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Hello welcome to my strategy guide, Chief. This guide is mostly for town hall 9 but it may work for other town halls too.

What to upgrade, gold

There are many things to upgrade but I think the first to go with is resource collectors. This can help you get more upgrades faster. The second priority is the defenses and troops. Try upgrading the things you don't often upgrade. I don't upgrade my Air Defense often, but my Archer Towers make up for it. Mortars are another good thing to upgrade, since they deal splash damage, and have a large area. the remaining gold you should first try upgrading your walls. A good way is to keep the walls the level of your town hall. If your town hall level is 9, keep level 9 or 8 walls. This will help later on to defend your base.

What to upgrade, elixer

First, upgrade resource collectors. Next upgrade your troops, this will help you win in battle. With the rest of your elixer, attack and get more loot. Restart and go to the gold, and elixer again.


Since the town hall 11 update, farming isn't such a good idea anymore. The town hall now includes more than 1000 loot. So you should put your town hall in the middle of your base. You should put your heroes, X-Bows, Inferno Towers and other strong defenses in the second layer . In the next layer, you should put your storages, along with Mortars, Wizard Towers, and other defenses. In the last layer put defenses, and if you can, collectors. This will make your base a square, with some random stuff outside. A good tip is to put some builders hut in the corners. Sometimes they won't be able to get 3 stars, because they'll be able to chase after the hut.

Here is some good bases that I use for farming

The Hypercube


I have 220 space so I use

1 Pekka

1 Dragon

Two Healers

Ten Giant

Three Wall Breakers

Fourteen Wizards

and the rest are archers, and barbarians.

Another strategy is GoWiPe

First train 2-3 golems, 2-3 pekkas, wizards, and wall breakers.


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