A good raid should be able to do this:

Highest raid screenshot of 721188 points by emagicreate (british clan)

Choosing Which Base To Raid

Choosing which base to raid may be hard. A good raid should have the following:

  • Holes in walls/low level, easy to break walls
  • Enough loot to pay back the amount of elixir you paid to train your troops as well as an extra bonus to spend as you wish (amount will vary depending on barracks level as well as town hall level)
  • Defenses being upgraded (defensive buildings don't work while their being upgraded)
  • Mortars placed in areas where you can easily reach their dead zone and destroy them quickly
  • A clan castle placed so you can easily draw out any troops in it as a distraction while you destroy the rest of the base

Why Raid Players While I can Raid Goblins?

Why? Good Question. Here are some pros and cons about raiding both players and goblins.


Pros: Raiding Players

  • You can gain trophies
  • The loot is much higher
  • You can rise up the leagues and may be able to get into higher level clans
  • You can share replays of amazing victories with your clan

Pros: Raiding Goblins

  • It is impossible to lose trophies
  • If you lose you can attack again
  • Goblins aren't actual players, which means they can't do revenge on you


Cons: Raiding Players

  • You may also lose trophies
  • You may not always get very much loot
  • The other player can get revenge on you even if you loose the battle

Cons: Raiding Goblins

  • The loot is very low until you get to the last few levels
    • Note that when I say low, I mean VERY low
  • No trophy gain
  • You can't share the replay of your easy victory
  • You can't attack and gain loot at all once you 3-star every level

Now, which do you think is best? Most people agree that raiding players is better, though there is a risk of losing trophies. However, there is more loot (most of the time) and if you win, you can gain trophies.

Common Raiding Techniques

Barch (aka Barcher)

The Barch is a simple technique, often used only in lower level raids, that consists of barbarians and archers. This technique offers good balance of hit points, speed, and damage. The barbarians go into close combat, which is an advantage when attacking mortars due to the mortar's dead zone. Also, a level 1 barbarian has more hit points than a level 1 archer. However, archers can shoot over walls and are faster. Therefore, this offers more balance between these stats.


As stated above, this technique uses giants, goblins, and archers. Some may also use wall breakers. The giants take care of the defensive buildings; the goblins steal loot from storages, elixir pumps, and gold mines; the archer helps the others and takes care of the other buildings without worrying about walls until getting to the center of the base.

Monarchies and Magic

This technique uses barbarians, archers, wizards, dragons, barbarian kings and/or archer queens. Spells are usually added to this technique as well. If lightning spells are used, they are usually sent in first. Then the troops, along with the healing spells when needed (alternatively, people also use healers) and usually rage spells as well.

Note that there are hundreds of other techniques that people use to raid.

Loot Raiding

Loot Raiding is when you attempt to get as much loot as possible. Here are steps and tips for loot raiding:

  1. Use Goblins. Of course, use other troops as well, but throw in those goblins to help get loot.
  2. Distractions. Make sure you have other troops, like giants, to help distract and destroy defenses.
  3. Be Aware! Always be prepared for the fact that if you're aiming for the loot, you might lose trophies.
  4. Wall Breakers. Use wall breakers for breaking through walls that protect the loot. If there are any T-Junctions, take advantage and blow them up.
  5. Don't go all out. You're aiming for loot. Not trophies. Don't send a bunch of your Tier 3 troops or your heroes and dark elixir troops. Mainly, Tier 1 and some Tier 2 troops.

Clan War Raiding

Clan War Raiding is similar to regular raiding, with a couple differences:

  • No trophy gain/loss
  • 24 hour preparation day
  • 24 hour battle day
    • Two attacks per player
  • Entire clan is battling
  • Whichever clan has the most stars after battle day wins
  • Getting 1 star or more on a clan war raid gives you bonus loot
    • If your clan wins the war you get the bonus loot
    • If your clan loses the war you get only one third of the bonus loot

So Now, Here are the Tips

  • DON'T BE GREEDY!!! Aim for an enemy base that you can guarantee 2 or 3 stars on. Don't go for higher bases with more loot. You'll lose most of your loot if your clan loses the war, anyway.
  • Donate to receive. On preparation day, all bases in your clan are open for donation. In most clans, donating more will help you receive more. Also, donate something good. Donating a level 1 goblin will probably get you kicked out of the clan.
  • Use your received troops. Say thanks for the troops you received on prep. day by using your troops along with the troops you received and scoring three stars for your clan on both attacks. Note that you can receive troops after preparation day via the clan chat donation.
  • Scout the battleground. Always scout before attacking. While scouting in a war, you can view the range of defensive buildings and also look for bases with hidden weaknesses you can score a nice big three star attack.

Dealing With Clan Castle Troops

Any troops in an enemies clan castle will come out to defend the base from attackers. You have to be careful, or else if you're unsuspecting, a wizard could kill all your troops!

How to deal with...


Fight fire with fire! Or, in this case, fight barbarians with barbarians. Deploy enough barbarians to finish them off. However, if you have Level 7 Barracks, deploy a wizard or two to destroy them with splash damage.


Archers have low health, unless they're very high level (Of course, it's all relative along with your level). Some barbarians should be able to finish these off.


Though they may seem weak, they are very fast. Try some archers or barbarians to kill these guys.


Enough archers will easily bring these guys down.

Wall Breaker

Wall Breakers aren't that hard. However, if they are high enough level, they can do significant damage to your attack plan by killing off groups of troops. Use archers to attack from a range so they aren't blown to bits by the WB's bomb.


Balloons are tough, since once they die they fall down to the ground and explode anyway. Plus, they're air troops, which means only non-melee troops can attack it. You'll need to sacrifice a bit of archers; they will most likely die from the balloon falling down on them.


Wizards can be tough, since they do splash damage to troops. Even though goblins are quick enough to possibly avoid damage, they'll be distracted by resource buildings since those are their favorite target. Deploy some barbarians, but do it in small waves to prevent mass destruction since the wizard does splash damage. For example, deploy 2 barbarians; wait 3 seconds; repeat until wizard dies.


You think you have nothing to worry about? Well, as long as there are other troops in the Clan Castle, you do. The healer will heal the other troops. However, if the healer is alone in the CC, you have nothing to worry about.


Behold! Your troops' ultimate doom! If you don't have any non-melee troops, then, congrats! Your attack just automatically failed! This is why it's important to have archers with you when you attack. Deploy archers somewhat spread out, and same with wizards. Also, if you have a dragon, USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just send a LLLOOOTTT of troops to destroy that P.E.K.K.A.


Minions are generally weak; some archers should take care of them.

Hog Rider

Just send down enough troops to kill them; doesn't really matter as long as there are enough.


Valkyries are also tough, since they attack by spinning around and damage all targets around them. Deploy a barbarian to distract it, and place archers a little bit back to fire at the Valkyrie while it is distracted by the barbarian.


Even though Golems are very rarely donated, it is possible. Use a dragon to destroy it. This may take awhile, since the golem has such high health.


Witches have low health, but she can summon skeletons to help her fight. Deploy barbarians ASAP to hopefully kill her before she summons Skeletons.

Lava Hound

"The Lava Hound is like a flying fiery Golem, except its favorite target is specifically Air Defenses."[Quote from Lava Hound - Clash of Clans Wiki] As it says in the quote above, Lava Hounds are like Golems, being very, very strong. Luckily, they don't do very much damage, so just deploy a bunch of troops like archers and wizards and dragons.

Lava Pup

After the lava hound dies, you have to worry about Lava Pups. They do a TON more damage but also have a lot less health than the lava hound. Your remaining troops should hopefully take care of them quickly.

Misc. Tips for Raiding

  • Once you're raiding bases with high-level mortars and wizard towers, don't swarm too much.
  • Try to use as little troops as possible while at the same time destroying the enemy base.
  • Most people use cells when they are higher level. Blow up any T-Junctions with wall breakers to access two cells.


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