure to have everything built because this will be important later in the game. DO NOT spend all of your gems because this can be a great opportunity to save up for your 3rd builder hut. So, if you haven't done so already train all of your barbarians until your army camps are full.

Then, once all of your barbarians are trained, make sure to practice raiding in the single player matches before going into multiplayer. Once you practiced enough, you can start your first match in multiplayer or wait until your shield from the tutorial runs out but you don't have to. Shields are protection from people attacking you for a certain amount of time, and it prevents you from raiding in multiplayer. You can always break the shield to raid at any time. You can purchase shields using gems but it isn't recommended right now.

Multiplayer raids give you loot to help you upgrade buildings or buy buildings from the store. If you win a multiplayer raid you get a certain number of trophies. Trophies is a prize you get if you win a raid or a defense. Trophies help you get into leagues and to get into your first league you have to get 400 trophies. Trophies also help you get into really good clans and the more trophies you have the more experienced in clash of clans you are.

Once you have enough money, you can upgrade anything you want EXCEPT for your Town Hall. Do not do your Town Hall because it is extremely important to have all the upgrades and buy everything before upgrading your Town Hall because if you use gems to upgrade your Town Hall, you will have severe loot penalty which means you will find less loot while searching for raids in multiplayer and you will get attacked by tougher players in the future.

I recommend buying walls with the money you earned while raiding because walls will help you protect everything in your base. ALWAYS and i mean always protect your elixir and gold storages because if you leave the storages unprotected then players will take all of your loot and you will have none left. Town Halls have to be in the middle of your base because if someone destroys your Town Hall they will automatically win and you will lose trophies but some people leave it on the outside so people won't steal their loot but you don't have to worry that much about "farming" right now but it is a huge part of the game.

Make sure every time you log in to Clash of Clans collect from your gold mines and elixir collectors because those help give you more money. But do not put gold mines and elixir collectors inside your base because if people destroy them, you won't lose that much loot and it isn't anything to get concerned with. You should upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors because you will get more gold and elixir when you collect from them.

Upgrading your barracks will allow you to get more troops available, when you upgrade your barracks for the first time a new troop will be available for you to use. Archers are the next troop you will unlock when you upgrade your barracks to level 2. Also upgrading your army camps is really helpful because when you upgrade them you can train more troops like when you were on the tutorial, the minimum amount of troops you can have in your army camps were 20.

Upgrading your defenses is extremely helpful because higher leveled defenses will help you protect your base better and the attacker's troops will die more quicker and you will have a better chance of winning defenses and your loot will be more protected. Make sure to upgrade EVERYTHING in your base and BUY everything from the store except for decorations and I am reminding you again because this is very important to follow and there are big consequences if you upgrade your Town Hall too early.

To help find good base setups, look here on the Clash of Clans wikia, YouTube, or even google images. If you need help with base layouts just use your sources.

Hope you enjoy Clash of Clans!

Hope this guide helps you get started.

Guide made by: Hanley92


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