Hey, guys, this guide has info about making your own clan. (This has a rrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy llllloooonnnnnggggg contents list...)


Founding The Clan

To found a clan, you need the following:

  • 40,000 Gold
  • Clan Castle (If you don't have one, it costs another 10,000 gold to rebuild it.)

Next, tap on your clan castle and tap on the part that says "Create Clan." Follow:

Clan Name

Choose your clan name wisely. You can't change it once you create your clan! Also, don't name it something dull and weird such as "Clan." Name it something more exciting. An example would be "Mega Empire," or "Quantum's Web." (Those are both very high level clans.)


Your clan symbol doesn't matter very much. You and your co-leaders can change that at any time.

Clan Description

I recommend putting the following things in your clan description:

  • Rules (ex: "Use both attacks in wars or you get kicked!")
  • What kind of clan you are (ex: "We aim for the top! Let's get on the clan leaderboard!")
  • How Elder/Co-Leader is earned (ex: "Elder earned with 200 donations, co earned by 600" or "Elder and co earned by trust!") EXCEPTION: If you are a donation clan, you normally don't have promotions.

Clan Type

You can choose between the following clan types:

Anyone Can Join- Anyone can join your clan. This makes your clan more susceptible to hoppers (see on member types). However, more people will join your clan if they see anyone can freely join.

Invite Only- People wanting to join the clan have to send a request to join. The request must then be accepted by someone of the rank elder or higher. Also, someone of elder rank or higher can invite another player.

Closed- Nobody can join. No requests. No invites. Nobody can join whatsoever.

Minimum Trophies to Join

This sets the minimum trophy requirement to join, meaning anyone who wants to join must have this many or more trophies to join. This can be set to any number by integers of 200 ranging from 0-4200. However, someone can be invited to the clan as long as they have a clan castle even if they don't meet the trophy requirement.

What Kind of Clan Will You Have???

What kind of clan will you have?

War Clan

War clans do war very frequently. Many war clans do war soon after another war is over.

Donation Clan

Donation clans are clans in which people join, they request, they are given troops, and most of the time then kicked from the clan.

Variety Clan

Variety Clans donate troops to each other, sometimes do wars every once in awhile, and mostly chat with each other.

Holiday Clan

Holiday clans are temporary clans in which people join and talk with other players. This would not be a permanent clan. You wouldn't name a clan "Happy Thanksgiving!" while trying to get enough people to start a war.

Dreamer Clan

Dreamer clans aim to end up in the clans in the top spot after every season. They try for trophies and try to reach the top.

Friends Only Clan

The leader of these clans only let their friends and/or family join. Normally, it is and invite only clan.

Farming Clan

Farmers join clans like these, and these clans rarely have clan wars, if ever.

Different Types of Members

As a leader of a clan, you will encounter many types of members.


Normally, if someone thinks of the word hopper, they think of someone who "hops" from clan to clan requesting troops and leaving. However, there are different kinds of hoppers:

Requesting Hoppers

These hoppers "hop" from clan to clan requesting troops, then leaving. You may think: "Why don't they simply join a donation clan?" They don't join donation clans because they won't get very high level troops from a donation clan. If they join an unsuspecting clan, and request, they will normally get higher level troops. If someone joins your clan and immediately asks for troops, give them your lower level troops, or troops that are generally disliked. For example, give them low level goblins. That way, you don't waste your healers or other high level troops.

Friendly Hoppers

These hoppers join a clan to meet up with other friends that may be in other clans and chat with them. No need to kick these guys, they are normally just chatting with other clashers.

Donation Hoppers

These hoppers will join a clan, donate troops to anyone requesting in the clan chat, and leave. Most of the time, these hoppers are liked, excepting when they give you level 1 goblins.


Trolls will join and do whatever it takes to become elder rank or higher. Then, they kick everyone they can. They usually do this to stop a clan or try to shut it down for no reason.

Loyal Followers

These members will stay in the clan for a long time.

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes join a clan just to say they're in a clan and are generally inactive.


Bullies join and then insult people. They are normally kicked.


Ranks are the levels of the members (or, to be specific rather than general, members, elders, co-leaders, and leaders) are.


Members have no power and are simply people in the clan.


Many people make the mistake of offering elder to people instantly when they join. This is not a good decision. Why? Elders have power over kicking people from the clan (though they can only kick every 20 minutes, thank goodness), they can accept/reject requests, they can invite members to the clan. Elder rank, along with co-leader, should be earned, so that you know that when you promote somebody, they are worth the promotion.


Co-leaders are the second highest possible rank in a clan. They have the same powers of the Elder, plus they can promote all the way up to co-leader and they can start clan wars. They also don't have a cooldown time for kicking players. Only promote the very most trusted members/elders in your clan to co-leader rank.


Leaders have the most power in the clan. Do not give up leader rank simply because someone else has more trophies. They have all the powers of Co-Leader, except it is impossible to kick them. They can easily threaten people in the clan. For example, I was in a clan once that did war a lot, but only the leader would take us to war. Then, one of the co-leaders started a war without the leader's permission (even though we did war constantly) and he was demoted to member. He also sent out a letter saying that him demoting the other co-leader to member was our warning, and if anyone else ever started war without his permission, he would kick them. That is an example of power abuse within the clan, but it is a very effective way of getting people to stick to the clan rules. Only do this when necessary.

Getting People to Join Your Clan

Once you get 11 people, getting people to join is a bit easier, because your clan will be on the "Join Clan" tab. Before that, however, it is a bit harder to do.

Advertising Your Clan

There are a few different ways to advertise your clan:

Global Chat Advertising- Advertise your clan on the global chat. This is normally not very effective.

Internet Advertising- Go to websites, such as to advertise your clan.

Random Invitation Advertising- When you view your league, some of the players may not have a clan name under their username. Tap on their name, and invite them! As long as you're Silver III and above, about everyone has a Clan Castle

Wikia Advertising- You can even advertise on the Clash of Clans Wikia!


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