Hi all, I understand that this game is already very well developed and played, but for "perfect game" seekers like me, this is the build guide that I have for TH3 that (in my humble opinion) is the fastest way to Town Hall 3. Hopefully it will be concise enough but easy to follow :) It will focus on maximising resource gain while striking for Town Hall 3.

To put things into perspective, The following are the buildings you have after the tutorial:

- Town Hall LV.2

- Elixir Collector LV1 X 1

- Elixir Storage LV1 X 1

- Gold Mine LV1 X 1

- Gold Storage LV1 X 1

- Cannon LV1 X 1

- Army Camp LV1 X 1

- Barracks LV1 X 1

- Builder's Hut X 2


1) Build Elixir Collector and Gold Mine (10sec) + train maximum number of Barbarians

2) Upgrade BOTH Gold Mines TWICE (1 min + 15 min) : to maximise your gold output for later

3) Upgrade both Elixir Collector twice (1 min + 15 min): to not waste resources from clearing 1 Single Player stage + clear Single Player stage

4) Upgrade both Gold and Elixir Storages (30 min): to get the capacity for 4000 gold/elixir, while allowing all Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines to keep pumping the resources + clear SIngle Player stage if you have the capacity to the resources gained

5) Upgrade both Gold Collectors (1hr): this step is kind of optional, however I prefer to include this step at the expense of getting Town Hall 3 earlier simply because the output of Gold will be much required over the span of 3 hours when the Town Hall 2 is being upgraded to Level 3

5) Clear Single Player stages using Barbarians (+ Wizards if you still have some leftover)to get to 4000 gold. You can min-max a bit by clearing stones requiring 500 Gold. Dependent on how tightly you follow the steps this will differ.

6) Upgrade Town Hall 2 (3hrs), Gold Storage (1hr), Elixir Storage (1hr), and Army Camp (1hr). You can choose to upgrade Elixir Collectors instead of the Army Camp, but the reason why I chose to upgrade Army Camp is because most likely your next stage of Single Player would be level 9 Gold Rush, and you will need at least 40-50 Archers to clear this stage. Because of the tightness of your Gold at this stage of the game and the need to clear Single Player stages for resources, this is the maximal build choice (in my humble opinion).This will fully use up your build time and be ready for a Town Hall 3 Guide (of your own preference).

And there it is folks! Hope you enjoy this succinct-ish guide with the reasoning attached!

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