Hi guys, if your town hall 7 you might want to read this guide because it will give you all the tips and when I first became town hall seven I got all my troops and started maxing out and other stuff. So this is my attacking guide and my tips.

Army Compositions:

So one of the best army compositions are 10 Giants, 45 barbarians, 35 archers, 4 Wall Breakers, 6 wizards, and a single dragon clan castle or not. The spells you should bring are two heal spells and one rage, so this army would allow you to get to the gold league faster unless you're a town hall 8 who has all the great troops like the Golem  and the valkyrie but it really doesn't matter because townhall 7 is a very special town hall level and that is your one chance to get maxed out so if you want to be maxed this army will help you get all the resources you need. What you need:

If you want to use this army your troops and spells must be maxed out but if your still working on it then it's okay. So first you spawn the ten giants on the same side but kind of differently so u would have to spawn 5 giants on one side and then the other five on the next don't go over to the other side just spawn them next to the giants you just used. Next, you spawn the barbarians then you spawn archers in the back along with the dragon. After they are all spawned you use your barbarian king if you don't have him then it's okay. So I hope this guide really helps you and next up i will be making a town hall 8 guide and 9 and 10 and 11 and soon Ii will go back to the town hall 1 guide. Thanks very much guys


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