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Barbarian King Archer Queen Grand Warden

Hero troops are the most powerful troops in the game. They are immortal, meaning you only have to train them once. However, if they have been defeated they must regenerate in order to fight again.
Elixir Troops BarbarianArcherGiantGoblinWall BreakerBalloonWizardHealerDragonP.E.K.K.ABaby DragonMiner
Dark Elixir Troops MinionHog RiderValkyrieGolem (Golemite) • Witch (Skeleton) • Lava Hound (Lava Pup) • Bowler
Heroes Barbarian KingArcher QueenGrand Warden
Spells Lightning SpellHealing SpellRage SpellJump SpellFreeze SpellClone Spell
Dark Spells Poison SpellEarthquake SpellHaste SpellSkeleton Spell

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