The Main Things We will go Over:

  • Walls: Always have walls surrounding everything. View below for all the info.
  • Defensive Buildings: Obviously, defensive buildings are what keep people from 3-starring your base with 20 barbarians.
  • Organization: Organization is an important part of having an efficient base.
  • Funnelling: Traps and splash defenses for maximum effect!


Walls are one of the main things to slowing down the enemy while at the same time attacking them with defensive buildings. Make sure you first have walls surrounding the base. Once you have walls completely surrounding the base. Then, you should probably make space to surround your Town Hall (TH) with another wall.

Layering Walls

Many people see layering walls as a good idea. Layering walls is a good idea until you get into about Silver III league. Many people in Silver III and up have level 5 barracks, which means wall breakers. Wall breakers can destroy layers of walls, so use those walls in a different way. (Unless you have enough to make, like, five layers of walls.)

  • This should protect my wizard tower! Two layers of walls.
  • Uh-oh!
  • Please don't deploy giants...

Cells (aka Pockets)

Once people have higher level Town Halls, they buy more walls to build cells (aka pockets) with in their base. Building cells (i call it celling [ha! get it!?]) is when you use walls to divide your base into many separate sections surrounded by the main wall which surrounds the base.


Defensive Buildings

Defensive Buildings are usually considered one of the most important buildings. After surrounding your TH with walls, these should be next.

Rules of Thumb for Defensive Buildings:

  • Always have a defensive building within range of two other defensive buildings
  • Mortars and air defenses are especially vulnerable due to: 1) The Mortar's dead zone and 2) the air defense's air-only defense. Make sure these are covered by other defenses
  • Spread out your defenses and make sure they cover everything in order to have maximum impact on the enemy's troops
  • Upgrade your defenses equally! You don't want a level 10 cannon and a level 2 archer tower.
  • Make sure not to upgrade too many defenses at the same time! Defenses go inactive while being upgraded, which is a weakness in your base. Use the following table to help:
Amount of Defenses You should have this many or less being upgraded
2 1
3 1
4 1
5 2
6 2
7 3
8 3
9 4
10 4
11 4
12 4
13 4
14 4
15 4
16 4
17 4
18 4
19 4
20 5

Of course, most people don't have more than 2 or 3 builders, but whatever. If you have that many builders, than there. Plus, it says that or less than, anyway.

Faking Teslas

Hidden Teslas are invisible until enemy troops get within a certain radius of the Tesla. If you want to intimidate enemies, try making 2x2 spaces (the amount of space a Hidden Teslas) with nothing actually in it. If you do have Hidden Teslas, put some of your Teslas in the spaces. Also, Giant Bombs take up a 2x2 space, so you can put those in the spaces as well. You can also fill them in with bombs , spring traps , air bombs, and any other traps. Enemies will test for Teslas, and when they find none, they'll deploy a lot of troops and they'll be blown up by traps.


Organization is one of the main parts of having an effective base. Use the following to guide you:

Where to put your...


Place your cannons spread out. These are your most basic defenses (except maybe bombs or spring traps, but those are traps not defensive buildings) Cannons should be upgraded high enough to easily attack enemies.

Archer Towers

If your base has no air defenses/wizard towers:

Place your archer towers spread out. Place your archer towers near more important buildings. An archer tower does more damage than a same-level cannon.

If your base has air defenses/wizard towers:

Air defenses and wizard towers can aim for flying troops as well as archer towers. Place the archer towers spread out from the wizard towers, but sometimes if no other defensive buildings are covering the air defense, place the archer tower near the air defense.


If you have 1 Mortar:

Place the Mortar near the center of the base, covering as much space as possible.

If you have 2 Mortars:

Place your Mortars both far away from each other, covering as much space as possible, but put them both in range of each other, so they are covering each other if troops manage to get through into the dead zone.

If you have 3+ Mortars

Place three mortars in a triangle around the center of the base, spreading them out while at the same time covering each other in case enemy troops reach the dead zone of one or more mortars. Place any other mortars as you wish spreading them out in order to cover as much space as possible.

Air Defense

Place 1 air defense near the center of the base. Also, spread any other air defense out to cover as much space as possible.

Wizard Tower

Wizard Towers deal splash damage, so they are ideal for funnelling and defending any gaps in walls. They also fire faster than mortars, but have shorter range.

Hidden Tesla

Hidden Teslas are defenses that, hence the name, are at first hidden. Once troops get in range it reveals itself. A hidden tesla takes up a 2x2 space. As both a diversion and an intimidation tactic, you could make many 2x2 spaces that are actually empty, while some of them actually do have hidden teslas in them. Hidden teslas should be placed near empty parts in walls, and where a P.E.K.K.A might come through, as hidden teslas deal x2 damage to them. Place some near the important buildings as well.


X-Bows are rapid-firing, powerful defensive buildings. They have two settings: 1) Longer range, but only targets ground units and 2) shorter range, but targets both ground and flying units. I recommend placing one X-Bow on setting #1 near the center right next to another X-Bow which happens to be on setting #2. Any other X-Bows spread out to cover as much area as possible.

Inferno Tower

Inferno Towers can attack multiple targets at once. Place at least one near the center, while placing any others spread out to cover as much space as possible.


(NOTE: I don't have a lot of experience with funnelling. If anyone has any better advice, post me on my wall. I will give credit to whoever contacts me on my wall first.) Funnelling is the strategy of having gaps in walls that lead to ultimate destruction of enemy troops.

Here are the steps to make a good funnel:

  1. Place an opening in walls. To avoid large risks, make the opening lead up to a cell/pocket with less important buildings, such as gold mines, elixir pumps, and storages.
  2. Make sure everything in the cell/pocket is covered by at least one mortar/wizard tower, for splash damage is the best for this technique. This will allow you to take out many enemies at once.
  3. Wait for an attacker to place troops near the funnel. Hopefully, you'll succeed!


Pathfinding is the path that troops will take when they attack your base. Here are some tips and stuff for efficiently tricking troop AI.


Giants sure can be annoying! But not if you place your defenses correctly.

Giants spawned on the red dot will follow the red path, attacking the splash defenses, which are very important buildings.

Giants spawned on these colors will follow that color path. This is a good base for protecting against giants, as there are a lot of defenses placed so that the attackers are more damaged.


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